General topic Day 1 : World History

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  1. 1. - What time would you like to RP in and what twist would you give it.

    Example: Medieval Times In the Zombie Apocalypse ((The Walking Dead meets the Medieval historical time period)).
  2. I've always wanted to play something set in the classical world, only with a shrunken-down globe so that cultural interaction is easy and all sorts of different peoples can interact and visit each other in a matter of weeks instead of months.
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  3. I actually really like the zombie idea.

    I wouldn't mind rping in the time of the revolutionary war and throw in some random sci-fi technology that could destroy the world.
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  4. I've done steam-punk meets prehistoric in a time travel rp once.

    Also, that medieval meets zombie apoc idea is pretty cool. In fact, almost anything VS zombies is pretty cool.