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  1. Hey, how's it hanging. Right now I am searching for something a bit more on the explicit side. I am not talking porn without plot, just something steamy dealing with more adult themes and some kinks. I only role play via pm and only in third person. I am pretty adaptable in terms of length and style as well, being able to write anywhere from one to five paragraphs. I would prefer it if you were at least intermediate however.

    Magical girls, either dark or the more traditional bubbly color coded sentai team.
    Girl on girl or guy on guy
    Dominate girls on submissive guys (possibly even pegging?)
    Religious themes (NUNS!)
    Pregnancy, possibly even male pregnancy if you pitch it to me the right way
    Possibly futanari
    Demons and angels
    Monster girls/guys
    Ladies in waiting
    Friendship that blossoms into love
    Age difference (No characters under 18)

    Pairings (open to suggestion)
    Demon x Nun/Priestess/Priest
    Angel x Nun/Priestess/Priest
    Demon x Angel
    Lady of the Court x Lady of the Court
    Married woman/man x Married woman/man
    Married woman/man x Young concubine
    Monster girl/guy x Magical girl/boy
    Demon x Magical girl/boy
    Monster girl/guy x monster girl/guy
    Teacher x Apprentice
  2. Your Futa demon to my female nun?
  3. (;*△*;) Is... is it possible? Dominate -and- monster girls? Take me away on bubble gum pink wings to paradise, my magical girl angel~!
  4. I'm interested in quite a few of your ideas! I'd love to talk and write together, pm me if you're still looking.
  5. PM to be sent promptly, keep them rolling! I'm always open to new partner requests.
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  6. I've got a couple magical "boys" who're my current muse and could happy set that as a teacher/apprentice pairing if it sounds like something you'd like to do. Let me know? =3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.