General Discussion Topic Starting Tips

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  1. DISCUSSION TOPICS in our non roleplay sections give members a way to interact with each other outside of the roleplay areas. They also get a few minutes of entertainment and a chance to share their opinions. The best part is that it keeps members ON Iwaku and not scooting off to other sites while they're waiting for replies to their roleplay posts. ;)

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    - Board Games
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    - Roleplay Institute
    - Guild of Worldbuilding


    - Start with topics you yourself are interested in. Don't worry whether or not people will reply. There's almost always at least one person who shares the interest, and they might waiting for a chance to talk about it!

    - The more specific the topic, the better. You have a chance to create more topics that way. For example: "What movie you like" is too general. You could ask "What HORROR movies do you like?" instead. You could even get more specific. "What is your favorite psychological thriller?"

    - It's OKAY to repost old topics. We get new members all the time and they would like a chance to reply to topics! A good habit is to wait at least two months before posting the topic again.

    - No topic is a stupid or frivolous topic. All topics give members a chance to talk to each other and interact on Iwaku, even if the topic is goofy.

    - When creating a topic, don't forget to share YOUR opinion/experiences also!

    Not everyone is good with thinking up topic ideas, and some of us make more topic ideas than we can post ourselves. (We don't want to see 20 new topics all posted by Rory, after all.) When you have extra topic ideas POST THEM IN THIS THREAD and let other members grab them to post! :D

    TOPIC EXAMPLES: (Feel free to grab these too!)
    - How many kids would you like to have?
    - Your favorite books when you were a kid.
    - Favorite valentine candies.
    - What's your opinion on age requirements in government?