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  1. I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread for the suggestions and ideas of any and all members, should such suggestions or ideas come up. 'em.
  2. Okay, I came up with an idea that shouldn't cause a painful, painful debate:
    I think there used to be some kind of forum or thread that helped newbies to RPing learn how it's done...or maybe a "what not to do in RPs" thread...and...yeah. I looked around and couldn't find anything of the sort. So...maybe there could be a forum for guides and questions, or just a guide-thread, kind of an "RPing for Dummies" type
  3. A fantastic idea and one that should come from the experience of several members. I'm sure if we get a few RP veterans together we can make a thread that is something like "RP'ing The Do's and Dont's."

    I'm up for it and anyone else should probably send me a pm so we can work together on this. No need to talk about the same subject twice. This also prevents us from working on such a nice explanation on a certain subject but someone else puts it down before you have it up.
  4. *raises hand*

    I'd like to make a suggestion. Three, actually.

    1. More focus on "DO"s than "DON'T"s. Most roleplay guides are very specific--some too specific--about what's frowned upon. Most are very vague about what SHOULD be done by comparison. And if they aren't, they usually oversimplify things.

    For instance, many place too much importance on the idea that "details=depth" over the idea that relevant details equal depth.

    Or they ignore that formula and stock character types aren't bad and that building a "complex" character isn't about avoiding them so much as mixing the basics well.

    My problem with this is that I think it helps cause a lack of posting. People recognize the stuff that everybody rails against, but it's not uncommon that many of us claim to lack good ideas or perceive our writing as worse than it is.

    I think people need to be reminded to draw from what inspires them. To look at what works just as often, if not more so, than they cringe at what they're told doesn't work.

    2.Acknowledging that there is a time and place for cutting lose and writing whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it's just too easy to slip into a constant "must prove I'm not stupid by not writing stupid things" mentality.

    3.Discussing situational issues like hijacking and godmoding. When is it okay?(MIA player? You're the GM?) When isn't it? What are preferable alternatives? (e.g. Collaborating through PMs and messanger discussions or just asking other players for permission.)

    When I first started roleplaying, I found it horribly confusing that everyone claimed to hate hijacking yet there were certain people who seemed to get away with it and be praised for it even. Of course, I understand now, and I'm actually conditionally pro-hijacking, but I think it would be convenient to address things like this realistically instead of pretending no one likes it and that no one ever gets away with it.

    Those are my three cent. ^_^
  5. Our ever elusive CoffeeBeanMaker is correct, there are too many different styles of how an individual writer will present their posts. As he suggested, doing articles based on Dos and not necessarily don'ts are far better than saying there is only one way of doing things.
  6. I'm working on a roleplay 101 Tutorial, which is just the bare bone basics of what roleplay is and how to get started. I think it'll cover most of the things people have mentioned here! Just getting swamped with holidays and real life obligations. *and procrastination. koff.*
  7. This is for the RP for dummies type thing. Yes that would be helpful knowing that I am a newbie at RPing. I just hope that it isn't very long just long enough because I always have a limmited time and I will still be on a tight schedule over my vacations, weekends, and my summer. Maybe afew days off but I don't know depends on if I get a job at all and start to LP *Let's play* things over the summer that I have off.
  8. Well a Roleplay 101 thing you can probably work on while Coffee and the rest fo us work on something a little more...OOC focused I guess. Basically it would be our Tips & Tricks manual for productive posting while yours would be a "How To" manual.

    I like the ideas of both and I'll try to get in contact with Coffee for some more details.
  9. I think Danana-chan should post it somewhere so that Feekun and Pironii can work on it with her. Then she won't have to worry about procrastination and all that. And Pironii and Feekun could do the same if they're working together.

    Maybe it's best to address the moderates and make special threads for the other two groups :)