Genetics Can Be Royal (W/ MyInsanity)

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  1. As usual, Zilo had fallen asleep working on his latest creation. And once again, had destroyed it by sleeping on it. Same as always

    Zilo is an inventor, and a builder. He used to create weapons for the military but that had long since ended. He now makes items at random. Every so often patenting them.

    As Zilo awoke, he scowled at what he'd done. Annoyed that this was the third time he had done it, he threw on some clothes and headed outside. He shielded his eyes from the sun, and walked down the sidewalk, new ideas for inventions running through his mind.
  2. Zia walked along the sidewalk, escorted by the only finest guards. She spotted a café and decided to heading in for some pancakes. She was escorted in and to her booth.
  3. "Eh...Is there a movie star in town?" He jogged over to the cafè and walked inside and walked into a bodyguard. He waits behind them and pulls out another knick knack. He fiddles with it, and drops it onto the guards foot on accident. "Oh...Shit..."
  4. Bronco growled lowly and looked at Zilo and picked him up by his collar. "who do you think you are huh?!" he spat in his face.

    Zia heard the commotion and stood up, walking over to Bronco.

    Bronco dropped Zilo an bowed to Zia "Milady....".

    Zia raised her hand and gave him a firm slap. "you are picking on someone who you have no right picking on, Bronco!" she said with pure authority. She turned and bent down to help up Zilo
  5. As he was lifted up he said, "Zilo Torres! Pleasure to meet you" After hitting the floor with a thump, he lifted his head to see the man called Bronco get slapped."Ooh...That must hurt" He picked up his contraption and stood up with the help of the lady. "Sorry about the commotion. Slipped I guess. You a celebrity or something?"
  6. Zia giggled as he fell clumsily. "I'm Zia and I'm the heir to the throne" she stated, lifting her head up high. "what are you?" Zia asked, cocking her head to the side.
  7. "Ooh. Royalty." He nodded for some reason and said, "Me? I'm a nobody. Well, I mean I'm an inventor and builder. Nothing too specialin this day and age." The contraption started glowing, as everyone in the room started floating, gravity now gone inside the café. "Ugh...Again with this..."
  8. Zip laughed and watched him as they floated "I could use you in my castle!" She cheered "come with me?"
  9. "Eh...If it's to make weapons...It's a no. By the way...Nice underwear..." He was smiling happily as he hit the machine, and gravity returned. "Lead the way, miss!" He opened the door for her still with a stupid smile on his face.
  10. Zia scowled at him and lead the way out the door to her limo.
  11. "Ah...Never rode in a limo..."He got in, and, after feeling how comfortable the seats were, fell on his side,asleep. "Betterrrr...then m'bed..."
  12. Zia giggled at him and watched him. "To the castle" she told sternly at the driver.
  13. Zilo slept the entire way there, dreaming of inventions and machinery. He woke up at the sound of the engine stopping and looked at the castle. "Whoa...It's...Kinda puny to be honest." He had a look of disappointment on his face. "So what exactly do you need me for?"
  14. Zip looked at him and scowled "we need you for new investments of course. You are an inventer, correct?" She asked.
  15. "Yeah. But, I don't take jobs." He got out and leaned on the limo. "But depending on what it is you'll have me make, I might consider it." He yawned and looked at the castle again, shaking his head in disappointment. "Besides...What's in it for me?"
  16. Zia turned and faced him "You'll make anything I want!" She snapped "and of course you get whatever you want in return..." She whispered, leaning in towards his ear, her tail lashing back and forth
  17. "Oh boy...Another one of these, eh? What makes you think I'll do it?" He looked unphased, as he turned to look at her with a calm expression. "I don't really feel like being a slave, y'know."
  18. Zia growled as her tail lashed "do it and I'll give you whatever you want" she said between her teeth.
  19. "Hmm...I don't really want anything..." He yawned again and looked at her. "What exactly do you want to have built? Because that may or may not be what makes the deal." He walked a bit far from the limo. "I'm done with weaponry. So you best hope it's something else." He turned to her with a serious face. "So what is it?"
  20. Zia stared him straight in the eye and stated "I need acouple new things around the house that I hoped you would be able to build me"
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