Genesis Game: Salvation and Ruination

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  1. Congratulations on sticking with me this far in your interests of Genesis! If you want a plot summary please revisit the Advertisement (Here) as I do not repeat myself needlessly if I can keep from it.

    Here in this OOC place my first thing to tell you about is the basics of plot for the current chapter.

    As we know already the earth is in turmoil and yada yada,... Well almost. Chapter one actually starts right at the beginning of the apocalypse! So nobody knows about fissures yet and whatnot.

    It all begins at St.Peter's Hospital in the middle of a town called Hope. If you couldn't be any more ironic. A high school legend (in this sense not a very good legend to some), Dallas Robertson, has been put into a coma by a car accident. His mother has finally opened up to visitors. This is where you guys come in.
    All seven players must be in the same room by the second post rotation in order for the roleplay to continue as planned, if it takes just a bit longer that won't be to bad honestly.

    When all characters are gathered Dallas will awake with some information that will further the plot line.

    While this part of the story is going on, demonic influence on the earth will begin to increase via Fissures, and people will start dying due to demons pouring in.

    Genesis Game: A game only in name, the Genesis Game is a construct created by an all-powerful being in order to protect humanity from demons. When the world is coming to an end, the Genesis Game can be "played" to survive... how is currently uncertain.

    7 Youths / Players: Seven young men, women, and teenagers who are chosen to play the Genesis Game... a mysterious and dangerous future awaits them in which their decisions can cost humanity the ultimate price.

    Fissures: Interdimmensional rifts that bring the natural world and the spiritual world closer together. Characterized by large static bursts when they come into being.

    More vocabulary to come...


    -As this roleplay goes on look for announcements describing necessary player information needed to understand the direction of the plot or issues the group may have.

    -We will be posting in such a way that the next "post rotation" does not happen until all seven players have completed the prior. Unlike previous attempts with this RP we will not be utilizing a turn based system, so order doesn't matter until I say otherwise.

    - Italics will be used for "flashbacks" that help flesh out the characters history rather than it happening in the CS. That way players don't have to look back to your CS every time they need to recall something as reading something in the RP holds more ground in ones memory because of the nature of such things.

    -You have free reign over your characters but I will largely be monopolizing the plot for issues with story arcs (survivors will have more freedom). In some situations I will thrust a duty upon your character in order to test their limits. -You will want to be able to eat, sleep, and breath your character to get the most out of this thing. You may cry, you may jump for joy, you may scream and throw your computer out the window, but you must be deeply involved with how well you know your character.

    Character Sheet (open)


    Age: Between 13-21

    Gender: Male or Female, No enbys/genderfluids please >:V

    Appearance: Please do in paragraph form, only use a picture if it is hand-drawn by you or commissioned by you. I have my reasons >.>

    Personality: Make it believable! I won't accept you if your character is your typical anime-inspired Mary Sue. Try and be original, stay away from archetypes if you can.

    Brief Biography: It says BRIEF for a reason. Keep between 2-4 paragraphs.

    Relationship W/ Parent/Guardian: Your character has a special relationship with ONE of their parents/guardians. The relationship may be good or bad, but this guardian LOVES you, but they might not show it conventionally.

    Virtue: One of the SEVEN CONTRARY VIRTUES, no doubling up. Check other sheets to make sure you are not stepping on someone's toes. Virtues can either define your character or be something your character has issues with (for instance, your character may have the virtue of charity, but be a somewhat greedy person)

    Number: This will be assigned to your character by ME. Leave this blank.

    Accepted Characters:

    Dallas Robertson (open)

    Name: Dallas Robertson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Dallas is almost a perfect example of the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype. Standing at around 6'2" with a creamy white complexion and a face that could melt women from a mile away. However this seems to be marred by social stereotype as soon as someone sees him for who he actually is...

    He has naturally pitch black hair grown in an emo-style cut that hangs of his left eye, the right side of his hair is pulled back behind his ear and causes it to flare out on the ends. A chinstrap comes forth to frame his round face cause without it he looks a bit to boyish for his taste. His eyes are an icy blue and can just about wreck anyone's ability to stare him down.

    He dresses in your standard dark colored outfits for the socially outcast. Often wearing converse or some sort of heavy boot, darkly stained jeans, a plain-dark T-Shirt and striped jackets. Occasionally he's been seen dressing almost preppy.

    He also has a sapphire stud in his right ear. That seems to have sentimental significance.

    Despite his dark look Dallas is far from any sort of emo-child or gothkid personality, however he does like to sit alone in a corner. He is always smiling, laughing quite obnoxiously, and doing god-knows-what. Those who judge by appearances often have trouble getting past his appearance (which is sometimes marred with black and masculine make-up) and never get to see Dallas' inner beauty. Even with appearances out of the picture it's still kinda hard to get past his first impression.

    You see, Dallas has an edge, and this has earned him his status as a legend of snark. He has a rule, and a very annoying one. "If you can't handle me at my worst, you can't handle me at my best." Meaning, when you meet him, you have a fifty fifty chance on meeting the biggest douche you've ever met in your life, he likes to keep most people at a distance so the ones who can get past that he knows are keepers.

    He does butt heads with some people who are more forthright about things, but he insists on being a mystery. His charms are also something to be wary of. When he starts putting on the flirt it's hard not to be sucked in by it, however it's often shallow. When it's not shallow, play-flirting it often means he is in love or wants to make friends.

    Brief Biography:
    Dallas had his parents split up when he was young, but it didn't effect him much. He just rolled with the punches and went on with life, growing up with his mother as a single parent he had it pretty easy, he wasn't rich, but living was more than comfy. But that all changed when the fire nation attacked... Err, so to speak.

    When he was old enough to do some more strenuous chores his mother swamped him with expectations out the wazoo. He had to make all A's, he had to cook, and clean, get a job, learn to drive, look into scholarships, go to church, mow the yard, sweep the floors, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, do the laundry, polish the tables, vacuum the rugs, feed the cat, pump the gas, take out the trash, make his bed, make her bed, do her dishes, do her errands, go the college she wanted him to, look the way she wanted him to, live the way she wanted him to... His own life was put on the back burner for her ideals.

    He... Got fed up with it. Everything he was suddenly became anti-her, to the point even he forgot himself. The result was a darkness that inked onto his personality and style, and a confusion of self. His strive for independence suppressed and released traits about himself in a near random fashion.

    This confusion is what causes him to push others away at first, his appearance warding off even more people. Eventually the radical change from a perfect boy to a troubled boy infected the high school with rumors, as well as the community immediately in touch with him, only furthering the burial of the true Dallas.

    Relationship W/ Mother:
    Dallas and his mother have a give-and-take in their relationship. In truth they almost hate each other, but they love each other so much because since his father left they're about all each other has when the night rolls over. Dallas' mother is a southern-style, old-school, work-obsessed individual whose annoying and relentless demands out of Dallas have broke him down. Dallas hates work because of how much his mother has made him in the past several years since he's been a teenager. He is also open minded where she is dogmatic, quite where she is loud, and understanding where she is not.

    Virtue: Chastity

    Number: One
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