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  1. This is for those who have interest in joining the Genetic RP i've created.
    Here is the basic Synopsis.

    The year is 3130
    The newest breakthrough in human revolution is not Robotics..but Genetic perfection. The newest strain of genetic code supposedly makes disease and illness obsolete and extends life expectancy at least by three times the normal amount.
    Still, controversy about the methods used to gain these results has been sketchy at best. Rumors about cloning failures, illegal kidnappings and others are quickly spreading.

    You are either part of a government infiltration team or a genetic rebellion cell that is breaking in to discover what secrets this facility is hiding. What you find there...may not be what you expect. Come prepared for the worst...and expect nothing less.

    Please fill out your application like this:



    Faction (rebels or government):

    Character description (pic works fine too):


    I look forward to seeing you all soon!
  2. Name: Serei, "Subject 13"

    Gender: Female

    Faction (rebels or government): (None yet)

    Character description (pic works fine too):
    ( for if it doesnt work

  3. Im interested im just posting so as to show my interest and future OC
  4. very good sir..just post your application when you're ready.
  5. This sounds fun I'll post something ASAP
  6. Name:Nils Maupin

    Call sign: Vulture

    Gender: Male


    Character description: Blue hair, blue eyes, several facial scars.

    Background: Nils spent several years in the armed forces. It was there that the higher ups noticed his affinity for ambushes and tactical slaughter. After nearly being killed by a mortar strike Nils was transferred to the government's shadowy wetworks division. He earned his call sign of Vulture because of his favorite technique of booby trapping dead bodies.

    Attached Files:

  7. Welcome aboard Mr. Maupin.
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  8. are you alowed two characters?
    Name: Loki 'hack' Monta

    Gender: Female

    Faction: government (alright being a hacker helping them find the kids?)

    Background: every since childhood Loki knew she was different. she liked boy things and everything. Loki moved a lot because her family job. they really didn't pay much notice to her so that what started her hacking. she loved hacking into may thing, like military and Government. they keep on trying to find her but she would always put up fire walls and bugs so they would never find her. Or so she thought. Loki was living in Russia when she was kidnapped. she was walking home from her school. which sucks for her she hated it, and they took her when she walked into alley way, short cut my..... when they notice that she was a 10 year old kid they where shocked. she was young so she didn't know anything from right to wrong. so they brought her into the work they where doing and she became a kid solder. but she stays in the hacking room to make sure unwanted guest get into the computers and everything. like she did. now its been 7 years and she still there as a hacker. but now she looks more like a boy.

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  9. couple things i would like to clarify...

    1. Your faction is government..ok..but what do you mean by finding the kids?

    2. pretty good app, but would maybe appreciate a little more geographical where she lived or where she was kidnapped from.

    Once these get cleared up..i'll have an answer for you. :)
  10. like when the kids breaking into the place. I gusse and then alright I will get that done in a giff-y.
  11. wonderful...welcome dreamer!

    Now that makes, rait, ruffle and dreamer. Might wait for one more before we start!
  12. Still accepting?
  13. Of your app here lonewolf!
  14. soo....this rp dead already?
  15. oh no..I'll have the forum up before the end of the day. I just wanted to give Lonewolf a little time before I started it. Rest assured it'll be up. :)
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  16. Just realized i forgot to post this...I'll be playing various rebel factions and I'll be playing my main character

    Here's her sheet:

    Name: Doesn't have one...known as test subject omega

    Gender:female (9 years old)

    Faction (rebels or government):neither

    Character description (pic works fine too): [​IMG]

    Background: Taken from her home 7 years ago, she has since lost all aspects about herself. She doesn't remember her true name, her home, her parents or anything about her past. She remembers the scientist saying her DNA had an abnormality and she might be the answer they were looking for.
    She has since spent the last 7 years in this facility being put through experiment after experiment.
    To her knowledge, she has no superpowers or abilities...but is extensively intelligent due to the massive amount of experimentation done to her mind.

    additional info: She had heard occasional whispers from some of the staff that she might be able to interface her her conscious with machines and control them..but that's just speculation.

    Alright guys...thread is posted! Best of luck!
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  17. Name: Aragon ventorí

    Gender: male

    Faction: rebels

    Character description: baadf92a04e7010ada02761c58806c2f.jpg

    Background: Aragón was always used to being in the shadows, and he used this skill to his advantage when it came to chasing genetic perfection. He has seen the effects and has experienced the original strain first hand...but now he has set his sights on getting his hands on the new strain.
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  18. Downloading Dossier.... Complete

    Uploading Dossier
    Name: Carter 'Zero' Westbrooke

    Call sign: Viking

    Age: 33

    Gender: Male

    Faction: N/A (Professional Mercenary)


    Background: A military prodigy since enlistment at the age of 17, Carter is an exceptional soldier and a force to be reckoned with. He's been a front line soldier since the start of his military career with Special Forces, and one of the youngest to obtain the reputation of hyper-lethal.

    Westbrooke was a former captain of his own squad, and excelled at leadership on the battlefield. All was well until the new discovery in genetic modification came to light, and they started signing he and his team up more... unsavory assignments. The blood on his hands showing clearly, he deserted them and started a new line of work as a mercenary with the rebels.

    For five years he's been a thorn in the side of the armed forces. He's earned the reputation of foiling several assaults and espionage on the government.

    Additional Info: Carter is a tactical genius and has more wit than the most cunning of thieves. He
    operates well under pressure from years of training and live fire combat. However stoic he performs, his morals can sometimes be exploited to get the better of him.
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  19. welcome aboard. Feel free to join the RP soon as you can. :)
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