Generic Introduction is No longer that generic

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  1. Hello! The name's Rhodri, but you can call me whatever you like. (Except for "Sir Fancyfap")

    I have participated in some roleplaying, not much though...
    Is there really anything else I have to say? *Random whispers* "Really? Goddamnit"

    Umm... I enjoy eating cooked babies. There! Is that better? *More whispering* No! Fuck this introduction shit! If anyone needs me, I'll be at the roleplay forum! Goodbye *Stomps out of the room*
  2. Welcome, Sir Fancyfap, to Iwaku :D
  3. I see you are a lot like the Kaiser from Germany, then. Eating babies and wut not. Welcome.
  4. Hallo person who is NOT Sir Fancyfap! Welcome to the site! 8D
  5. Fancy seein' you here, Mr. Rhodri! Welcome to hell Iwaku! Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Oh gawd! Not you!!!
    Welcome though.
    *hides again*
  7. Welcome to the site!