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  1. Hey~

    Elphame here! So, this is my roleplay request area. I'll come every once in a while if I'm open to new partners, which won't be for a while until the last few months of summer. Anyway, I'm currently only searching for one partner. One partner.

    16+ Only, Advanced or Higher Only

    I feel inclined to express my personal preferences and those above are the two main ones. I will only roleplay libertine with people who are my age or a year older. It's my comfort zone. Advanced writing level is required, but with that in mind, I expect you to have some adept writing skill to you as well. To sum it all together, here are my quick and easy-to-read guidelines.


    1.) Write little to no fluff in your posts.

    2.) High reading comprehension is expected.

    3.) Be descriptive. Use descriptive imagery and sensory details to describe a scene, etc.

    4.) Let me see a sample of your writing before anything becomes official.

    5.) Take an active role. Push the plot forward.

    6.) Collaborate with me and help expand world lore, if need be.

    7.) Be willing to play either male or female. If you only play one or the other, I suggest you turn away from here.

    8.) Be willing and capable of creating and/or controlling minor player characters.

    9.) Grammar and spelling mistakes should be little to none. I don't want to see the obvious.

    10.) Be confident in your writing ability and show genuine interest if something catches your eye. I need someone to fangirl with.

    11.) A grasp of complex themes is expected of you.

    12.) Three paragraphs or more of varied sentence structure.

    13.) Be able to carry out full scenes. If a scene ends, it ends. It doesn't carry on until the next day.

    14.) Be comfortable with all of the content ratings and sexual content I've listed down as possible for any libertine roleplay I do.

    15.) Be adventurous and open-minded. I don't want to stick to vanilla sex and light bondage all the time! Are there some fetishes, sex positions, and/or sexual content that you've been dying to try out? Let me know!

    16.) Adhere to setting and flesh out characters beforehand. Do not create mary sues!

    17.) No god-modding, auto-hitting, or meta-gaming.

    18.) I absolutely despise outright controlling a person's character. I ask for the same courtesy from my partners.

    19.) Check out my roleplay resume and libertine resume. If you ask whether I prefer one or the other, I will tell you to check out my roleplay resume, no questions asked.

    20.) Regarding the writing of actual sex scenes, please portray it anatomically correct and don't be overly descriptive and don't overdo the explicit euphemisms. I don't want to see the word nipple and/or cock every other sentence. Give it some feeling and don't forget to express emotions alongside the actions!

    Plots and Pairings

    Here's a small, general key of what some of these pairings may contain in their world. I will let you know of the mature content I plan to be displayed in each, as well as the general content and overall theme, before we begin discussing further.

    World Expansion = +
    Specific Role = *
    Bolded Role = Preferred Role
    [ insert text here ] = Denotes craving
    Plot Summary and/or Bunny = •

    Demon x Hybrid = + *•

    Human x Vampire = *•

    [ Babysitter x Rich CEO = *• ]

    Dance Instructor x Dancer =•

    Human x Werewolf =*•

    Pirate x Prince = +*•


    - Dark Fantasy set in the Dark Ages

    - Gothic Horror set in Victorian Era with Vampires and Werewolves

    - Cinderella Inspired Fairy Tale Dark Fantasy

    - Dark Fantasy inspired by Snow White & The Huntsman during Chinese Dynasty
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  2. Seeking six partners to fill all of these requests, one person to each, or current partners to help fill these requests. OOC would be here, if not on email. The actual roleplay will be over email because I have enough roleplay on here and it will be easier to manage the rest through an email.
  3. Seeking six partners and/or current partners. Cool with doing FxF though I prefer MxF for all these pairings. Just tell me which you're interested in and I'll see what I can do. If FxF the sex MUST develop naturally. If there isn't sex 21 pages in, oh well. It may or may not come within due time. but I'm cool with FxF. Again, OOC/Plot discussion here, actual rps on email.
  4. Anyone interested at all?
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