Genetic Manipulation (W/Kuroshi)

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  1. William sat back in the soft cushioned white leather chair in the center of the small patient room. He closed his eyes and let this senses take over. The room smelled clean, clearly regularly sanitized with medical grade bleach. The sounds of people busy with their different tasks floated in though the door with a glass window set high into the dark wood. The glass was frosted to keep the privacy of the patient and a two was painted in black on the out side. A click sounded followed by a slight swoosh signalling the door opening. William opened his eyes and was please to see a young lady with bright red hair closing the door behind her. He had seen her when he was waiting in the waiting room and hoped that she would be taking care of him. He didn't have any specific reason other then that she was attractive.

    In her hands was orange plastic box with a bio hazard sticker on the top. William made polite conversation as she pet the box down on the counter and opened it taking out the small vial of clear serum and a needle. She punctured the top of the vial and drew the liquid into the needle. William relaxed and closed his eyes again as he felt the nurse put her fingers the to the inside of his elbow, searching for his veins. A moment later he felt the sharp but quick pain of the needle piercing his skin. Being at the center for a few years now William had become use to there regular injections. Ever six months or so they would take blood and check for any illness or sickness and if they found any create a serum to combat the bug.

    As she finished he thanked her for her time and left the room. He walked out into the waiting room of the medical building and put passed the small desk out onto The Center's campus. The campus had everything a young student could ever want. Some of the best teachers that the world contained with state of the art technology in medical, chemical and physics labs, as well as the full Olympic gym. A group of people crowded around in a circle caught his attention. Influenced by curiosity he strode over to see what the commotion was about.
  2. In the dim lit computer lab, there was one monitor that was one of the source of light in the room besides the windows. Xiaoli was doing his research on some confidential information when someone called out to him, calling him by the name of "Labrynth" or "Bryn." He quickly minimized the page and turned around to listen to a brown haired boy ask a question about a computer program. Xiaoli answered reluctantly to the boy who was one of the majority of people in the academy who knew that he frequented the computer lab often when no one was around and waited for him to leave. When the boy thanked him and left the room, Xiaoli let out a sigh and maximized the page only to look at his screen with an annoyed expression.

    The commotion outside made him lift his head to look out the window, wincing slightly from the natural sunlight until his eyes adjusted to it. He then pushed his black rimmed glasses up on the bridge of his nose and watched for a few minutes to see what was going on outside. He couldn't understand what it was that made people so curious to involve themselves in something. It just didn't make sense to him. He found that it was a waste of time. With a shake of his head, Xiaoli looked away from the window and back to the artificial light emitting from the computer screen as he continued what he was previously doing before he was interrupted.

    Alice had a sudden headache when she was drawing in her sketchbook beside her brother Alex who was reading. They both cringed and stopped what they were doing at the same time to look at each other. "Did you-?" Alex asked without finishing his sentence when his sister nodded in agreement. "I wonder what 's going on..." He mumbled as he shut his book and Alice closed her sketchbook. Alice stood up from the ground and dusted some dirt off as Alex moved away from the tree he was leaning against and faced the direction the hassle that created their headache was coming from. "Wanna go see what's up?" Alex asked Alice as she nodded her head and trotted closer to her brother, though standing slightly behind him.

    When they neared the scene, they stood behind a large group of students huddled up around something and slightly shoving each other. "What's with them?" Alex questioned as he watched with bewilderment, standing in the back a few inches away from the crowd of people. He gently pushed Alice back with his hand as he backed away slightly, not wanting someone to bump into them.

    "What's going on?" Alice asked quietly as she stroked a piece of her platinum hair with her hand and looked at the crowd of people nervously.

    "Do know," Alex responded with disinterest. "Let's stick around. There's nothing else better to do anyway," he stated as Alice nodded in agreement and stood in the back wondering if the commotion would disperse eventually.
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  3. A pulse of pain ran through his head as he started weaving his way through the crowd of kids. He stopped moving when his vision became spotted and the ground began to tilt under his legs as he stumbled into the kids around him who shot him dirty looks. Just a quickly as it started it stopped, his vision cleared and the ground stopped moving. The expressions of the other kids told him that they hadn't experienced what he just had. A flood of confusion washed over him. He was a very healthy young man, in amazing physical condition and it was extremely rare for him to have head aches or become light headed.

    This wasn't a crowed of a kids watching a fight, they were too calm and reserved for that. However the air still held the same anticipation as if there were a fight. William pushed forward through the kids into the center. There was a girl rolling on the ground and moving erratically. There was clearly something wrong with her, exactly what, wasn't. She has short black hair that was not taken care of. She wore a red plaid shit and matching black jeans with black leather combat boots. He had seen the girl around campus but had never had the chance to talk to her as she was a few years older then he was. As William broke through the crowed the girl stopped looking straight at him. The contrast between her dark hair and her bright green eyes was surprising if not shocking. She lunged toward him stopping just in font of him grabbing his forearms with surprising strength. The teens around him jumped back clearly startled.

    "You have it too." She said in a tone that sounded like a warning. William couldn't looks away transfixed on the intensity in her eyes. "There must be others."

    A wave of pain flashed through his head and made the ground spin again. The girl let go and started walking, with her eyes closed, in a pattern of a dog following a sent trail. The crowed parted as she walked searching for something. Medical personal holding a stretcher rushed out of Ripply hall followed by a doctor with a syringe in a small bottle.

    The girl stopped moving and pointed at three people in turn. "You, you and you." William didn't know any of the three personally, but he recognized Alex and his sister. The third was a girl with bright red hair clearly from a bottle that wore a tank top with a cardigan and a pair of jeans all in the schools colors. Her name was Eirena, she was in a couple of his classes but they had never had more then polite conversation.

    "Don't trust them! They are going to change you!" The doctor rushed in and pushed the tip of the needle into her neck and she immediately went limp. The medical staff caught the girl and put her on the stretcher quickly returning to Ripply hall.

    The doctor spoke to the crowd reassuring them that there was nothing to worry about and that they should just try to forget they had seem anything. William knew the doctor was trying to avoid causing panic but to him it sounded like he was trying to cover this incident up. As the doctor finished the crowd dispersed everyone talking in hushed voices.
  4. When a few people jumped back in alarm, a slight opening was left enough for Alex and Alice to see through from where they were standing. They peered past the crowd to where the center of attention was and noticed a girl that they've walked passed a few times before. Besides that, they had no idea who she was and made them wonder whether this was a normal occurrence for her or just one of those days that some people get. From looking at her extended arm, they noticed she was grabbing onto someone. When they looked closely, they noticed it was William. The two had seen him before too, like the other girl, William was not of their acquaintance. Out of curiosity, Alex grabbed his sister's hand and led her a bit closer to hear what the lady was saying. It was along the lines of something a normal person wouldn't say out of the blue in front of a large crowd and they were sure that, people were skeptical of her words. The thing was, both Alex and Alice weren't doubtful of her. Instead, they looked at her with sympathy.

    Out of surprise, Alex din't expect that the girl would search through the crowd and his grip on his sister's hand tightened when the girl pointed at some other girl along with him and Alice just as he had predicted. He gave the lady a cold and murderous like glare for putting them on the spot and scowled when she made a remark. About ready to open his mouth to say something, Alice put her free hand on his and shook her head in disapproval with whatever Alex was about to say. He then looked at his sister and closed his mouth with a sigh as he watched the girl get sent away on the stretcher after going limp.

    After the commotion ended, Alex loosened his grip from his sister and gave her an apologizing look as he ignored the doctor's request to forget about the incident. Alex knew everyone else would forget about it eventually, knowing that she resembled some sort of lunatic. It was actually very accurate for people to forget about it and instead talk about how strange she was.

    "What an idiot... No one's gonna believe her after something like that," Alex stated to no one in particular. "She should have just kept a low profile instead of creating a scene that would cause 'them' to take notice that some people might be catching on to them," he continued. Alice only nodded in agreement as she stared intently at the doctor who was speaking and a wide Cheshire like smile found it's way onto her face. "What?" Alex questioned, a little surprised as he noticed a rare smile from his sister that resembled quite closely to his and usually indicated that they were up to some mischief.

    "Nothing~" Alice spoke in a soft singsong voice when the majority of people dispersed and no longer gave glances at them. "An idiot indeed," she mumbled in agreement to what Alex had stated previously.

    Just as the girl had exclaimed, both Alice and Alex were long aware of it, along with the minority of people who were feigning or in denial. Unlike the girl, they thought it through rationally and knew that it was best to lay low. After all, no one would believe something like that. Especially with the outburst that the girl had created, it made it less likely for people to be convinced.
  5. William knew what he girl was talking about. The changes had built up over the time he has spent at The Center. He did think that he actions were very extreme and wouldn't result in any positive outcome for her but the thought of an organization changing your genetic make up would be enough to cause anyone to go crazy. At first it was just increased brain activity, getting better marks in his classes, but he tied that to the excuse that The Center just had a better learning environment for him. But the longer he was at the school the easier his classes became even though he took increasingly difficult subjects. Next came the physical aspect. William had always been in relatively good physical condition. But he started started running farther and faster and would hardly break a sweat. He soon surpassed his weight lifting maxes with ease and built a whole new layer of muscle. As for the newest change he wasn't exactly sure it was real. There was instances where it seemed if he could influence the physical world around him without actually touching it. However they always happened without him trying and wouldn't manifest themselves if he tried on his own. For instance he was sitting in one of his lecture halls waiting for the rest of the students and professor to enter. A boy had been pushed as he was about to take a drink form his water bottle causing him to drop it on Will. As the water fell Will's mind formed a picture of the water missing him completely and by some invisible force the water parted not letting a drop land on him. Later that day he had tried to move a paper clip on his desk but was very disappointed when nothing happened.

    William walked over to Eirena who was clearly shaken but the events that had just occurred. After a quick conversation it was obviously that she knew what the girl had been warning her about but was in clear denial about it. He knew that by hounding her it would only driver her away. He didn't exactly want her company but he felt that it would be reasonable for him to offer his help. He took her phone and told her to contact him when she was ready. Giving her a parting nod he walked away towards Alex and Alice.

    Before he reached them William formed a plan in his mind. He was going to play stupid until he knew for certain that they had noticed the changes as well. He would be labeled crazy too if he told someone who hadn't noticed the changes. Thinking about it rationally no one would believe him if he told them that the thought that the schools was changing him and not in the way it was supposed to. Their body language was less then tense, almost relaxed actually. Annoyance was clear on Alex's face as he approached, but the smile from Alice was closer to unsettling giving the situation. "So? You got any idea what she was talking about?" As part of his act William tried to make the opening question as awkward as possible. However the success of his actions would depend on how the two siblings reacted.
  6. "Who knows, you should know just as well as she does. Am I right?" Alex spoke without looking at William who they noticed approached them until he was finished with his sentence. The look he gave William was with a slight smirk, almost as if he knew what he was up to. "And since when were we so close for you to start a casual conversation? We barely even spoke to each other before," Alex stated while Alice dropped her smile and stood closer to her brother. She nodded to what her brother was saying while giving a long stare at William.

    Unlike most people who didn't notice the subtle details, Alice caught on instantly from how William wasn't so surprised when he was pointed out. Most people wouldn't have had a reaction such as his if they didn't know what was going on, but William... It was definite that he knew exactly what was going on and Alice was sure that her brother wouldn't play along with William's act knowing well that he was impatient and currently annoyed. Alice would have preferred it if her brother just played along and acted like he didn't know anything, she found it more amusing that way. But of course, their actions and thought process were slightly different despite being twins. Which often made her irritated when people were so amused and bombarded them with questions about being exactly alike when they were obviously two different people with very similar genes.

    "Why don't we let him decide for himself whether we know something or not," Alice suggested quietly to her brother, but loud enough for William to hear. Alex thought for a moment and shrugged at the thought. It wasn't like they had already flat out told him that they knew and it seemed like William was questioning that exactly.

    "Sure, that sounds..."

    "Interesting," they said simultaneously while looking up at William in unison with a mischievous smile.

    It might have been obvious that they knew what was going on just as the girl and William had. But knowing the twins, they were always up to mischief when it counted and rarely anyone was sure as to what to believe. They always seemed to have some sort of eye to analyzing and predicting people almost as if they can read their every move. Some find it intimidating, but it can't be helped when they need an answer from the two and surprisingly, they always end up finding the answer they need without actually hearing the answer straight up from them.
  7. "It is true that it is quite rare for us to converse, but with the given circumstances I thought it would be appropriate. Or was I wrong?" William smiled inwardly at the reaction of the twins. His attempt at being awkward failed miserably. However from their body language he had expected as much. He knew it was time to change the game plan. It was clear that playing stupid wouldn't get him anywhere and that the twins were playing with him. Normally William wouldn't have cared much, but with the addition of them having changes it added a whole new dynamic to the situation. He felt that by letting the twins toy with him would make him appear weak which was far from what he wanted. Even thought he had talked with the twins before this was their first true meeting. And they were testing him.

    William continued with out letting them answer. He went on the offensive. "But I can't be wrong. It is reasonable for me to inquire if the two of you pertain any knowledge to the subject the girl inferred. By any means, you two enjoy any chance you can get to toy with the people around you. So by me offering an opportunity such as this would be too pleasurable for the pair of you to pass up."

    It was a good start but he needed to move it forward. The twins weren't the only ones who were good at reading peoples actions and so he knew that the best way to disarm them was to give them the answer they were looking for. "It is quite apparent that you do know or at least as much as I do. If you didn't you would have questioned if I did to try and obtain that knowledge for yourself. Or at least that would be the basic human reaction when they are singled out with no prediction of that event. But you two are from from basic. So lets just say for the sake of this proof that you do not know. What would you have to gain from avoiding the question? Possibly me telling you if i have that information but you could just ask me if I do. There is a chance you are keep the information for yourselves. However that would serve no further purpose for you as even if you told me and I tried to tell others they would just think I have gone crazy like the girl after the display she just put on. So the only viable reason for you to avoid the question would be to toy with me which means you already know." It was a perfect deduction. William had gone through the possibilities that were the most likely and stripped them away until only one remained. Or at least he thought he had. He has just taken a large risk. If they found a loophole or fault in his logic it would mean he had failed.
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  8. Wrong. Was what they did want to say, but William left them no room to respond to his response as they listened to his explanation. By now, they were sure that he had caught on to them just as they had caught on to his act. It was no doubt that they both knew what was up, but the fact that they had to go through such process, made it ease their boredom. Alex made a nod of his head with no signs of denial as he just agreed to William's statement of them gaining pleasure by causing mischief. It was the truth and they couldn't really lie about it because it was evident that anyone could see how much they enjoyed it. It was also what they were best known for so there was no point in lying in the first place.

    "I gotta hand it down to you, most people always overlook what we say-"
    "And others overthink it." Alice finished for Alex.

    "Your the second person, but..." Alex stopped short and shook his head from the troublesome explanation of a few minor things, but thought better of it since it wasn't so important. All he was planning on saying was that William did not consider the factors of several people who react differently to a situation and that there was no way that anyone in general could predict a person's actions unless they were really predictable or if you've known a person from the past to the present them to be able to understand how they would react. Even then, there are those who don't even know their closest friends since childhood which makes it even more less likely to predict a stranger. In reality, there were only educated guesses and predictions based on recent interactions with a person. There was no real answer but to deduct things based on what he knew to get to the answer. There was no need for an explanation, but like everyone else, he made an explanation anyway as evidence. The first person who didn't fall into their trap, gave them a straight out answer without thought unlike everyone else they knew. It was short and blunt, leaving the two in bewilderment and admiration.

    In actuality, everyone's reasoning was diverse just as solving an equation. People have different ways to solve it and in the end, there will always be an answer that they are led to. The only time an answer really is wrong, is when people don't realize the subtle hints that lead to the answer or they overthink several possibilities that create unrealistic answers that are impossible. Those were two of the things that led to people's misconceptions. The third reason, was stupidity. To make a guess that wasn't even an educated guess. It could have been, but apparently they'd rather find a short cut that leaves them with no possible options for an answer that could have been the right one.

    "Whether it may have been a hoax or plain luck, you took the 'risk'. Congratulations. The only thing you know now is that we know, but what is it that you will gain from knowing this? Because one thing for sure-"
    "We're not obligated to tell you anything more." Alice cut in as Alex nodded.
    "After all, we advise you to take caution with your meddling," Alex continued. His emphasis on we to hint that the people who were pointed out including them, weren't the only people who were involved or aware of what was going on.

    "Because they're always watching," they said in unison with a haunting voice as they both smiled mischievously and let out a quiet, yet eerie laugh.
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  9. "It's a shame how oblivious the general population has become. Most likely because of the lack of competition for survival. Living in this society where we can easily obtain everything we need has made the senses of the most dull and unrefined." William responded looking at the twins in turn.

    However what he said was true. In modern day society it was extremely simple for people to obtain what they needed to survive. It was only the fact that people want things in excess that make them feel unhappy when they can't obtain it. The 'need' to have everything in excess stems from the commodity of it being so basic to obtain. This allows people the option of being lazy, which in turn enables them to not use their senses and forces them to decay and become weak. This is proven by, that people are amazed when someone is able to survive without the commodities of modern society, such as a person living in the wilderness or soldier from war. Being in these situations it forces the person to develop their senses and become their true human nature. When this true human nature is obtained coming back to society is extremely hard resulting in things such post traumatic stress disorder.

    The twins didn't exactly seem pleased that he had cornered them and passed the test. The feelings William revived from the two was one of surprise even though they hid it will. Although he had passed their first test he still didn't have their trust. His mind shifted formulating a new plan in seconds. "I'm not entitled to anymore information from you but I have a feeling you will answer some more questions. As, I'm hoping, I have intrigued your interests enough to want to know more about me."

    William wasn't sure that the twins were trying to scare him or just being mischievous however the effect didn't work. "Well of course they are watching us. We are their living lab rats. Who knows maybe the girl getting out and pointing us out was all part of their plan to see how we would react to the situation. Like putting a rat in a maze with peanut butter at the end."
  10. "True that," Alex responded in agreement as Alice no longer stood hidden behind her brother. William had certainly piqued her interest and she was sure that he would be a great addition to their 'group'. Although she was sure her brother was still iffy about trusting people so easily even if he was able to befriend people with his social skills. Alice knew her brother still needed time to figure out William's true motive and it also wasn't as if William was going to casually join in with their endeavors.

    "Who knows," Alex shrugged. "Maybe we will and maybe we won't," he spoke. "But you certainly have gained our interest or... More of my sister's anyway," he said as he looked at Alice who was no longer standing in hidden view like she usually was. "I'm sure Alice might slip up a few things for you, but if you take advantage of her... You're a goner," Alex warned as his eyes darkened.

    "I'm looking forward to it," Alice said vaguely. Not inquiring as to what exactly she was looking forward to. It might have been information about William that she was looking forward to or what her brother might end up doing to William. Maybe even both. Whatever it was, Alice was waiting for something to happen as long as it was interesting and she could care less as to what exactly it would result to. Everyone else so far has been dull. Well, except for the adults. It was always fun messing with them.

    Alex then shook his head in disagreement to what William had said. "No. I doubt that. Knowing them, they wouldn't create such a big scene. Whatever that girl was thinking was of her own accord. I may be wrong and you might be right, but when I say they're always watching. I meant it. It's not in the way you think it is. And when I say meddling, you best look carefully at who you are really talking to," Alex explained with a sigh as Alice tugged on his sleeve to encourage him to let out some information for their fellow lab rat.

    "What he means is-"
    "Nothing." Alex cut in to prevent Alice from saying anything more, making her pout. "He can figure it out on his own. He's not... Like the rest," Alex reassured his sister as she nodded silently.