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    There's war in the forest of Valeridge. A werewolf pack war. One a pack of all girls, the other a pack of all guys. They both have claimed the land for themselves, for now choosing to keep territories divided by the river. There's hostility and tension between the two groups, with one believing in every pack for themselves, and the other in collaboration between the two groups. How long does it take before these two groups can learn to get along? Or will one finally be able to run the other out of Valeridge for good?

    Pack 1: Girls (Silver Fangs) /Pack 2: Boys (Black Fangs)

    Female Alpha: (Me) / Male Alpha (Rufia)

    Girl 1: (Ilovevampzero) / Boy 1: (Spaceninja)

    Girl 2: (Rainbow-Noodles) / Boy 2: (E-Claire)

    Girl 3: (Jenbells) / Boy 3: (NorwayFOO)

    Character Skelly:


    Age: (Between 17-20)

    Picture/Character Description:


    Personality and Likes/Dislikes:

    Fur Color/Picture of Wolf Form:
  2. Character Skelly:

    Name: Anise

    Age: 18

    Picture/Character Description:

    Anise has green eyes and white hair (a side effect from her fur color)

    Anise lived with her mother and father at first, until they died protecting her in an ambush when she was 13, leaving her to be a rogue and wander aimlessly. When she first met her pack members, they had been in a fight against a pack who liked to pick on rogues, and with her leadership, they overcame them, which led them to form their own pack. Recently she decided that it would be best for the Silver Fangs to settle in Valeridge. Anise swears up and down that they settled in Valeridge first, and when she had explored the extent of the lands after building she found the boy's pack settling on their territory.

    Personality and Likes/Dislikes:

    Anise is extremely fiery, witty, and sarcastic. She's brutally honest and upfront, telling people how she feels. and speaking her mind. Unlike some werewolves, who can be quick to get in physical altercations, Anise can remain level-headed under pressure and it takes a bit before you can get her to the point of anger. She can be skeptical, and it takes a lot to earn her trust, but when you can, she is fiercely loyal and will always stick up for you.

    Likes: Snow, Reading, Long Runs, Chocolate, and Movies

    Dislikes: Bossy People, Know-It-Alls, Spiders, Liars

    Fur Color/Picture of Wolf Form: White

  3. //Okay, so I'm signing up for this because I was quietly lurking on your Roleplay Talk thread. I would've posted but the people who already had pretty much covered everything I would say, so yeah. Haha. c:

    I'd like to have the Male alpha, if thats okay with you~

    Name: Jacov

    Age: 20

    Picture/Character Description:
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    Jacov was once part of a large pack. His family was part of the Alpha's bloodline, his grandfather being the Alpha, Jacov was taught how to fight skillfully as well as hunt. He was quite the Protege until a rival Pack had ambushed them in the middle of the night. Jacov was told to run away as far as he could from there, so he did. He kept on running and running until he had no energy left. He collapsed right in front of a cave where a lone wolf stood. The wolf was an outcast from his old pack, he had challenged the alpha and lost the fight so he was banished forever. But him and Jacov, together they formed a pack of their own and Jacov became leader.

    Personality and Likes/Dislikes:

    Jacov is a very nice man to those who take the time to know him. He has a quiet aurora about him, but whenever he speaks everyone listens. Jacov is anti-social around humans but significantly more active around his fellow packmates. He loves to Cook as well as fishing in his wolf form. He also enjoys swimming and climbing towards high places. He dislikes anything cold, dead, or disrespectful.

    Fur Color/Picture of Wolf Form: Jacov has a Sandy, dirty brown color to his coat.
  4. xD Well nice to meet you. And that won't be a problem. :) Would you like to name your pack?
  5. Haha. The pleasures is all mine~

    I was thinking the Black Fangs. Its simple and the inverse of Silver Fangs so yeah. If that's all-righty with you. ^^
  6. Not a problem. :)
  7. Name:Alex

    Age: 17

    Picture/Character Description: wolf rp.jpg

    History:Alex was born to parents he never knew because he was given to his mothers distant cousin, who was abusive and mean, but fed, clothed and sheltered him until he was 13 years old when she died of a cocaine overdose. Alex had always wanted to get away from her and the place where he had grown up in. he took this opportunity to go out into the world when he found and joined this pack one year ago and is the newest member and is still wary of all the others but would put his life in their hands if neccesary.

    Personality and Likes/Dislikes:doesnt like to talk about his childhood , has a really bad trust problem, but if he does trust you is friendly,has a good sense of humor, childish(acts like a 15 year old due to not really having a fair childhood),friendly, protects his friends with his life, and is easily goaded into fights.
    likes:classic rock,alternative rock,climbing trees,reading,talking to people he trusts about his day to day problems, people who can listen without judging
    dislikes:country,really hot days,liars,beggars, people who cant solve their own problems

    Fur Color/Picture of Wolf Form: <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script> wolf rp 2.jpg but with white fur
  8. [MENTION=3574]spaceninja[/MENTION] Cool. Nice character. :)
  9. Name: Luna

    Age: (Between 17-20) 18

    Picture/Character Description: redeyes.jpg

    History: Luna was born to a werewolf and a human in the early vampire stage (thus causing Luna to have red eyes). They lived peacefully until a volcano erupted near her area. In the chaos of the fleeing residents, Luna lost her parents and was forced to run from the boiling lava and ash. She lived in the wilderness from that point on, discovering her powers around 14.

    Personality and Likes/Dislikes: Luna is shy, but strong. She is very agile and quick, making kills with her claws and teeth easy. Few can catch up to her, but most have greater strength. Likes: Silence, blood, and neutral friendships. Dislikes: Non-allies, most other humans, and (yes), cream cheese. *gag*.

    Fur Color/Picture of Wolf Form: Werewolf Form Luna.jpg
  10. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>@NoirRose thanks! i couldve done better on it though but i wanted to get a spot on this roleplay so i rushed it a little
  11. [MENTION=3575]ilovevampzero[/MENTION] Welcome to the Roleplay :)
    [MENTION=3574]spaceninja[/MENTION] Well you can always revise if you want.
  12. Can i reserve a character please? I don't mind which gender.
  13. Name: Caleb

    Age: 19

    Picture/Character Description:

    History: Caleb's parents abandoned him in another forest when he was four years old. He can't remember who his parents are, but he doesn't care anyway. After a week of being alone in the forest he was found and adopted by a small pack of werewolves. The werewolf pack was called Scarlet Paw, full of merry members who messed around a lot. Caleb's time with this pack taught him how to be care free and have a laugh. When Caleb was nine years old the pack had a nasty fight with a bunch of vampires- the few survivors fled from the forest as fast as they could. Since then Caleb has not met any of the survivors from Scarlet Paw, but he hopes they are all doing well. Caleb then spent two years training alone in a quiet area in the mountains. Not much happened during this period of his life. Then, when Caleb was eleven, a she-wolf passing through the mountains discovered him. This she-wolf was named Accalia, and she was a traveler. Accalia had fallen ill while passing through the mountains, so Caleb looked after her for a week or two while she recovered. By the end of her stay with him Caleb had fallen deeply in love with her. He asked Accalia if he could travel with her, as he was bored the mountains, and she accepted this idea. Then, when Caleb was twelve, he finally asked her out. She accepted, and the couple continued travelling together until Caleb was fourteen. At that point the two had a vicious argument, so they split up and stopped travelling together. Caleb happened to in a place called Roven at that time. He decided to live in Roven for a while, because he'd heard many werewolves lived there. After a comfortable year of living in Roven with lot of other werewolves, Accalia returned with some of her other gal-pals. Accalia plus her friends had come to take revenge on Caleb, for supposedly 'wasting' three years of her life. Caleb barely escaped the cruel she-wolves in Roven with his life. Because of this incidence Caleb developed a hatred for she-wolves. Now sixteen, Caleb wanted to finally find a place to settle down. He wondered around for some years- sometimes alone, sometimes with company- not finding anywhere that took to his fancy. About a year ago, when he was eighteen, he met Jacov who had formed his own pack. Caleb felt something special about Valeridge, so he joined Jacov's pack.

    Personality and Likes/Dislikes: Caleb is a happy-go-lucky, cheery guy. He likes being up beat and having a laugh. Caleb is witty, sarcastic, and tries to be a but of a comedian. Caleb acts rather care free, and finds it hard to take things seriously. One of the few things he is serious about though, is his hatred for she-wolves. Caleb is friendly to strangers, yet only loyal to his true friends. Caleb likes to lie a bit, but he's a bad liar so he wouldn't lie about anything serious. Caleb knows lots of odd trivia and bits of information from his travels, yet he is not a good mathematical/scientific/logical thinker. Caleb has a high endurance and is very quick, though he isn't as strong or agile as others. Because of this his attack style is run in, get in as many fast attacks as possible, then retreat again.
    Likes- Laughter, the colour scarlet, exercising, mountains, noise.
    Dislikes- She-wolves, staying still, acting sensible, traitors, things being drawn out.

    Fur Color/Picture of Wolf Form:

    Attached Files:

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