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    Welcome to the official OOC of the upcoming roleplay GenderBend! If you're around here it's because you're kind of interested or just passing by to have a peek at the new stuff on Iwaku. Glad to see you here, then! Now, let's go straight to the case and if you have any questions or just want to say something, you can leave them all in the Comment section.

    • A not so ordinary romantic comedy story is about to unfold among a group of teenagers that assist the Ryoo High School. Even when they belong to the same school and same class group, they have a feud between each other and nobody knows why. These 8 teenagers are separated into two different clubs: the boys on the Music Club and the girls on the Art Club. They're always competing to see which club is the best. Due to these kinds of childish behaviors, there are rumors circulating around the school about them. One said that they act like that because the members may be attracted to each other, but are way too shy to accept it or even confess it. After all, opposites attract.

      One day, a mischievous entity named Perseus, the God of Laughs, decided to play around with the group of teenagers just for fun and entertain himself after been so bored. What did he do? He swapped their bodies! What the high schoolers didn't know was that Perseus have some hidden intentions with this little mishap. And so, the story of this catastrophic romantic comedy begins...

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      Yes, yes, I know this is the part that most of you hate, but come on, without rules, every roleplay will get really fucked up, okay? Anyways, they aren't that many and most of them you already know it, so please, read them all.
      OOC Rules
      1. No drama around here, alright? That's something that's only allowed in the IC. We're here to have a blast and a lot of fun. So, if you have any disagreement or feel that somebody crossed the line, PM me and I'll help right away. If it's something serious, I'll be more than glad to inform one of the Staff members.

      2. Please, avoid posting too many pictures in here and if you do, DON'T BRING SOMETHING THAT'S WAY TOO BIG. Some people around here may be online on their mobiles and that will be a pain in the ass for them.

      3. All the conversations, questions, doubts and whatever goes here. The Sign Ups thread is only for the Character Profiles. Remember this, okay?
      IC Rules
      1. Keep your post above 2 paragraphs, although the more the merrier. Yes, I also believe in that saying "Quality before Quantity", but I want to see more about your character development and a single paragraph won't be enough. If you post less than 2, you'll be warned.

      2. Only 1 character per roleplayer.

      3. No OOC talk inside the IC. Keep that in the real OOC.

      4. You can swear all you want, no need to censor your words. Still, don't abuse from that and respect everyone. In other words, avoid been a dick.

      5. The least allowed posting expectation is Intermediate. That means your posts needs to be at least two paragraphs. Remember to start with a capital letter and end with a period (you're not in kindergarten, so I'm expecting you know the basics of punctuation and grammar). Nobody's perfect and I know that from experience, so I'm not telling you to be like some kind of professional writer. Just make sure that what your writing can be understandable without the need of a translator. Txt chat, m8? NOPE. Just don't do it.

      6. I give you the freedom to post on the IC once a week (if you can post more than once, that'll be awesome!). If you go for more than a week without posting or inform me beforehand, I'll PM you to check what's going on. If you don't reply that within 3 days, I will assume something happened to you or you simply dropped out, so I'll take control over your character or assign that spot to somebody else.

      7. Remember to follow the posting order and be sure to check the OOC if the cycle changed.

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      The story is going to be starring by 8 teenagers (4 girls and 4 boys) that assist the Ryoo High School. They're split into two clubs (the boys on belonging to the Music Club and the girls to the Art Club). By one or another reason, these teens don't get along quite well, maybe for they differences or because of a really unpleasant encounter (this is something you guys decide). As the story progress, everybody ends up been friends, but it's up to you if it's "more than friends".

    • [​IMG]
      The roleplay is focused on the interactions of each character of the story and how they handle the bodies switch. They're going to be moments where the characters will argue due to their differences and more drama stuff that's going to spice up the roleplay (this includes funny moments as well). The final goal is to befriend all the characters, but it's up to you if you choose to be more than friends with someone of the opposite sex.

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      Being 8 protagonists, the main objective is to create 4 couples (again, this is up to you, guys). At the beginning, none of the girls will tag along with the boys and vice-versa, for some reason or another. However, each of the boys has a specific girl that they simply detest. For example, "Brian don't like anyone from the Art Club, but Melissa is the one he detests the most because..." This same thing applies to the girls as well.

      Now, that specific person a character hates is the one he or she will swap bodies thanks to Perseus. According to him, this may be the only way they can solve their differences and maybe end up falling in love at the end. The couples can be decided in two ways: by everyone planning it right here on the OOC or by throwing a 4 faced dice and let the numbers decide the couples.

    • [​IMG]
      So that there's order in the roleplay and avoid complete chaos, they're going to be posting rounds, which could change depending on the current situation in the roleplay.

      Also, the story will be split into chapters, starting with the Prologue, on which every character needs to introduce himself while on GenderBender! (this depends on the GM post). For now, I don't have an exact number of chapters, but I'll tell everyone once we reach the final ones.

    • [​IMG]
      As expected and kind of obvious, my interaction on the roleplay will be partial. This means that my posts will be every so often. I'll let you know in the OOC when I'm going to make a post in the IC beforehand. That way, I'll avoid interrupting the roleplay course. I'll be roleplaying as Perseus, the God of Laugh and as the GM. Make sure to always read them because they're important to follow the roleplay's lead.

    Well, that's all you all need to know for now. If you have any questions, doubts or anything, don't hesitate to ask or leave something in the comments section. I don't bite.

    Sign-Ups Thread (Closed)
    IC Thread

    Current Posting Order:
    1. Mai Yoon
    2. Yuki Furukawa
    3. Nadia Silverfang
    4. Alejandro Reyes
    5. Siv Gates
    6. Snowe Swarovski
    7. Ivanna Bel Trinity
    8. Matsuro Merrick
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  3. Good to know! The Sign-Ups thread is available now. Only 2 Female spots left and 3 Male spots.
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