Generation Y: Why we are afraid.

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  1. I recently came across an article titled "Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy" and It go me thinking. I went digging around and came across another "This is Why the Baby Boomers Are the Worst Generation Ever". I also remembered a somewhat recent XKCD comic on money and the state of the world
    economy (It's a very detailed well researched chart on spending of governments and people in general using helpful comparisons of size so you can grasp the size of the numbers in play and how they compare.)

    On another forum I'm on the first article sparked a point of discussion on why Generation Y is unhappy, I countered with "No, we aren't unhappy we are afraid." and provided the long wall of text you see below in support.

    But I want some more perspectives, Is Generation Y unhappy? afraid? lazy? Do the boomers share blain in either point? Are we a worse generation than the boomers as some claim?

    Please try to provide references to you claims, most of mine can be obtained from analysis of the XKCD chart so take a look if you're skeptical.

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  2. Part of this makes me think of Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club" in reference to being told we have security, the buy more stuff and to keep on spending or that we're a special snowflake. But of course, much of that was part of a "self confidence" movement that swept public schools during the 80's and 90's, telling children (myself included in the 90's) that we can do anything and become anything. Though I know that's not the entire point of this article, I do feel it is a large variable in the mix. As for myself, I can't say I'm so much afraid or unhappy, I'm quite content. So far as I'm aware I'm one of the American's who still slips into the 'working middle class'. I help run a small contracting service for overall home maintenance and work in a four star restaurant.

    However, my parents on the other hand were and are babyboomers through-and-through. Born in '52 and '50. From the post above, I've gotta say much of that describes what I've learned from them over the years and what lessons they had to teach from both their own subjective experience and my own view from growing during a time where digital content was rapidly changing the world around my young mind. Though they too reigned from working class families such as farmers, salt miners and a few military men as I have molded into. I've heard about how life was back then and how terrible the recession of the '80's was before the wall came down and the cold war ended; but that was once again only a variable in the entire system created.

    When it comes to money however, I'm not particularly worried whether or not that is going to be the downfall of life as we know it; but rather, those who possess money when it becomes irrelevant will comes to the sudden realization money doesn't have much of a nutritional value. I say this, because now just about anyone with a backyard is free to practice agriculture on the smallest scale but be able to save themselves from the capitalist system in a small way while at the same time, setting an example. But instead, many of us have become lazy and are either becoming shallow nihilists, physically incapable or just plain dumb. The freeflow of information, though it keeps freedom to the masses has crippled the masses as well with repeated messages of what you should be, what you should do... so on and so forth. But I think I may be getting a bit off topic.

    In short, I'm just gonna leave a few quotes or videos from some rather inspirational people that I feel are relevant to this topic.


    "You can stick feathers in your butt, but it doesn't make you a chicken." - Friedrich Neitzsche
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