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Looking to try out something new in my roleplaying. I want to write someone from one of the following in the title as I haven't written many characters of that nature.

Don't really have much as far as plots go but I'm open to creating one or modifying what I have below.
(all plots involve romance, sex and my character will be biologically male)

Basic- My character frequents a location where your character is (could be a job or a location they enjoy) and different days comes in dressed differently. Your character has an interest in both of these people not realizing it's the same person. They work up the nerve to ask the other and soon discover this. Then they debate how they feel on the matter.

Model- A lack of male modeling jobs and a deep interest in female fashion leads one to try his hand at cross dressing. Likes it and feels very comfortable in the clothes. Meets a wonderful photographer and has interest in him/her. The cross dresser signs a contract with the photographers company and has to debate with revealing his biological sex. It comes with both career consequences and romantic ones, but fears he could be outed by others anyway.

School- A teenager (18) makes the decision to dress as a female at the start of his senior year in high school. (you determine if your character is his current bf/gf, a bully, a teacher or forms a new relationship with an understanding person)

Please reply or message me if interested in roleplaying.
Thanks ^_^
Not open for further replies.