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    (Silver Fang's Pack House)

    Anise went to the river late at night. It was a bit of a ritual for her, especially when she couldn't sleep, to wake up, and head to the river in wolf form. Tonight was no different, and tomorrow morning she'd most likely be groaning for the other pack members to let her sleep just ten extra minutes, but it was worth it. She loved the way the forest looked in the dark, from the eerie moans of the trees, to the luminescent glow of the river. It put Anise at peace. She was in the river, swiping her paw at some fish absentmindedly after just having taken a quick run. The moon was still high in the sky when Anise decided to head in. She thought she had heard a noise from the bushes, but she ignored it, passing it off as some squirrel or rabbit.

    By the morning, Anise was laying face-down in her bed, her long, white hair in a frizzy mess, ignoring the yells in her room for her to wake up. "It's too early! No! I don't want to get up! I'll be up later!" She whined. The morning was her most vulnerable time- the only time where her calm, mature demeanor was down, replaced by a sleepy teenager.
  2. Late last night Caleb had been near the river, spying on the Silver Fangs, in his wolf form. Caleb knew he wouldn't be too tired in the morning, because he'd been napping all afternoon. In fact it was because of his napping he'd became too energetic when he should have been asleep, so to pass the time Caleb wanted to do something exciting, or helpful. He decided on spying on the Silver Fang pack, because he was sick of those silly girls being in the forest that rightfully belonged to the Black Fangs. After sneaking through the bushes a while he finally had gotten lucky and found somebody. It had been Anise, the Silver Fang leader, swiping at some fish in the river. This was the sixth time he'd seen her by the river this late at night. Caleb had wanted to take on Anise in a fight while she was tired and unsuspecting, yet Caleb knew his pack probably wouldn't like that. So before the temptation to fight overcame him, he withdrew back to the Black Fang camp.

    The next day Caleb woke up bouncing in his human form, ready to take on the morning. Mornings were his favorite time of day, as everything was fresh in the morning, and he could look forward to sleeping in the afternoon afterwards. Flicking back his thick black hair, Caleb went to wake up his friends. "Rise and shine~! It is a beautiful morning!" Caleb called out, probably a lot early than his pack desired.
  3. Luna, not the most comfortable while sleeping, decided to lie in the woods and look out at the river. She saw Anise there as well, but also another figure in the distance. Luna was about to warn her about this figure, fearing that it was a Black Fangs member, but that would alert everyone. She instead kept her eyes on him, certain it was a werewolf now.
  4. As usual Auctor had gotten up and headed out to train before the sun came up. He had about an hours walk ahead of him but it was worth it, the area where he trained was far enough away from both packs that it would never be found, unless he was followed. As he walked he had to pass the Silver Fangs area and today he didn't feel like going around it. The Alpha wasn't a morning person anyways so he would be fine. As he walked past he could hear the others trying to get her up and the alpha trying to shoo them away. He would have chuckled to himself a little if he wasn't trying to be quite.

    Sometimes he feels he should find a new training area for himself but he was there much longer than anyone else. He had the right to this area and no other spot was as great as this one. He would know from all the times he had explored the entire forest. He continued to walk silently down an old dear trail that was now covered over and lost to time. The sun was just starting to peek through the trees and he watched as it created beams of light around him. He had to stop just to admire the beauty of his forest. He sighed.
  5. Diana continued to knock on Anise's door. She could tell their Alpha had been up most of the night again. These mornings were always the worst, because the young woman suddenly became a whiny child. "Anise, it is time to wake up. It's almost eleven and I thought you wanted to be up early this morning." Diana's voice remained calmed as she projected it loudy through the door. "I made breakfast and if you don't hurry I am sure one of the others girls will finish it."

    She waited a few minutes longer, listening to the grumblings and complaints from inside. Satisfied she walked down the stairs to see what other things needed to be done. One of the things Diana cherished more than music or running as a wolf, was a tidy home.
  6. Alex was up most of the night, again. he walked through the woods thinking about random things, such as ,' i wonder how many trees are in the woods...' and 'when can i eat next'. and then he got bored and tried to sleep some more, which amounted to a resounding failure. he kept thinking about his childhood. which he hated but for some reason couldnt stop thinking about. this time he got out his music player and ear-buds and listened to loud music while clmibing trees and jumping from tree to tree. in the end he fell asleep in a tree by the Black Fangs pack house.

    It was Calebs singing that woke him up, making him fall out of his tree landing hard on the ground. "Go back to sleep Caleb!!" he was not a morning person. BY any definition of the word. "Some of us are actually sensible people!" he didnt hate Caleb, just the fact that he always woke up so goddamn early!<script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  7. Luna, who had waken up earlier and eaten her fill, decided to help the cause of getting Anise up. "A lost cause," She thought humorously. Luna walked over to the Alpha's cabin and in a sing-song voice said, "♪♫Oh Aniiiiiiiseeeee! Time to get uuuuup!♪♫" She then went back to the river to make sure no more male wolves were spying, and to get a little alone time. "FISHY!" She suddenly exclaimed. "I WANT THAT FISHY!" Luna grabbed it, played with it for a moment, and threw it back in. "What's life without a little childish innocence, hmm?"
  8. Anise sighed, getting up out of her bed. "Save my plate!" She yelled down to Diana, slowly shuffling to her bathroom to shower and dress. It only took a few more minutes before she was downstairs, dressed in blue jeans and a plain black tee, with a pair of black converse. She sighed as she pulled her hair over her shoulder. "What would I do without you Di?" She teased, grabbing her plate from the stove on the kitchen. She sat down at the table, starved, all-too ready to dig in to her late breakfast. "Oh, today- we're going for a run and doing training. Nothing too heavy- Although we could stand to go into town for groceries. We might just take the car and go after training." Anise announced between bites.
    "I caught some fresh trails on the other side of the house yesterday. Did I tell one of you guys to look into that? And where is Luna?" She asked, glancing around the table.
  9. Alex, having being woken up by Calebs crude morning singing, decide to take to the trees and spy on the Silver Fangs. He didnt know why his pack hated this pack (he thought they seemed like decent people) but he was ready to support their endeavors by spying on the Silver Fangs as much as possible. he heard them talking about breakfast and heard his stomach grumble. he could smell the food. he was now officially starving, but he kept spying to see what they were doing today. plus he had nothing else to do and didnt want to wake the rest of his pack up by making a racket in the kitchen.<script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  10. Luna, still near the river, felt her ears perk up as she heard a very slight rustling across the river in the trees. "No," Luna said out loud. "I don't want to fight at the moment... Why can't we all just get along?? Really?" She backed away and looked into the forest, trying to see what, or who, made the noise. She could barely see a figure in the distance yet again, but this one seemed different, and had certainly heard her babbling. "I'm peaceful! Don't hurt me please! I just wanted to see the fish!" Luna kept her eyes on the figure, for her own safety.
  11. Auctor sighed a second time then continued he journey. He looked around as he walked and listened to the birds singing and the slight breeze rustling the leaves. It didn't take long before he got to his special area, only for himself. He immediately began to train, starting with pull ups on a branch of a tree, curl ups with a rock on his chest, and ending his light warm up with a 10 minute full out sprint. He moved onto the more important training now. He started to pick up large rocks and place them around the same area. After he had about 10 of them he started to slowly smash them with his foot. It took about ten well placed kicks each, but it wasn't about form, or strength. He was conditioning his legs and feet so they would feel as little pain as possible. He then repeated his warm up again and then gave himself a break by resting in the shallow pond. He looked up at the sun seeing it was about 11 or 12. He frowned knowing he would have to return soon.
  12. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>Alex had heard the girl by the river talking to herself about the fish. he also ignored her voice from the river bank choosing stealth over conversation, no matter how much he wanted to talk to one of them he couldnt due to loyalty to his pack. he continued to spy on the other pack waiting to see if they did anything special. he really hoped he could go back soon so he could eat. his stomach was now grumbling so loud that he was afraid he would get noticed.
  13. Luna changed into human form and looked up at the tree. She spoke again, saying "You don't have to talk to me so... Thanks for not killing me, Black Fangs member! As far as I'm concerned, we're not doing anything interesting, but if you want to spy, I won't say anything." What was she doing? Members of the Black Fangs were rumored to be ruthless against her own pack, but why not? It's all he knows, but why? What happened to cause this rivalry? Their species will die out eventually without proper mates. "Oh, well" Luna thought. "An absurd matter of thinking if I do say so myself." She then walked back to "camp" to see if zombie-alpha was up yet.
  14. Alex couldnt bare the temptation to talk to this female any longer. he hung upside down on a branch that was right in front of the girl. "ok, lets get one thing straight, im not spying "he knew that it was a bad attempt at making her opinion change, adn would probably end up solidifying her opinion even more so "i was just taking a morning stroll through the trees.." his stomach grumbled again "umm....i guess im hungry" his cheeks flushed more red than an overripe tomato
  15. Luna turned around to face the male again. "Wow," She giggled. "Not he best liar, are you? I understand, loyal to the pack and blah blah blah. I really don't mind spying anyways. No harm done at the moment. Here, have a fish." Luna took one of the fish she left on the edge of the river and tossed it across. "Protein, no? The name's Luna, and you?" Wow. If the others were here, she'd be in some serious trouble, to say the least!
  16. Alex went to catch with his hands, making him fall from the branch, but he held up his now fishy hand up triumphantly "i caught it!" he than sat up and began to eat the fish " i'm Zac. see i knew you guys were decent people! i still cant for the life of me figure out why we're fighting..." he said between mouthfulls of fish and in an instant the fish was just bones and a head "do you know? i would really like to know!"
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    Jacov was resting quietly in the den area of the Black Fang home. In his large rough hands was a small pocketbook,which while he was stretched out lazily he read until he noticed that no one was around. He got up and made his way around the house wondering where his packmates were. Jacov went to the pool, to each of their rooms and even the large bar/entertainment center in the basement. No one was around.

    "Eh. Why is everyone so active?" Jacov complained to himself ending with a loud yawn. Stretching his arms, he strode over to the kitchen as he decided to make everyone lunch before they got home. He was use to being the parent figure in their pack so he had learned how to cook with ease, he really didn't mind the cooking and all that jazz so it was quite normal for him to make the group meals.

    In about an two hours, Jacov had managed to whip up steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans and set everything on the table accordingly. He stood back and looked at his work proudly.

    "Now time to get everyone here." Jacov sighed before making his way out to the pool which led to the pathway that his pack would usually take to enter the forest.

    He backed up slowly, then he broke off sprinting as if a gun had just been shot in the air. A ledge approached and as he jumped his body transformed into his sandy wolf form, and he landed hard on his four legs with a cloud of dust but continued his strong sprint as a wolf already tracking his pack members when his enhanced smell.
  18. Luna was excited to meet a Black Fangs member who didn't want to bite her head off. "Nice to meet you, Zac. I really don't know what could have started all of this, I've never really thought about it... We should ask the Alphas later. Wow. You really were hungry. You should practice catching those things, it's actually pretty difficult. Well, Ani-er- The Alpha will kill me if I'm gone much longer, so see you later then?" Luna couldn't stop herself from blushing a little, he was around her age and.... No. It's not possible. No thoughts like that again. She began the walk home, planning to ask Anise about the war's beginnings.
  19. When Anise had finished breakfast, Luna still hadn't returned. "Everyone go get in the car. I'll be back in a minute." She said, deciding to go off and get Luna. Going behind a secluded tree near the house, she shredded her clothes, easily shifting into her wolf form. Her white fur was awful with blending in during the fall seasons- but hopefully Anise was just off playing with the squirrels or something. Anise followed her trail, although it wasn't as fresh. 'What on earth is this girl doing?' she thought, rolling her eyes as she quickly moved, following her packmate's scent towards the river.
  20. Alex wanted to talk to the girl more but said his farewells and started to walk away, making a mental note to talk to a different member of her pack. he hoped that she didnt get found out and that she wouldnt get in trouble for talking to him. he sighed and headed back to the pack house for dinner(im not going to be on until tomorrow)<script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>