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    As it's been a year since I last roleplayed and I finally have time on my hands, I've been
    dying to get back into it. My other creative outlets just aren't doing it for me like roleplaying
    did. I don't have any plots in mind quite yet, but I'm quick to come up with one if prompted by
    an idea. If you have any plots you've been wanting to try, please suggest them!

    The only thing I ask is that my partner be at least eighteen years old, and they do not place
    romance as a main focus. It can definitely be in there; I just don't want it to be all about
    a forbidden love or be like Prince Charming trying to find the woman with the right shoe size
    since he's apparently terrible at remembering a face he stared at for like two hours.

    I am also definitely up for world building and the things that come along with it. If we do agree
    that we actually are doing the roleplay, then I am willing to share my Skype for plotting
    and even just simple chatting. Please message me if you'd like to roleplay!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.