GeneNoir, a Sandbox tale

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  1. This would be a sandbox set in a city and its immediate surrounding, player characters starting as young adult breathing their first lungful of filtered air as they are let out of their Fledgling Pods, egg shaped and human sized contraptions into which liquids and medicines are injected into the pod's inhabitant, the later starting as genetically engineered fetus and ending as a young adult. The period in the Pod would be the character Generation process, in which, though everyone will only have one player character, they will have a great amount of customization available to them during the period, the other choice being to leave things up to fate to choose. While we all will have the option of NPCs controls, the Main Character should always be the focus.

    The second phase would be the Final Examination and Registration Process, or, in simpler words the tutorial where you, players, will all learn what the world is about and what you can and cannot do with your character. The naming of each character along with the giving of basic equipment and credits will also happen at the end of this phase.

    The third and final phase is up to you, as it is a sandbox roleplay. Do you want to become a humble dinner waiter? What about becoming the CEO of a top notch robotic company? That is all up to you... and your luck and skill, of course!

    I'm looking for a medium sized group, with batches of four people being introduced into the world at a time. The whole thing will be a mix between a sci-fi MUD or a graphic-less video game and a standard sandbox rp and will have hurdles that can only be removed with the proper amount of credit or skill level and vanquished with wits and creativity. Each character will have an individual number they will use to identify themselves and a choice of lodgings they will need to heal from fatigue or wounds, the quality of said lodging depending on the quality of the regeneration.

    That's it for now, is anybody up for it?
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  2. Sounds good, count me in for it.
  3. Interesting.
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