Generic high school roleplay w/ twist

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  1. So! Random idea here! Got it after reading a book, although the book was kind of a horror book and I'm just borrowing an idea I got from the non-horror bit.

    The story takes place in the future, but only just so that there is some advanced tech. Our characters are around fifteen years old and are attending Regent High School, the top ranked arts high school in the country. It specializes in teaching students both an art and the typical curriculum. Students begin at the tenth grade (15-16 years old). Here's the catch: Regent High School for all intents and purposes is a reality TV show.

    Yes, the students get a marvelous education, and for free I might add, with only the small fee it takes to send in your application and a portfolio (you enter a sample of your art; a video, a game, a painting, a sketchbook, some writing, etc.), but all students, for twelve hours a day, are on live camera. Their classes, their meals, even when they change- although for privacy's sake, nudity is 'artfully' avoided- and these details are broadcast to everybody who has a cable provider offering the channel. The show- The Regent- has it's own channel and broadcasts the 12 hour show live, and then shows a nightly rerun. The channel- part of superior technology- allows viewers to pick which student they wish to watch.

    The viewings are recorded and shown on a rating board; an official one is posted both in the school cafe, and online. Each student has a rank that changes with the amount of viewers they have. The higher your rank on the board, the more ad revenue the student receives. Basically, the students are receiving money for being on the show. Their teachers get a portion of the revenue, as does the school, but the students get larger and larger sums the more viewers they have.

    Within the first two weeks of the school year, 100 of the 300 students accepted get cut. Afterwards, 15 students get cut each month of the school year (September to June) until 50 students remain. The following school year, 3 students are eliminated each month, until only 20 remain.

    After that, in their final year, each student makes a final project. At the very end of the year (there are no eliminations this year), they present their projects to the top colleges and universities in the world. If one such school chooses to accept one of the students, that student gets a full scholarship (books, supplies, dorms, tuition) for their entire stay at that school. The valedictorian receives a million dollar reward; the salutatorian receives three quarters of a million, and the third top ranking student receives half a million dollars.

    Those that do not get accepted by another school or receive a top 3 prize still leave with their ad revenue money.

    The roleplay would begin at the first year at the school, right after the first 100 student cut. Hopefully, the roleplay would play out through the first year and through to the third and final.

    Any interest? The roleplay would play as any old high school roleplay (drama! <.<) with the added reality TV show thing. Plus, artistic students!

    Although I fully expect students to be both varied in personality and character, as well as mature. Kids will do stupid things to raise their rank (viewers love drama too), but they've been accepted into the school for maturity and skill and talent, not just because they can cry wolf and kiss boys for viewers and fans. So while it IS a high school roleplay, it'll not have crazy teenagers and a million love affairs, stuff like that.
  2. Sounds like fun!
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