Generation Gleeks

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  1. You've always been in your own little world ever since you discovered your true talent, which was the talent of being the kid in the family who sits awkwardly next to your dog while your grandparents are bragging to your uncle and cousins over your brother or sisters success.

    Congratulations, you're no longer in 8th grade, it's time to grow up.

    Welcome to McKinley high.

    There's nothing to do here when you're nothing more than just another student at this high-school now that your siblings time here has expired. . . It's been 5 years since a single song had been sung in that dusty choir room, and it's time for it to be cleaned up a bit. Of course, you don't have to sing, you could even just smoke weed all day, and engage in activities with your best-friend. ​

    "Whoever you are here, you will always have a purpose."​

    If you're interested in joining the gg community, then I must ask for you to apply for a character that we have pre-made. . .

    When you have received your character, we will all join up on here.
  2. You did it
    Choosing from a list

    From the options:

    • bo
    • po
    • do
    • jo

    Random selection is: jo

  5. And now for a Ja'mie beauty break.


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