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  1. Hello everyone I have an odd idea that has been in the back of my head. The idea takes place in a fantasy type setting. Being in the past, present or future. A young adventurer hears about a powerful suit of armor that grants the wearer powerful abilities. So the young adventurer seeks it out to give him an edge in battle. He does find the armor but it isn't designed for males it is designed for the women. He doesn't find out until it is to late and the armor attaches itself to him. The armor is designed to enhance a female's physical attributes, and appearance. But that isn't all it can restore a women's youth and her sex drive. But on a male it is a curse. It binds itself to the person and then slowly and painfully switches their sex until the user is female. This will happen to the boy and eventuallt the armor will unseal and come off with ease. This can be a fxf or fxm with me playing the boy who switches sex, when the armor comes off he will be bombshell, with a sex drive he can't really control. I also have other gender switching ideas one revolving around a boy who loves to crossdress and spy on the cheer team. So a sexy witch on the team curses her uniform and he takes it. I am open to ideas as well.
  2. I'd be interested to do this :3
  3. Hey! ^_^ cool ok so do you have any ideas? Anything you wanted added, he could have a follower go with him to find the armor
  4. Yeah, I thought about making this well sorta FxF when he turns into a girl and FxM when he is a guy, maybe she could be some sort of assistant that actually wanted the armor for herself at first, then he picks it up and she sticks to him to get it for herself?
  5. The idea I had was that it was the witchblade, the witchblade is a self aware artifact that chooses only women to bare it. But chooses him for some reason.
  6. Well, that fits the plan of my character too
  7. What was is your plan? Just curious
  8. Well, making her want the armor and making him help her get it, then suddenly the armor actually goes for him and not her so she sticks with him to get the armor.
  9. Would you like to continue this in a pm my phone is being a pain
  10. Sure, message me with whatever is left to discuss :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.