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  1. Okay I found this and just had to share it...

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  2. You know there are very few ways to make me listen to a Katy Perry song, but this was most definitely one of them.
  3. i lost it a Queen and Michael Jackson. Sinatra was a nice touch.
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  4. There is only one way to make me listen to one and that is to somehow alter my brain so that every time I think about something, I have no choice but to do so.
  5. That was amazing. o_o

    Is it cool to share other neat diddies here?

    Random note: I love every one of his shirts. :|
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  6. I have seen that before! We demand new acapellas, Fluffy!
  7. This is just...

    *musicians tears of joy*
  8. >:| Yeah, I know, all I share is old news.

    This is not a capella but it's cool.

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