Generation names and myths

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  1. We have the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials and so on. They all speak of the sterotypes of the young 'uns, make sweeping generalizations and are usually kinda dumb.
    Now a new generation is emerging and will soon overshadow the millenials and "their obsessive love for selfies".

    What do you think the next generation will be named?
    What sweeping (most likely negative) ideas will they have about them?

    Bonus: If someone have already seen attempts, do link them.

    My guesses:
    The Digitals
    - a generation of online bullies
    - selfish (like every generation)
    - clickbaiters
    - spelling like shit

    Now, shoot: What are your ideas? (Keep it peaceful and in good humor)
  2. The Trollers XD
  3. The Memelords
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  4. Generation Safe space o_o
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  5. I like this. I know some people who always post memes. For everything.
  6. Generation Triggered or Generation Quit
  7. SJW >:[
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  8. I still say that USians at least should be using the name of the current president for the generations. So the next ones could be the Jonnsons, the Steins, the Clinton Twos, the Trumps... but not the Berns or the Cruzers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.