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  1. Is there anybody /literate/ here whom is capable of playing a best friend/partner OR older sister/cousin type of character for one of my four transgendered characters?

    1) Liam/Lily, aged 12. I'd only really accept an older sister, cousin or even a mother/aunt for her. I AM ONLY ACCEPTING FAMILY MEMBERS FOR HER RPS.

    Liam is the shy and quiet sort of chap, much preferring to be in the background and not intervene in things going on around them. This is primarily due to his lack of self-confidence, not helped by the fact he harbours a naturally shy nature, lacking any form of assertiveness at all. This is due to the fact the young child was often shifted from foster home to foster home, never really settling in anywhere for very long. With just one exception.
    Only one person ever did attempt to help and support Liam. Her name was Rosie, and at 25 years old, she had discovered she’d never bare any children of her own. The news broke her heart, and she no longer felt like she’d ever have a family. Untill she found Liam walking home from school one night, lost and alone, scared and hungry. She felt the need to help him and took the young child back to the orphanage, where an idea struck her.
    Become a foster mom.

    At the recommendation of a worker, Liam and Rosie were paired together, and all seemed happy. The woman was as loving and protective of Liam as a birth mother would be, and though she’d spoil him often, she brought him up to be a loving and respectful young man, with a big heart. She even managed to get him out of his shell in public situations, an accomplishment previously thought impossible by others.

    He’d been living with her for nearly two years, and permanent adoption was well underway. Unfortunately, just two days prior to the official verdict, the young woman was kidnapped before Liam’s eyes, causing him to become an emotional wreck for months afterwards, and nearly silent for the best part of 6 years, hardly uttering a word to anybody unless he needed to do so.

    Thankfully after this, Liam didn’t end up in abusive or neglectful homes, but none wanted to deal with what they saw as a troubled child. They didn’t understand he couldn’t attach himself to anybody, scared of losing them like he did Rosie. They thought he was cold, unloving.

    Dreadfully frightened of thunderstorms, he doesn't really like to be left alone during them, and will usually remain wide awake and terrified when alone, not able to sleep through the noise or the sudden bright lights. As such, Liam often remains awake all night, crying in fear and a need to be back with the mother who loved him.

    Liam wants to be known, and identify as Lily-Rose, knowing he was born into the wrong body. To Liam, he is, and should be a female, not a male. Caught when trying on the dress of a foster sister, he was sent straight back into care by the father of the family, a strongly religious sort of person.

    Unfortunately for Lily, this news got out fast. Now the centre of ridicule and bulling both in school, and in the safe house, he has been forced to act like Liam once more, much to her dismay. All she wants is to be who she truly is, and to have Rosie back, the only person she ever called “Mom”.

    2) Thomas/Tabby, aged 17. I'm primarily looking for a best friend for her, but a potential girlfriend will be fine too.
    Thomas is currently planning to transition from male to female, opting to be known as "Tabby" or Tabitha.

    Her main interests are varied, with some more "masculine" interests, such as comic books and super-hero movies, though she also has typically feminine interests, including fashion, and ballet, something she has a real passion and talent for.

    Standing at only 5'4", and a little below the average weight for someone her age, Tabby isn't too bothered by her short and thin form, instead using it as an advantage when she is dancing.

    She's never really given much consideration in regards to her sexuality, feeling she needed to discover her gender identity before she even thought about entering relationships. However, she is pretty sure that she likes other women, though she'll not really admit this.

    Homeschooled for most of her life, she asked to attend mainstream school for the final year before college, wanting more independence from her father, as well as wanting to make friends in real-life, not just online.
    Her father, though he struggled to accept Thomas at first, has grown very protective and supportive of his new daughter, happy that she is happy.

    3.) Arthur/Ruth. 18. I'm seeking a best friend for her, though I'm willing to adapt her in order to give her a twin sister. In rare cases, she'll be used for romantic RPs, though not with family. Sorry, you incest-loving saddos.

    Name: Arthur
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Female

    He'll fit in with Slice of Life scenarios quite easily, and will be suited to ANY personality of female seeking a best friend. From the shy and timid with confidence issues, to the abused needing someone to confide in, to the thrillseekers and "bad ass" types. Hell, he'd be perfect for a Female to Male, or tomboyish character.

    Basically, remember this. So long as they love and care for him as a brother/sister, he'll be the same for them. This will NOT be romance.

    Essentially, however...

    His name is Arthur, and he is 18 years of age. Bubbly and cheerful in nature, he is a loving and friendly young man, who cares for, and adores, his vest friend with all his heart. He'll do anything to make her happy, even if he feels it's not the best thing to do at that moment in time, or if it might lead to trouble of some description.
    He always knew he was different to most boys when growing up. He hated sports and the rough and tumble games that most males played, much preferring playing with the girls and their dolls. When it came to dress up play, he didn't want to be a firefighter or a policeman, or in the army, he wanted to be a pretty princess, or a fairy, or a nurse.

    As he grew older, he never seemed to "grow out of the phase", much to the disgust of his highly religious and old-fashioned mother and father, who followed the "men should be men" and "women should stay at home" train of thought.

    As a result of this, he was disowned at the age of eleven by them, and put into care.
    This proved to be the best thing that ever happened to him. He ended up in the care of two women, whom had been seeking to adopt for many years. They were more then accepting of his crossdressing tendencies, and his want to eventually identify as female. They brought him dresses, skirts, make-up, etc, and made him feel loved and accepted.

    Around this time, he met his best friend, and this also proved to be one of the best things that ever happened to him...

    4. Charlie/Carly. 19. Seeking a girl/boyfriend character for her, or a best friend.

    To many, Charlie’s way of life is considered immoral and disgusting. For every positive comment, she receives ten negative ones. The reason for this? She is trans-sexual, and as such, identifies as a woman. For years, he has battled with body image issues and suffered bouts of depression over how she is viewed and how she felt suppressed and limited to portray herself to the outside world, keeping her desires hidden below the surface, waiting for, needing the chance to be who she truly wants to be.

    The chance came when she transferred to a new college in order to get a new lease on life where she could settle down happily. Starting to dress, act, and portray herself as a more feminine person around a select group of friends, she found the elusive joy and excitement that had always been absent in her life before now. However, after a while, she started to receive threats and abusive emails from an unknown source, and became much more reluctant to portray her new personality and reverted to acting more masculine again, keeping her “secret” under wraps to avoid further abuse from the other students or staff faculty. All she wants… needs is someone to accept her, no matter if it is a friend or family member.

    FOUR line minimum, 3-5 paragraphs preferred. To prove you've actually read this, give me one reason Pandas are the best animal ever, and tell me which of the four characters you'd like me to use in our RP. I do NOT operate with set plots, I am much more character-driven.

    If you require a plot, I am happy to work on one with you over messages, or in an OOC thread.
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