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    It is the year 3130. The world has become more technologically superior to its predecessors. Flying cars, virtual hologram chat logs, but the biggest advancement mankind has to offer its people is in Genetics.
    Scientists have spent the last thousand years trying to perfect the human DNA essence, create the perfect human.

    Unaffected by disease, barely affected by hunger, strong, agile, able to live three times the normal life span. Doctors at the University of Genetic Research claim to have perfected the research into such a claim, yet they are unwilling to reveal their findings. They refuse to comment and say that in due time...they will show their research to the world.
    You are part of an elite team sent in to find this research without being spotted and bring it to your superiors. Get in, grab the research and get out. No casualties and no witnesses.

    Be careful...the answers you find might not be what you are looking for.

    Doctor Ekalis and his team flurry around a bunch of test tubes and vials. "This is it my friends. After so many years of research and trials, I do believe that we have finally perfected the process." In the middle of the room lay a giant glass test cylinder. A small body of a girl hovering inside, a cloak of slight fog covering her body.
    "What are we going to do with her sir?"
    The doctors looked at her.
    "she is still of value...we'll keep her here until we have orders to dispose of her."

    The girls eye opened and one of the scientists freaked. "Oh god..sir...she's awake!"
    The people scrambled!
    "Get her not contaminate that specimen! We need her!"
    The girl glanced around as chemicals filled her test tube prison. She found herself quickly falling asleep once again.


    The scientists began to calm down as Doctor Ekalis buzzed the security console.
    "I want security doubled. Full patrols round the clock. The specimen woke up and she never wakes up. It might be a fluke, I won't take risks. Get it done!
    Anyone who is in here that doesn't have authorized clearance shoot on sight!"
  2. Meanwhile​

    Hack, or to people she likes Loki, was sitting around in a computer room bored out of her mind. There is never anything for her to do. She would rather A piss someone off by annoying people or B piss off a trooper. She loved both but no one was around and she can't really leave. "THIS SUCKS I AM SUPER POPOER BORED SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM MY SUFFERING THE PAIN THE BOREDOM" she yelled to the top of her lungs hoping someone would run.
  3. ((government))

    The superintendent of the faculty entered her private operating room. "Please keep your voice down Hack. You'll disturb the other stations."
    He strode over to her desk.
    "Did the files for the current operation arrive yet?"

    She shook her head and he handed her the file. "If you had this, you wouldn't be bored. Teams are already en route. Patch yourself into their comms and help them however you can. I expect a update within two hours."
    Opening up the file revealed a operation to infiltrate a high security experiment university to acquire research. She would be working with Call sign: Vulture and two other specially assigned agents.


    The leader called a ragtag band of his squad together. "Alright boys, you know this university says it can perfect genetics. I want that data..whatever it is. Get it and bring it back here to base. We'll show those government mongrels that science isn't god and they cannot perfect people."
    The leader if this band didn't consider himself lobbyist or anything..he just didn't like government and high ranking figures thinking they were god or could play god.
    That kind of complex was dangerous.
    "'ll be going with three men to get in that place and find my research! Get it no matter what...Move out immediately!"
  4. "Sir it would be less risk if I went in alone. We don't need more people getting caught if something goes south." Aragon said to the group leader. Aragon knew that things would move allot quicker and much quieter if he went by himself, but he also knew that it was a gamble going with not backup and not knowing the security level that was in affect. "Any idea what we're walking in to?"
  5. ((rebels))

    The leader nodded.
    "Very shall accompany. Take a sight with you..he can cover you if things go south during retrieval."
    A sniper would service him well...keep him covered and keep an eye out for activity.

    "Now hurry up. If the government is already there, then we might lose our chance."
  6. Aragon pointed to one of the sharp shooters on their team. "On me, let's go." Aragon led his partner back to his weapons stash and Aragon went about collecting his weapons. "What's your name?" Aragon asked as he put two long knives in his belt. "Rorke" replied Aragon's partner as he put a silencer on his rifle.

    Aragon and Rorke set out to the government's research facility shortly after, they had a time frame and Aragon planned to see them make it. They took position on a rooftop across from the facility, Rorke looking at the building through his scope and Aragon looking with only his eyes. "Lots of activity, looks like the whole complex is on edge." Said Rorke looking around at the guards. "Just keep me covered and don't shoot unless absolutely necessary." Replied Aragon as he pulled two earpieces from his pocket. "Keep in contact" was the last thing he said before repelling down with one of his rope blades. He pulled his hood over his face and began making his way toward the facility
  7. "What went up your butt" she said with a smrik and before the guy left she said "ugly says what" to hear him say what before he left. "Haha loser" she whent to reeading on and thought "what am iI reading?" She sighed then did as she was told. "Come on hacky let's get hacking" she started to first up put her music on. Then not knowingly patched her self into the boys so they heard everything she did and sang. "Dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to die, dumb ways to di I I E is so many dumb ways to die...." she sang still not knowing of the people listening to her.
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  8. Vulture sighed as the child began to sing. "look kid if you are going to sing at least get some lessons first.." Vulture growled and his throat mic picked up his words as he finished disposing the bodies of two security guards. "Fuckin amateur hour..." Vulture then yanked his throwing knives out from the guards skulls and silently crept his way into the loading dock. His various weapons and equipment not making a sound as they were held to his body by the best mesh webbing the government could provide. "at least on this job I get some fancy new toys..." Vulture chuckled as he quickly checked his various weapons. "This is Vulture actual reporting to HQ for pre-op report...two meat bags downed, weapon check is green, possible rebel interference due to suspicious radio chatter. Waiting for go ahead to proceed to objective." Vulture checked the ammo of his silenced smg and calmly waited for the green light on the op. He was a pro and always followed orders, no matter what they were.

    (his smg)

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  9. ((government))

    The superintendent had been listening on his report in the main security console which was manned by three expert programmers, one of which was communicating with Vulture. "Vulture, this is HQ. You have go ahead. Exterminate any resistance rebel forces unless it conflicts with mission perimeters. Check in with Hack and HQ for updates or new developments."

    He nodded. if all went well, the intel would soon be theirs. It made him slightly nervous to know that the rebels were also there. He headed to Hacks room.
    "Hack, I need you to try and trace the rebels and guards communications and figure out their status. Also, any blueprints for the facility if you haven't brought them up yet. We need Vulture in and out fast as we can."
  10. "Shit!" She yelled and called off her chair "sorry I though I was in the clear and next time please don't scare me shitless" once she was finished she heard the boss man talk "sure thing but it will take me a while. you never know the kid may not even have anything on him or her" after that she started to tap away into her hacking seeing if there is anything out there that can help and also pulled out some blue prints. "Got blue prints but no rebels or guards but still trying sir."
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  11. Vulture racked the slide of his smg and nodded "affirmative, heading to rally point alpha." Vulture keyed his mic to Hack's frequency. "Hey kid, I need to know the fastest route to shut off the power core in this building. There are too many cameras and countermeasures for me to proceed quietly." Vulture stalked down the hallway and paused at the edge of a doorway. Listening carefully he heard three guards talking, "Three more meatbags blocking objective, disposal in progress." The micro camera on his goggles were directly linked to Hack's station. Providing her with a live feed of Vulture's actions. After waiting for a few seconds Vulture entered the break room and opened fire. The three guards were quickly gunned down as Vulture's smg gave three short bursts. The silencer muting the gunshots into quiet coughs. As the guards fell to the floor Vulture quickly walked over to each guard and put a single shot in each of their skulls. This method ensured that the target was a confirmed kill and prevented any revival. Vulture then frisked the guards and retrieved a security card from them. "acquired access to restricted areas. Meatbags disposed." He quickly turned off the lights and crept back into the hallway.
  12. ((facility))

    Project Alpha woke once more, glancing around the room. She could feel..something. Something didn't feel right. Like a presence was here that didn't belong. The head researcher came in and she closed her eyes to make him think she was still asleep.
    "What's the status?"
    Another man..obviously highly trained military, turned to the man. "Hell if I know. Two teams gone dark and cameras are acting weird."

    "Well find the problem and fix it! That's why you were hired."
    The man took three men with him, leaving the doctor with 4 men in the central lab. Project Alpha opened her eyes slightly.
    Someone had broken in!?


    "Good work Vulture. Looks like the security teams are onto your presence. Hack will try and direct you around them if she can. Continue to objective."
    The superintendent glanced at the map on Hacks screen. The central lab would be where a majority of data would be stored. That was likely the best bet...either that or the back-up file generator.
    "Hack, see if you can get me access to their cameras viewpoints."
  13. Yeah sure I'll try but some things up with the shit right now its like a fire wall who ever put this up really wants me out of it but knowing me I'll get in like cute a piece of cake. Mummm cake." She said then event back at it trying to Brack down the wall and other funky stuff that was going on on the computer. "F u c k" she yelled spelled out loud "they are pissing me off I can get in someone stopping me from the computer lad they have they also messed up the thing. I need help and this is a first" she said as she trys at it once more.
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  14. Vulture sighs in frustration. "Of all the jobs..why do I get stuck with amateurs on this one?!" He stalks down the hallway and follows the signs to the computer lab. He silently opens the door and enters the room that is only lit by a glowing wall of monitors. Several computer techs are furiously tapping at their keyboards as they continue to block Hack's assault. Vulture silently pulls out a knife and creeps up to the techs. One by one he slits their throats. He walks over to the main terminal and quickly shuts down the firewalls. "Firewall is down, and time give me a tech that is actually competent enough to do their job..or at least sing well." Vulture chuckles as he goes over to the bodies and delicately cuts out a hole in their chest cavities. He then places an anti-personnel grenade in each of the bodies so that when the bodies are discovered and moved the grenades will detonate.
  15. "Did he just fucking call me an amateur" she whispered to herself out loud. "Your an ass I hope you get shot in the lleg so you have to crawl back" she yelled. She then typed away fast and here all the camera s under her control "there sir its done all cameras are under control we see everything inside and out. "Also do I still have to help him he's a meanie face" she pouts and crosses her arms
  16. ((government))

    The superintendent sighed. "Enough..both of you. Quit your bickering and work together and get what we need. Hack, scan the other rooms for security movements and possible locations for the data and Vulture, you're almost out of time. Get the data and get out."
    He faced the rest of the team.
    "We got less than 5 minutes before the entire force of that place comes walking in. Get moving!"


    Project Omega began to glance about, seeing more and more security file into and out of the room. Whatever was happening was serious enough to warrant this many people?
    Suddenly she heard the lead doctor. "She's awake again!?"

    She started to freak. She didn't want to go back to sleep. She began to thrash about in the tank. "Someone get her subdued. I don't need this right now!"
    The drugs began to pour into the tank, yet she continued to resist.
    "She's resisting the effects. She's not responding!"

    The doctor looked amazed. Had she developed a resistance to sleeping agents and incapacitating drugs? Was this another effect of the advancement?
    Project Omega continued to thrash about. She had to get away!
  17. Aragon moved quietly to the outside perimeter of the research facility. He took cover behind a wall and pulled out a medium size EMP device. The EMP would disable all electronics inside of the facility long enough for him to get what he needed and get out. He took a quick glance toward the building and saw that multiple guards were rushing into the building. "That could be a problem" he said to himself as he prepared the device.

    "Rorke, I'm heading in but it looks like something might be wrong inside, keep your finger on the trigger and call out prime hostiles" said Aragon as he activated the EMP. He motioned to Rorke on the opposing roof to keep watch on the windows, then he moved closer to the facility using the shadows. He looked inside the building and watched as the power went out then shortly after the emergency power lights came on.
  18. ((Facility))

    The lights began to flicker on and off before they died entirely, causing the red emergency lights to turn on. Project Omega could feel the water draining from her tank, a emergency procedure she figured.
    Soon as the lights turned off, Doctor Ekalis looked at her. "Oh no...guards! Grab Project Omega!"

    A loud hiss filled the room and steam rushed out of the tank as it proceeded to release the automatic gauge locks. Soon as it popped open, she burst out and sprinted into a run, going down the hallway and disappearing.
    "Forget the intruders! Rally everyone and find that girl. Bring her back here alive!"

    Project Omega ran down the hallway, going over the blueprints of the facility in her mind. She had only seen them twice when she was awake for a bit..but she memorized them and did her best to remember the outlines. She took a right and ran down the hallway at full speed.
  19. The red emergency lights provided plenty of dark areas for Aragon to move around without being exposed. The interior of the building was eerily quiet until the sound of boots hammering against the ground came from deeper within the facility. Aragon pulled out a pair of throwing knives, he could use those for either close or mid range combat.

    He moved deeper into the facility and found what looked like a holding chamber, maybe experience took place here. He found pictures and documents on something called project Omega. He then realized that project omega was a person, instead of a "project" so to speak. He didn't have time to sit around and figure everything out, he was on a schedule. He placed a small explosive device under what looked like the place where project omega was held. He needed to plant two more then he'd make his escape.

    He was about to walk out of the room when a soldier walked into the area and aimed his gun at Aragon. "Hey!" The soldier called out as he fired one shot at Aragon but missed. Aragon quickly threw one of the throwing knives into the mans throat silencing him. Aragon moved quickly out of the area, knowing that it would be filled with soldiers soon.
  20. Vulture paused as the lights went off and the red emergency lights flickered to life. He quickly ducked into a shadowy alcove as a group of armored guards ran past talking into their radios about capturing Omega alive. "HQ this is vulture actual, mission parameters have changed. New intel suggests project Omega is a live target. Hack, I want you to lock down this building. Nobody gets in or out. Sir op sec (operational security) is blown. Do I continue to target or fall back? Either way we are going to need to leave no witnesses and get the cleaners in here to take care of everything..." Vulture Broke into a supply closet and crouched as he waited for further orders. Observing the roaming guards and their chatter. Suddenly a single gunshot rang out from deeper in the facility. A guard called out "MAN DOWN!" and the heavily armed guards thundered to the origin of the sound. "HQ status update, confirm that there is a rebel force inside, enemy numbers unknown. I need orders fast." Vulture quickly started assembling his heavier weapons.
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