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  1. I received an award from a college that pays for the entirety of my tuition! All that I need to pay for is housing if I go there! I worked really hard for this scholarship and feel quite accomplished by it. This seems like a great opportunity for me.
  2. Okay, I came up with an idea that shouldn't cause a painful, painful debate:
    I think there used to be some kind of forum or thread that helped newbies to RPing learn how it's done...or maybe a "what not to do in RPs" thread...and...yeah. I looked around and couldn't find anything of the sort. So...maybe there could be a forum for guides and questions, or just a guide-thread, kind of an "RPing for Dummies" type
  3. A fantastic idea and one that should come from the experience of several members. I'm sure if we get a few RP veterans together we can make a thread that is something like "RP'ing The Do's and Dont's."

    I'm up for it and anyone else should probably send me a pm so we can work together on this. No need to talk about the same subject twice. This also prevents us from working on such a nice explanation on a certain subject but someone else puts it down before you have it up.
  4. who are you
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  6. This is for the RP for dummies type thing. Yes that would be helpful knowing that I am a newbie at RPing. I just hope that it isn't very long just long enough because I always have a limmited time and I will still be on a tight schedule over my vacations, weekends, and my summer. Maybe afew days off but I don't know depends on if I get a job at all and start to LP *Let's play* things over the summer that I have off.
  7. Yes. Though I was thinking more of one of the Knights of The Round Table, but that may be too deeply rooted in fiction. I wasn't proposing OCs as that would require extensive attention to detail on their life and time period. Also their contributions to make them eligible of being a Drifter/End.
  8. I think Danana-chan should post it somewhere so that Feekun and Pironii can work on it with her. Then she won't have to worry about procrastination and all that. And Pironii and Feekun could do the same if they're working together.

    Maybe it's best to address the moderates and make special threads for the other two groups :)