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  1. Was just curious. What are the generators for?
  2. For FUN and PLEASURE. 8D


    We are hoping to build a nice homegrown collection of cool generators that roleplayers can use to entertain themselves, or as tools to help with inspiration, writer's block, ideas, etc. The ones we have up right now are for silly fun, but we have things planned like a "Sudden Event Generator" or "Setting Generator" or "Tavern Generator". Things like that, that could be handy.

    In fact you can join the group if you wanna help with ideas and future database making!

    We're currently working on Cosmic's Reality generator. >>
  3. Oh cool! 8D I just was confused. I found random generators and was like okay any reason there's just a maid master or butler generator? Lol. I might look into that tomarrow.