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  1. Okay, so I'm up for any type of roleplay. Request a plot and I might add it to my added list. With my Oc-ish characters you can request romance of yaoi or yuri nature or normal, horror, fantasy, smutt or lemon, experimentation, sceince-fantasy, cyber-goth, anything pretty much.

    My OC-ish characters.

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    The fandoms I love.
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    Dr. Greyman.
    Descendants of Darkness.
    Blood+ or Blood C
    Fairy Tail.
    How to train your dragon 1 & 2
    Guardians of childhood.
    Soul eater.
    Final Fantasy.
    Odin Sphere.
    Anything Norse mythology.
    Tales series(LOVE THEM ALL!)

    The fandoms I will do.
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    Code Geass.

    The fandoms I absolutely will not do.
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    Attack on Titan.
    Prince of tennis.
    Death Note.
    One piece.

    Wanna suggest something? Don't hesitate. The worst I could say is no.

    The only request I have.

    Spell out your words please, unless we are out of character.
    Be my friend, or at least try to get along with me. I can understand if we have clashing personalities. But if your rude irl I'll toss you like a bad habit.
    It honestly doesn't matter how much you give me post length wise. If your bland and descriptive with your wording you'll likely bore me fast.
    I'm not a bad person. I'll give you chances and tell you if you do bad.
  2. I'd be willing to do a Drakengard roleplay if you're up for that - as long as I'm Caim, cos I worship him :P
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