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  1. Just recommendations in general. I'd love if there was an e-format, be it on iBooks or the kindle. Just know for a fact I'm broke so it'd be best to recommend me books that are free in e-books. You can also recommend books that aren't in e-format- I just prefer the other way since it's easier. I just really, really need to start reading again. My grammar is seriously failing me. After two years of Japanese, and during those years, I thought that the reason I was starting to question my spelling, grammar, and pronunciation was because of my Japanese classes. I knew my pronunciation in English had changed a little because of it, but now, a year after those two years, not studying Japanese AT ALL, I've noticed my grammar has suddenly begun to decline (Did I even say that correctly?) and I'm questioning my spelling even more now. So, books, books, books!! I don't wanna be Japanese!! TT^TT
  2. Heyo :D! Check out The Ultimate E-book Library


    It's got a ton of books in epub format. Just head to the search bar and type down a book title ^^
  3. Thanks; I'm not sure how this is a book recommendation but I suppose it's something. Do you usually go there often to read e-books? Are the books free of charge? Is the website safe?
  4. There are tons of sites that list free e-books daily from Amazon, they also list when prices drop on some of the more popular books. But if you don't mind sifting through books in search of something you like Amazon has the Amazon Unlimited thing for $9.99 a month, it's kind of like a very limited ebook library. Most of the books are from authors that are trying to get their name out, and aren't exactly popular, but you can find a gem here and there among the rubbish.

    You can also check out your local library. I know my library has their own ebook thing where you can check out ebooks for a certain amount of time, and after that time you can no longer read them.
  5. Yep, I get most of my ebooks from that site ^^! It's reliable and everything is free of charge.

    I don't think there are any viruses OwO I've never caught anything, but I'm not an expert.

    As for recommendations, I Was Told There'd be Cake is pretty funny. It's a compilation of essays though.

    Hmm, there's also The God of Small Things <3.
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  6. @Nydanna Thanks for letting me know, but as I said, I'm broke. I'm not really looking for e-book website recommendations, but more of your general book recommendations that may (preferred) or may not be available in e-book format (preferably kindle or iBooks) and hopefully, if possible, free of charge. As for the local library aspect, that I can't do. Too much is going on in my life to just ask my Dad to drive me over there, haha! Thanks for the information, though!
  7. Do what I do!

    Pirate the book and buy it when you have money to support your favorite author.

    Totally legal as long as you own it.
  8. In case you weren't already aware of its existence, Project Gutenberg is pretty great. It's all books that are public domain, so mainly older books, which is not at all a negative if you're into reading the classics.

    After a quick look at the most popular downloads there, I'd recommend Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, both The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, and A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.
    Fun fact: that argument wouldn't stand up in court. Piracy is piracy as far as the law is concerned, doesn't matter whether you own a physical copy or not. This is why things that come with free digital copies along with the physical copies (movies do it the most from what I've seen) are supposed to be a nice extra incentive to buy the thing, because it actually isn't legal to pirate a digital copy. Even if that was the case, if you pirated it before you purchased the physical copy then it would still be illegal piracy.

    You should only ever use this argument to try to justify it morally or ethically, not legally. :P
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