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What gender do you play?

  1. Male - yang all the way.

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  2. Female - simply yin.

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  3. Both!

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  1. In roleplays, I've found most people to be flexible in whether they play male or female characters. There are some, however, who play only their opposite gender or only their same gender. People who play both even tend to have a preference for which gender they play.

    I want to know: do you play both genders or choose just one? Why?
    If you play both, do you tend to play one gender more than the other?
  2. Usually play male, have player female in the past. Play male mostly because I think like one (for the obvious reason)
  3. I play 100% male.

    I don't do well with women, mostly 'cause, well... If I make a female character, she'll be a male with tits! Or such a caricature of a female character that it would be embarrassing...
  4. I only really play female characters because well, I am a female, and because it is easier to play as someone you can slightly relate to....At least it is for me anyway.
  5. I can easily play both. I actually had to practice roleplaying female characters with someone because they were always manly. XP My brain is just more male than it is female.

    But now? I can do both~ It's so much fun being able to play a variety of personalities with both sexes.
  6. I can do both? I tend to go with whatever catches my fancy and/or sounds fun. That said, not being a female and all I tend to wonder how good I play them... then again I don't think I'm that fantastical anyway, so at least the mediocrity is evenly spread throughout the genders!

    ...Unless the character belongs to a tri-gender race... or a sexless one... or a robot... ffffff-
  7. I play males for all the same reasons stated before. i just can't get into the female mindset. there was once I tried to play a female on another site, and a guy started to hit on me. it felt really wierd.
  8. Women are crazy and irrational, making it impossible -for me- to rp them.
  9. I... no, nevermind, you'd totally do that Seiji.

    Me? It's hassle enough coming up with an entirely different personality for a character so fuck adding in a perspective I'm unacquainted with.
  10. We should make an RP with only female characters that only dudes can join.
  11. Female, 95% of the time! Since I'm playing pretend when I roleplay for shameless self gratification, it's really really hard for me to get IN to a male character. D: The exceptions have been when I had a really specific idea for a dude character I couldn't resist. The concept of him has to be really clear and strong in my head... otherwise it's a real pain in the ass for me to play them.
  12. I pretty much just play male characters. I wouldn't know where to start if I was to play a female character, and I have no idea how to write for females.
  13. I find this to be a difficult question. As I often start with the idea of a male character and he is my basis and then I add in others to balance him out, so thus I have play female and male. However I think it's mostly male, because it would be just too weird to play a girl.
  14. Not that hard to play a female character...It's really not. :P All you have to do is watch people or over hear bits and pieces of conversations people have and then think about what ifs... When writing women characters, do what you would for any character. Try to be truthful to the experience and if that experience is different from what you have lived, you sometimes have to work a little harder. Our minds are very similar whether you're male or female. Virginia Woolf said that the imagination is androgynous — the way we think, the way we experience the world is universal.

    So the morale of the story is challenge yourself for once, members of Iwaku. >:(

    That being said, I write from both gender's POVs when I do my own stories, though on Iwaku it's predominately female.
  15. I may not be wearing any pants, but I still agree with Rory. Seriously, it isn't that hard to put your mind in the opposite sex' perspective.
  16. Just irritating.

  17. I'd say my characters are about 2/3rds of the time female. Something strange happens to most of my male characters. They tend to have white knight syndrome. Granted I think every male character I've made has had a female player attached to him with in 30 seconds after he sees the light of day...
  18. I tend to play the societies dominant gender. So pretty exclusively male in most fantasy settings, unless I'm playing a Drow or Halfling.
  19. I dunno...I tend to always play males for some reason.

  20. Well you haven't really seen me RP as much XD but I tend to RP as both male and female