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  1. I'm always looking for more RP's and I've decided to put my ideas here rather than go hunting for them.

    About Me
    I can reply at least once a day but usually more, and I prefer my partner being quick with replies.
    I only RP male characters.
    I do like having sexual themes and violence in my RP's, no fading to black.
    Every post should move the plot on in some way, I don't like doing all the work.
    Make your characters interesting, don't just have them following mine around.

    (Can be MxM as well)

    Girl x Hallucination
    She's normal in every single way. She goes to school, has friends, makes jokes- but she has a secret that she's been hiding. She can see a boy that no one else can. Not only see him, but hear him, interact with him, talk to him, all but one thing. Escape him. She's grown up with him and grown feelings for him, but she has to get away from him before she does something really insane.

    Undercover Cop x Gangster/Criminal
    She's been assigned to the biggest case of her career. She trained for months, found her way in, and gained their trust. But will her mission be compromised when she starts having feelings for one of the men she's trying to take down? What about when he discovers her real identity?

    Bad boy x Girl he bullies
    It's stupid, confusing, and unethical, but it's true. She's fallen for her bully. Not only has he teased her since kindergarten, but he's even pushed her around a few times. She hates herself for it, but what she doesn't know is that he's starting to feel the same way.

    Dream boy x Girl
    It's been the same dream every night for a few months now. That beautiful, god-like face, the touch of his hands, his voice in her ear. She thought nothing of it until one day, she sees him again. But this time, she sees him in real life. Will she run away or explore this further?

    Imaginary Friend Come to Life
    A little old woman at a fair bringing your imaginary friend to life sounds ridiculous, right? Well, that's what she thought until it happened. Being an only child in a small town, of course she's invent her own friends to talk to. She knew he wasn't real, but desperately wished he was. Now that he is, what could happen?

    Abductee x Girl who finds him
    She was camping with a few of her friends when she found him lying face down in the water, butt naked. Concerned for his safety she pulled him out, only to discover that he couldn't remember a thing. Now she's helping him remember who he was and what happened before she found him.

    Teaching Him
    A boy shows up on the girl's doorstep, completely confused. He has no idea how any technology or social interaction works. She has to teach him.

    Don't be shy!
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  2. I'm interested in the Bad Boy x Girl he bullies
  3. Girl X Hallucination sounds absolutely amazing! Send me a PM?
  4. I'm interested in the Undercover Cop x Gangster/Criminal if you are free :)
  5. I'm interested in dream boy x girl
    Pm me :)
  6. i like Undercover Cop x Gangster/Criminal if your still looking pm me please if you want to rp :)
  7. If you're still looking for partners I'd be interest in the dream boy x girl , bad boy x girl he bullies, or teaching him!
  8. I'm interested in the Imaginary friend one, if your still looking! Let me know :)
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