General Planning Thread

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  1. This is the planning thread where we can plan a modern roleplay:

    I don't have any ideas at the moment, so please help me brainstorm!
  2. I'm trying to think up some ideas but I've got none. Maybe a Highschool vacation trip or a Beach House setting. Or, it could be something like Big Brother? Bunch of celebrities thrown in a house together, except minus the voting. Boarding school, Family role play, or just a general modern role play about a small town? That could consist of school, family, little events etc. :P
    I'm all out of ideas now.
  3. How about the boarding school one? It is a very selective school, and only a few people each year are selected from the waiting list to enroll .
  4. Sounds great :) are we talking academically suitable, or rich-kid school? Haha.
  5. Little bit of both :) We could all play the students who have all sorts of complicated relationships
  6. That sounds fun. So we'd create a few relationships before we actually begin he role play? I always love starting like that, instead of everyone just being new and introducing themselves. :P
  7. Yeah - how about this character sheet:

    Age: (17 or 18)
    Looks: (description not a picture)
  8. The sheet looks fine to me. :) I think I'm going to be doubling in this one too. ^^
  9. I'll see if I can get others interested in it, and then we can start filling out our character sheets
  10. Okay :) can't wait!s
  11. Can you see if you can persuade either Diana, or Joel Gailson to join the roleplay?
  12. I'm not familiar with them, but I will send them a pm each when i get back. i'm just nipping for a brew and then I have to be in work. It's been nice roleplaying/speaking with you, I'll send some pms tonight! :)
  13. No problem - and thanks :)
  14. I got no message =|
  15. You get me and mister Vay there. 8D I'll be playing a girl that got preggo under terrible circumstances and he'll be playing my exboyfriend that thinks she cheated on him! Dramalicious.

    This is your punishment for getting us both in the same roleplay .>:]
  16. Perfect! (sounds a bit like Glee - I love Glee!)

    Can everyone fill out their character sheets? I'll fill mine out when everyone else has done theirs.
  17. Name: Leo "Lee" Ricci
    Age: (17 or 18)
    Looks: Despite his father being of Italian descent Leo, or Lee as most know him as strongly resembles his mother, who is full-blooded Chinese. With mongolian eyes and rounded features the only clue that hes not full blooded chinese is his roaman nose. He keeps his strait black hair short at all times and wears glasses not because he needs to but because he likes them. He used to be slightly on a the chubby side but recent events have caused his to loose weight as a worrying rate giving him a slim appearance. He stands at 5'5" and weighs around 125 pounds.
    Personality: Lee is the last person you's suspect of being responsible. He was once awarded 'laziest person in existence award' by his friends as a joke but he secretly is. Hes in the art club and likes to draw, mainly anime-inspired characters or ones inspired by western comics that would make people turn around and blush. He also enjoys cooking and has been cause several recipes by his mother and still more he has garnered from the internet.

    Recently however hes stopped enjoying cooking as much and been skipping club meetings. Hes been in a fight (and lost) more than once and hes finding it hard to focus on and find enjoyment in many of the things to used to.

    Boyfriend/Girlfriend:[DIANA'S CHARACTER NAME PENDING]'S EX
  18. Sweet profile :) We just need to wait for the rest of them to do theirs, and then I'll do mine.