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  1. @Lorchenne here's the start.

    Violet eyes looked out into the darkness of the woods. She knew that the elders were there behind her just a few meters away. She found herself unable to care. She raised one pale hand to catch the first snowflake, her eyes glazed as she saw flashes of images and sounds of things that have yet to happen.

    Noticing her state, the elders crept closer. "What have you seen, dear Lady?" The Elder Head asked.

    Lady. That's what they call her. If not that, Goddess or Child Star or Woodland Spirit or Nephilim. The worst was Demon Spawn. But that man was quickly struck down, it would do no good for someone walking around calling her horrible names. Lady...The Lady Child... that was her title. But she had no name. Nameless. She was nameless.

    She ignored their impatient heartbeats and longed to one day crush it. But Mother told her that wasn't proper. And she always listened to Mother.

    "In a three weeks time, there will be a blizzard." she told them, tilting her head as she tried to distinguish the images she had seen. "Strangers will arrive within a week before that, lost. And they will stay." she paused.

    "They will bring chaos." she said as she spun around. Her pale blond hair glittering with the snow, like a true child of the unknown.

    Her cold violet eyes stared hard at theirs. There was no emotion on her face.

    "I saw the village's end." she recited honestly. "We will not last till spring." Her eyes still glazed at the images that were still to come. "What is to be done, goddess?" one of the elders asked. Her eyes turned to him and saw that this man was younger than the rest. Perhaps he still is unaware of how they worked...?

    But that didn't matter. She didn't answer his question. She tilted her head in a childlike manner and her emotionless eyes glanced at the village leader. His face was hard like the rest of the elders. His eyes telling her to obey. She did. She knew her place.

    She was heralded as the village goddess. But in truth, she was simply their slave. So she didn't answer. It wasn't her place to tell them what to do. She was only to say what could happen in the future.

    The images are vivid in her eyes. No matter what they decide, the truth still remains.

    This village will fall.

    And she will be freed from this place. But she didn't tell them that. She closed her vivid violet eyes as they her back to her "home". She traced the birthmark that separated her from the rest of the village. Lines that ran from her right eyelid upward. She found comfort in it, though she stopped to allow Mother to hum her to sleep. And that very night, she dreamed.

    She dreamed of meeting a girl with bright blue eyes and the gentlest smile. She reached out her pale right hand and the girl across her echoed her actions.

    When they touched, a wave of energy was unleashed from their joined hands. The first trace of emotion was seen in her violet eyes.

    For the first time in her very existence, the nameless goddess felt whole. Like she was finally home.

    "Who are--" she tried to say before their hands were torn apart and panicked. Gasping, violet eyes turned to Mother who looked at her in fright. "Lady, I felt something. Are you alright?"

    She was awake. Looking at her pale hand, the warmth had lingered. "No, Mother." she said. "I'm perfect." She smiled.

    She was.
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  2. She may be in the opposite side of the world. She may be at the next town. She may be underground, or in the sky or at the sea.

    She may have not existed at all.

    Her world was as large as cages could go. A building full of white. White walls, white tables, white boards and white coats. Most of the people wore those all the time.

    Save for a few of them. They were all researchers. Their names all start with Doctor. And she knew of no one else but the team of twenty or so researchers that came and went. Some of them never returned, most of them, she watched them age.

    Because she didn't.

    Well, not the way researchers did. She liked how they played with her, though. They would lead her to the big glass room where she gets to combat different kinds of mechanisms. She was very skilled for she knew nothing but that. They taught her everything she knew of hand to hand combat and she had to wear a funny tight suit.

    She is also allowed in a place called "The Greenhouse". They told her everything there are rare species that they study and try to reproduce. The flowers, the plants, the fruits, the trees-all rare.

    And in the place called "The Zoo", there were animals. Rare ones too, they said.

    "Am I rare?"

    Dr. Joseph Leibowitz, the head researcher and a weathered man whose hair and beard matches his coat said, "No, you are unique."

    Everyone, even her, calls him Father.

    "What is unique? What is rare?"

    "Rare is hard to find. You are a treasure, there's only one of you."

    In her heart, it was wrong. There was another. A girl whose paleness isn't like the bland and lifeless clinical white about her. The other girl was like a shining star with soulful violet eyes.

    She had flighty pale hair, whose strands are like gentle sunbeams, and skin like cream. Her face wasn't like the curious or tired ones of the researchers, but younger, with a soft expression. She tried to reach the other girl, who reached out too.

    Their hands touched and she knew they were the same. But then, the pale star girl was gone.

    It was a dream.

    She awoke in a dimly lit room, on her bed that followed her shape, encouraged her growth which didn't really happen much if it happened at all. She wasn't to move, as whichever Doctor has to remove all the wires that are stuck to her first.

    "What did you dream, child?" Father asked as he always did everyday.

    She smiled to him, "Rare."
  3. She watched the town fall into an organized chaos. They feared what she had said, for all things bad were to always happen. She was used to their eyes. The way they flicker from awe to fear and back.

    She stares at the crowd gathered in the village square as their Law dictates the Sinner be Punished. And she was their Protector but also the one who Destroys.

    It was her right as their Lady Child.
    She wonders about the girl she met in a dream. If she shared the same fate she did. The sunkissed girl with the bluest eyes that could rival the sky and hair as dark as Ebony cascading in soft waves behind her. She honestly hoped not. She didn't wish this on her home.​

    As the elders prattle on about one thing and another, she sees her Mother's eyes and her breath hitch in remembrance on what she has seen earlier that day. She looked away but the memories flooded her. Those steeled silver eyes on Mother filled with the most unusual emotion. It wasn't awe, fear or Mother's usual expression; indifference. It was hate. It was the usual emotion that they threw at her from afar after she killed, maimed or disfigured a loved one.

    Hate was something she didn't expect from Mother.

    She didn't know where that came from. She didn't know what she did wrong. In fact, she remembered that Mother used to tell her the story of where she came from. The story she knew was a lie, but a happy lie all the same.

    It was many years ago, when Mother was still ever so young but not as young as she. It was during a horrible blizzard, one they expect to arrive in a few weeks time. Mother lived with her father and younger brother when the winds struck bring the snow.

    [ She wonders how it would feel to have a father, when her eyes glazed and image of a weathered man whose hair and beard wearing a white coat just like the healers in the village. 'Father' her mind supplied, but no. She had no Father. She only had Mother. ]

    Mother told her that she heard a cry, her own father dismissed it as the winds. But when the cry grew louder, Mother was definite that it was the cry of a baby. When her family had left her alone, she rushed outside--ignoring her father's cries to come back. Mother didn't, as she followed the cry deeper--the winds grew stronger and she wondered if her father was right and that she was going to die for nothing when the winds suddenly stopped. It left with simple snow falling down gently.

    Suddenly, a gurgle from above made Mother look up then. And she gently fell into Mother's arms as if she belonged there.

    It was a happy story. But it was a lie.

    It was a happy lie, but a lie all the same.

    She broke away from her train of thoughts as they brought forth the Sinner. Her eyes widened as she realized that this was the youngest elder. Breaking the proceedings, she voiced out. "Why has he been charged, Elder Mason?"

    The burly elder hastened to reply. "H-he spoke out of turn, Lady." he told her, "He spoke of abandoning the village after the blizzard leaves. It is--"

    "He speaks wisdom. The village will not stand, coming spring." she spoke, ignoring their gasps. "He--"

    "It is FORBIDDEN, dear One." an older voice spoke. She turned to her right and noticed similar silver eyes to Mother. The village leader had spoken at last. "You know the Accords were brought forth to protect you-" he paused to look at the people, "-and the people that kept you. If we were to leave, we would be hunted." She assessed him with her cold violet eyes and shrugged.

    "At least then, we'd stand a chance!" the Sinner cried from where he stood. She turned her eyes to him and assessed him. A heavy punishment, looked back to the village leader quickly and away, but not death.

    She jumped from her pedestal and stood infront of him. He didn't struggle from his bindings. His green eyes gazed into hers sadly. She tilted her head slightly side ways, trying to find why. "You're such a sad child." he told her. "You breached the Accords, Elder Tabithe. It is my right to hand out punishments as I see fit to you Sinners." she whispered, not responding to his words. "With this, you will be forgiven."

    She raised her right hand and moved it towards his eyes. "I never did like the color green..." she whispered and watched him scream as his eyes "decayed".


    Arriving home, she sat as Mother set the table. They fell into silence until she decided to break it. "Mother, may I have a cookie?" she asked.

    "No, Lady." Mother responded. "You must eat dinner first."

    "I want a cookie!" she hissed. "Dinner's nearly ready, you must wait." Mother said. She felt her temper rise. "I want a cookie!"

    Mother turned to her and she froze under those steely silver eyes. There it was again. The hate. "I am you Mother. And I said no, you brat!"

    Violet eyes glazed in hurt and rage followed through. "I HATE YOU!" she screeched so loud that the house vibrated. Mother looked around in shock but then focused back on the child infront of her. Fear became prominent as Mother tried to soothe the child.

    Her whitening hair turning white even more and her skin wrinkling rapidly. "Lady, please..." Mother begged.

    "...I hate you." she told Mother, and she meant it. Mother was never like this before. Why was she doing this now?

    She sent a blast of energy at Mother and she was flung at the cabinets, hitting her head, crumbling like puppets without the strings.

    She heard footsteps but ignored them as she levitated her chair over to the cookie jar. Placing it on her lap, she happily munched on one as she saw the village elders and their leader arrive.

    "Lady, we felt your energy and---no!" one of the elders cried. Another gasped, this one was a female elder. "Lady, what have you done!" She shrugged. "She was being mean." she told them with a slight pout. The village leader stepped away from Mother. "You've killed your Mother, Lady." he told her, the steel in his eyes made her angry. It was eerily similar to Mother's hateful gaze.

    The winds rattled the house and everyone turned around, scared. "Lady! Desist this at once!" he roared. She made hit her foot on the chair's leg and made an irritated sound. "Why?" she asked, so very confused. "You told me it is my right to punish those who do wrong against me! You told me it was okay! I don't understand why you're so angry!"

    They all fell silent.

    . . .

    They finally realized the monster they created. They realized how innocent yet cruel their Lady is.

    "...take her away, to the healers." the village leader spoke after minutes of silence, pointing at Mother's aged form. He turned to the girl still petulant on her chair. His silver eyes, just like Mother's, bore into hers with such intense hatred. His voice was cold. "Lady, you will come with me."

    For the first time in ages, she felt afraid.


    She dreamed that night. She met the girl with blue eyes again. She tried to smile back at the other's warm presence. But she was too tired, even when she had escaped reality.

    The other girl---someone just as special as she was---looked shocked and sad at the bruises covering her face. She swept away the other's concern, better her than this sweet girl with blue eyes, her opposite. Violet eyes memorized her opposite's features, she took in every detail. Nodding in acceptance, to see nothing wrong. She is glad for small mercies.

    'You exist, right?' she asked. The other nodded. She gave a tired smile. 'That's good.' They sat side by side. Simply basking in each other's presence.

    She didn't even realize the bruises were fading away. But even if didn't, it would've been okay. That wasn't a problem. She never wanted to leave. Never.

    What she feared most was waking up. The real world held no promise for her anymore.


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  4. "You have a lot of hurts." she spoke to the Star-girl. Her lovely features weredefiled by bruises. There were unshed tears in her eyes.

    "We are the same." She declared to the Star-girl. "We're not alone."

    She touched the Star-girl's bruises. The latter winced a little, but the pain from the touch subsided, replaced by the warmth of a palm.

    "I live in a big place. With Father. He taught me how to take away hurts." She told the Star-girl, taking the pale hands into her tan ones. "You have Mother, don't you? You can come to me."

    "From now on, I will call you Violette." she beamed. "Like the pretty flowers in the Greenhouse that I like very much. I mean your eyes are like it."

    She reached out to her Violette and said "I'll take away all your hurts!"
  5. She stared at the heavy oak doors that separated her from the scared useless elders outside. Violette... it was her name now. She was no longer nameless.

    She smiled. It was nice to finally have a name.

    Violette shivered slightly. Winter was harsher this year, she knew why. This village was living on borrowed time after all. And that time had finally been used up. She could always create fire, but then they would notice and hurt again.

    She shivered. She'd rather not go through that. Not again.

    Hearing footsteps outside, she huddled closer to the shadows, allowing it to hide her smaller form. There was a small argument outside that ended up with a singing slap. Violette looked up in shock.

    The voice sounded much, it couldn't be. She killed her. That was one thing Violette felt guilty about. It was the only thing that Violette felt guilty about.

    The door was unlocked and opened. Violette's eyes widened from where she hid.

    "...Mother..." she whispered. It was Mother, in her usual royal blue clothes with silver accent. She was back to her youth. Younger than she usual becomes. "Mother...?" she repeated.

    Mother knelt in front of her with a sad smile. "Oh, my poor, poor child." Mother whispered. "What have they done to you?" Mother's hands gently roamed around her petite form, looking sadly at her filthy and torn clothes. "Oh, my poor sweet baby."

    Violette let her. Mother hasn't been this caring for a very, very, very long time. Violette would've believed this Mother but no. It was her eyes, her eyes gave her away.

    "No." she whispered softly, aware of the elders just by the entrance of her...cage. "You're not Mother." she stated. "Who are you?" Soft icy blue eyes looked at her and shook her head, seemingly in confusion. "I--...I don't understand." Mother said, her kind eyes fashioned on hers.

    "Mother's eyes were silver." Violette explained. "...and they were never kind." she added in a whisper.

    Mothe---no, the woman looked at her one last time and closed her eyes. "I am your new Mother." she said. Opening her kind eyes, she gave a sad smile. "You always have a new Mother every now and then."

    Violette's eyes widened in understanding. "Mother ages." she started. "Mother grows old." she paused.

    "Mother dies." she whispered.

    "And another...takes over?" Violette asked in a whisper. The new Mother nodded. "Now come, Lady. We'll bring you back home."

    Violette let Mother carry her, despite her being old enough to walk. It felt nice to be in someone's arms again.

    "Is this a...hug?" she questioned her new Mother. The woman nodded and held her tighter. "And I will hug you for as long as you please, my Lady."

    "Violette." she whispered on her Mother's chest. "What was that?" her Mother asked as she walked past the startled elders and out of the Cages; where the Sinners are kept.

    "My name..." she stated. "It's Violette."

    Mother was startled, her emotions were shocked before it simmered into warmth. "It's a very pretty name, love." Mother replied. "Where did you think that up?"

    "I didn't." Violette answered. "My dream did."

    "Oh?" Mother responded. "Did you say thank you?"

    Violette looked up, confused. "Thank you? Why?" Mother frowned at her. "Because your dream gave you something and didn't ask for anything in return." Violette looked thoughtful. "Oh. I'll do that then."

    Mother gave her a very warm smile. Violette felt herself returning.

    Yes. Maybe she'll take the girl's offer and take Mother far away.

    The Village was no longer safe.


    That night, she dreamed. Violette took the other girl's hand and smiled. "Mother tells me to tell you thank you." she told her opposite. Those bright blue eyes look at her in confusion.

    "Because you gave me something important." she said. "Do you have a name?"

    At the other's silence, Violette nodded. "I didn't think so." she said. "We are the same. No one else has the right to name us." She paused. "We are special."

    "I name you Skye." she said as they held their hands together. "Because your eyes are bluer than the heavens and just as untouchable like the stars.

    "I name you Skye. Because it is the sky that looks after her flowers below." Violette told her. "I will protect you from anything bad."

    "The village is bad." she said. "I will destroy the village. I will destroy those who can hurt us. So that they will never hurt you."

    They fell into deep silence.

    Violette looked tiredly into her counterpart's sad gaze. "But after I destroy..." she whispered, "Will you take me faraway?"

    "Will you let me stay by your side forever?"

    She closed her eyes. "I don't want to be alone."
  6. She smiled at her Violette, the sister she always wanted. They were two peas in a pod, two cubs in a litter. She didn't want to be the only one after all.

    "I like it, Violette." She now had a name, one better than all the animals and plants and doctors. "I am your Skye." she declared happily.

    "I'll be sunny for happy light and a world of color!" Skye said with big gestures. "Or rainy to help you grow and sparkle, and anything else!" Skye took Violette's hands in hers happily. "I can't wait!"

    The two could have been anywhere by just staying in their mind.

    But Violette was far away. And all that the doctors knew is that Skye is right here. Their machines and graphs are telling them that she must be seeing and feeling a million things or just one thing, either way, they were sensory responses that were unlike in her past records.

    "Doctor, look at this. Her brainwaves-they're surging!"

    "For the last time, I prefer to be called Father." he was a slightly eccentric and rather carefree old man but was unquestionably good in handling this one of a kind case.

    They simply called her Homonculus.

    "I'm only past a decade younger than you." muttered Dr. Maeghan Jefferson. She was stubborn and harsh, the balance to his rather whimsical ways. She utterly disliked that nature of his, it was unbecoming of a researcher of that caliber.

    Father watched as the images of Skye's brain lit up in many parts, indicating a rather excited activity. Sure she has "fun" dreams from time to time, but this case is different.

    "Could this be that phenomenon?" Dr. Jefferson typed away furiously on her computer, pulling up the past records and logs of Skye's subconscious brain activity.

    "It must be." Father answered. "She might have met a real person within her dream."

    Skye was much older than most of the researchers but everything about her physiology is essentially juvenile. It was as if time is different for her, lazy even. For all these years, her genes, her cells, her blood, everything they could get has been examined and study for medicine. While that led to many breakthroughs, many answered questions, no one could yet say what she really is.

    Now, they might just confirm that there is another.

    "Perhaps a male." Dr. Jefferson. "Somewhere out there is a male it is linked to."

    "I doubt it." Father said.

    "What else then!" Dr. Jefferson replied heatedly.

    "Perhaps a twin." Father showed her Skye's latest drawing. A girl with pale skin and hair with vivid violet eyes.
  7. Violette was finally allowed outside again. But just outside in the garden. She didn't mind though, her house was just in front of the forest. She laughed and she giggled and she spun in circles. Completely disregarding the fact she forgot her shoes inside.

    She laughed as she tried to catch the floating snowflakes, unaware that her joy had stopped them from floating.

    "Violette!" Mother cried, following her outside the house. "Shoes, little One, Shoes!" Violette giggled as ignored Mother. Mother gave a heavy sigh and huffed. "Inside in 5 minutes!" Mother told her sternly, ignoring that the snow flakes in their garden haven't moved. She just giggled back. "I mean it, Lady." Mother reiterated as she walked back inside. But her eyes were on her daughter, glancing every now and then from the window.

    Violette looked up at the sky and laughed. "Skye! Skye!" she called out and laughed at her own silliness. "It's Skye!" she cried.

    There were rustles in the forest and she stopped dancing in the snow. Tilting her head slightly, Violette called out to the darkness. "Hello?"

    Three men and one woman stumbled from the woods as if pushed forward. They looked back into the forest in fright. "What was that?!" one of the men cried. "First we run into an invisible wall, then it pulled us through and---" one of the other men cried and stopped as he saw the image in front of him.

    Violette's eyes glazed slightly as she remembered. The time to destroy the village has began.

    "Hello." she said kindly. Mother has been teaching much about manners. "We haven't had strangers in a long time."

    The woman with bright red hair came forward. "My name is Guinevere Griffiths." she introduced. Violette tilted her head sideways, the woman had such pretty hair. "Hello" she repeated. "I'm Violette. You have pretty hair" The men laughed and woman just smiled. "Thank you, Violette."

    Violette beamed. Then one of the men reached out to shake the other. "Look at the snow around her!" he whispered excitedly. They gasped and looked at her differently. Violette didn't like how they were staring. It seemed...filthy. Wrong.

    "Mother!" she called out. Immediately, Mother came running out the house and placed herself between her and the strangers.

    Mother raised her head high. Her position as Mother placed her the third most powerful person in the village. Her icy blue eyes stared at them and regally addressed them. In her own right, she was a queen.

    "Who are you?" Mother said. Violette's eyes peaked from behind Mother's skirts and watched as the snow fell to the ground slowly. The Strangers followed the snows movements and looked greedily at them. "I said, who are you!" Mother repeated. Violette could sense her distress rolling off her in waves.

    "Pardon us, miss." one of the men spoke. "We're just lost and we're a wondering if it be alright for us to spend the night. Can ye kindly direct us to the nearest inn?"

    Mother's eyes widened. "There is no inn in our village. Strangers have stopped coming for more than 300 years."

    They all looked visibly shocked. Violette couldn't understand why. She did tell them Strangers never came in a long time. The Strangers looked at each other. "Oh...if it's possible, may we use your phone so we can try to find our way out?" the woman with pretty hair asked.

    Violette looked curious. "Use our what?" she giggled. "Mother, what's a phone? Do they mean the toilet?" Mother hushed her and turned back to them. "I'm sorry, but my little one is right. What do you mean?"

    "You know, you're telephone...." he trailed off realizing the blank looks on their faces.

    Violette frowned. The Strangers were here. "The leader must be informed." she whispered. Mother looked at her and nodded. "Come on then, you lot." Mother ordered. "He will know what to do with you." They turned away from the house and deeper into the village. The village leader's house was closer to the mountain.

    "Wait!" the redhead woman cried. "Aren't you going to make her wear shoes?"

    Violette giggled at their foolishness and smiled at them. "I don't need them." she said and skipped ahead of Mother. Mother pinned them with a hard stare before walking ahead.

    Violette heard Mother's thoughts and quite agreed. This didn't bode well for the village. She gave a bright smile.

    And that was exactly the intention.


    Violette giggled as she hugged her sister, her better half. "The Strangers arrived today!" she told her excitedly. "They came 3 days early!"

    She watched as Skye changed the surroundings into snow and laughed. "Snow! Snow!" she giggled. "I'll have to bring the blizzard earlier too! This is so much fun!"

    Vivid violet eyes looked deeply into the bright blue ones of her twin. "Skye, I get to be with you sooner!" she said joyfully, "Isn't that brilliant?"

    She fell into the snow beside her sister's spring meadow.

    "I don't have to be alone anymore!"

    They both giggled at the prospect. What fun!
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  8. Skye took her sister's hands and put them together in hers. When she opened their palms, a dainty little violet materialized over them. The violet floated and twirled about over her sisters' palms before it fluttered down.

    "This is the flower I named you from." Skye said happily. "Wear it in your pretty hair!"

    She pranced about on the greens of her side of their realm. Flowers bloomed where she danced. "Follow these to me, my sister. I'll be waiting."

    The researchers in the Greenhouse panicked. The plants suddenly grew at an alarming rate. Vines clambered and stretched. lowers bloomed and fruits ripened.

    The researchers in the Zoo noticed a strange excited behavior in the animals. They were hollering, scratching, clawing.

    Father listened patiently to the reports. They all sought answers from him, answers he could not yet give.

    "We must be a little more patient." he told the others sternly.

    "She's up to something and I don't think it's good." Dr. Jefferson said.

    "Or not.", defended Dr. Kyle Calvillo. "Father, specimen C and D from our experiments recovered."

    "What?" Father and two other scientists echoed.

    "Yes." Dr. Calvillo continued. "It was sudden, but the traces of H6-Rabies is completely gone. We're running the second test at the moment."

    "You think this has something to do with that girl?" Dr. Jefferson snapped.

    "Is there any other explanation, then?" Dr. Calvillo retorted. "That child is a blessing, whatever creature she is."

    "Stop." Father said simply. The head researchers all settled down immediately. From the doorway, Skye was screaming to be let inside while someone is telling her not to as there was a meeting.

    "Let her in!" Father called. One of the researchers present inside opened the door and Skye ran past the researcher who opened the door and ran to Father.

    "My sister is coming!" She announced excitedly. "I will prepare for her coming!"

    Father made a quick glance at the others and looked at Skye again, she was holding a big bouquet.

    "We'll help you prepare then."
  9. Violette watched as the snow fell heavily outside and giggled. Everyone was baffled by the fact the blizzard had seemingly arrived a week earlier than expected. It seemed only Mother and the village leader seemed to have an inkling belief that she caused this.

    She giggled under her hand, looking away from her Mother's curious look. Of course those two would know, they were the smartest, strongest people in the whole village after all! She giggled then stopped.

    Her violet eyes glazed as something new, something that was there was rewritten and she frowned.

    "The strangers are outside." she called out to her Mother and a elder Tabithe, who was staying with them for the time being. "The Strangers will try to burn down the house to get me."

    Mother stood up quickly and walked to the kitchen. There, Mother saw the two men hidden by the cover of snow. "We can't stop them" Mother told them. Violette shook her head. "We don't need to" she said, looking outside, she could see small patches of violet and clapped her hands.

    "Skye's telling us the way!" she called out and helped elder Tabithe stand. She didn't understand what Mother tried to tell her when he was first brought in. She mentioned something about being married, that he was her husband. Violette didn't understand, but that was okay. Mother looked really happy with him inside the house, so she guessed she was happy too.

    "We need to go now." Violette told them. "There's a storm outside, Lady" elder Tabithe reminded her. She shook her head furiously, completely forgetting that he was blind. "The storm won't hurt us!" she cried. "We need to leave, if not, you'll both burn with the village tonight!"

    Mother looked at her with intense blue eyes before nodding. Violette watched her as she ran upstairs to get a large pack and stuff it with multiple items from the kitchen. Violette frowned. Mother didn't need to do that, they won't starve. Mother also stuffed it with blankets and clothes and brought with them all their jewelry and gold coins. Elder Tabithe carried the bag and Mother helped him outside.

    They opened the door and was greeted to strong icy winds. Violette walked out first and the wind subsided. She turned to look at them and smiled. "Hurry!" she said and the adults walked forward. When they were safely tucked into the woods, Violette stopped and turned to face the village just in time to see her house engulfed in flames. The storm assisting its path.

    The fire jumped from her house to the next, and soon the entire town was on fire---their screams were loud despite the winds.

    Her violet eyes eerily brightened for one second before she turned around to follow her Mother through the forest.

    The Forest of Forgotten Time.

    She led them out of it, following the violet flowers blooming in the winter. Outside the trees, Violette's eyes widened at the sight in front of her. "Mother, those carriages look different!" she whispered. "There are no horses!" Mother didn't reply, not that Violette expected her too.

    The world outside their village was strange and different, it was what the elders all warned them about.

    But it also spelled freedom.


    When they camped just at the borders of the forest that night, away from the strange land's sight. Violette dreamed.

    "We're out, Skye!" she told her blue eyed sister. "We're outside the village! The sky is so very blue!"

    They both giggled into their hands. "But I don't know where to go next." she whispered. "Your flowers don't blow in the strange hard road."

    "There are strange letters." she whispered. "Mother can't read them either." She traced the letters into the snow.

    P E R T H , S C O T T L A N D

    Violette looked at her sister in worry. "How do I get to you?" she asked and closed her eyes. "You feel so far away."

    "I'm so far away."
  10. "Perth, Scotland." Skye read. "That's the name. This one likes the cold."

    She put her palms over the snow and little shoots began to grow and bloom between the two words. It rose and unfolded leaves until wide-petalled flowers in bright colors bloomed.

    "From where I am, I shall make it bloom." She took her sister's hand reassuringly. "Father's taking me out tomorrow. He said many people want to meet me."

    She looked up and lifted her little warm skinned hands to the sky. "The sky is so blue where I am too, Violette. I think I know how to lead you."

    She held Violette's cheeks in her palms and close her eyes. She let Violette see the Lab, the Greenhouse, the Zoo and Father.

    "I've never been outside this place, but I will be, soon."

    When she awoke, Father and a few scientists were with her. It was quite unusual. She didn't realize that she had grown flowers on the surface of her makeshift bed. She stayed still as Father removed the tubes. She stayed still as they examined the flowers.

    She stayed still and she didn't know why.

    "Child," Father spoke, his voice sounding muffled. It was as if she was stuck in a strange half-asleep state. "You and I...and Dr. Jefferson and Dr. Calvillo will be going somewhere. Sleep some more."

    She could not answer and simply closed her eyes.
  11. Violette looked at the strange town with child like curiousity. She giggled merrily as ran ahead of Mother and her husband. "Lady, don't run too far!" Elder Tabithe called out to her. The group ignored the odd stares and whispering. They were more concerned on keeping their hyper child goddess within eyesight.

    Violette ignored them of course, she wasn't used to orders that direct. The elders communicated to her with silent cold eyes. And she understood those messages well. But she was free now. Free! She giggled and turned around and stopped. Her smile instantly turning into a frown.

    Glancing around, Violette squinted and walked back in the direction she walked into and found herself lost. "Mother?" she called out softly, trying to navigate away from the strangers that were coming towards. "Mother?" She called out again, this time--she ran in the direction she thought she came from.

    "Mother!" she screeched, she felt a stranger reach out to touch her shoulder and turned to them instantly and screamed. "Don't touch me!" But the stranger ignored her words, holding on to her shoulder. They were crowding around her, their thoughts loud and painful and destructive. The strangers wanted to help the pretty little girl, but they were also annoyed by her screeching.

    How dare they disrespect her! Violette was above them! They were nothing!

    Her eyes glazed in anger and she flung everyone and the winds swirled in front of her, throwing away everyone around. The earth began to shake and some strange hollow metal jumped out from the hard road, bursting with water--encasing her enraged form.

    Large cracks were appearing from where she stood and everyone ran away.

    Violette noticed strangers coming closer despite their fear and she raised her hand and flung them aside. She could hear thoughts on how this was a "huge scoop" but she didn't understand and tried to locate the strange voice. When she saw them, they were a huge feet away--behind men with masks and strange shields.

    "Stand down, girl." a roaring voice called out. "Stand down!"

    Violette sneered at them. Stand down?! Who were they to dictate what she should or not do?! She was Violette! She was the Star Child! She was the Lady Childe! They had no right!

    The winds grew stronger.

    "Lady!" a familiar voice called out. She turned her head and saw elder Tabithe being supported by Mother. He reached in the bag and there was a BANG! Violette could only watch with strange detachment when he fell.

    Mother's scream was what brought her back. Violette saw Mother's tears and her vivid violet eyes flashed with fury.

    "Who ordered you to shoot?!" the same roaring voice cried. "You just shot a civilian!"

    Violette screeched with a strange detached echo and the winds blew harder and harsher. The only ones protected were Mother and the now cold form of the elder. The winds resonated around her and she blew away everyone and ANYTHING from the vicinity a good few feet away.

    She walked towards Mother, her eyes still glowing in the aftermath of the power she had unleashed. Mother opened her arms and she snuggled to her bossom. She let Mother rock her in her grief. Violette didn't understand grief, but she understood what sadness was.

    And Mother was that. Sad.


    When Violette dreamed, she didn't see her sister.

    She called out her name, but no one responded. And that was made her sad.

    Everything around her was the same as it was before her sister came.

    Winter in a cold, barren land filled with dead trees.

    Violette sat in a hole of the largest tree in the middle of the clearing, trying to hide from the freezing temperatures.

    She didn't understand.

    Why wasn't Skye here?

    She promised.

    Violette stared out into the snow and wondered if she really was just destined to be alone.

    After all, she only knew how to cause sadness.

    Maybe it was better like that after all.

    Violette sighed and waited for herself to wake up.

    Like she used to in the past.

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  12. "Violette." Skye called out to the emptiness around her.

    Her grassy field didn't have the counterpart snowy wonderland. Skye looked about sadly. She couldn't feel her sister anywhere near.

    Then she smiled. This must mean that Violette is on the way.

    So is she.


    "What is your name?" The stranger asked kindly. Skye looked at him closely.

    They were in a small and dimly lit room, sitting on either side of a table that matched the grayness of the room and of the stranger's hair and stubble. He must be a doctor too, she thought. He wore the same long white coat and even had similar looking pens in its pocket. He even had the similar tired face but the similar curious eyes. And yet everything was so unfamiliar; the toys in the corner, the cushion on the chair so she could be seated higher, the cutout children on the whiteboard...the colors were all so strange. It was clearly not natural to this grey room. It must have been added for her sake. She didn't really understand what that was for.

    "My name is Skye." She told him politely, as Father had taught her to speak.

    "Skye, what a lovely name." He said. She knew he didn't think so. It reminded him of the daughter he thought was his but turned out to be of his wife's ex-boyfriend and fling. Skye saw this in his eyes. "Who gave you this name? Did Dr. Leibowitz?"

    Skye shook her head. "My sister gave me my name."

    She could hear them, or maybe it was the voice in their head. There was a big window on the wall opposite the whiteboard. Father was just out there, along with more strangers, possibly ten.

    "You have a sister?" the Stranger asked. She nodded. He gave her a box of crayons and a drawing pad. "These are for you, my dear-"

    "I'm Skye." She reminded him sternly.

    "Yes, oh, I'm sorry. These are for you, Skye." He continued. "Could you draw us a picture of your sister? I would very much like to see her."

    Skye smiled and happily took the crayons. She lifted the cover of the drawing pad and began to illustrate Violette. "She's super pretty." She told the Stranger excitedly. She took out a yellow crayon and drew the long strokes of her sister's hair. "Her name is Violette. I named her."

    "Oh you did? That's very thoughtful of you." He looked and sounded like father, but she knew he was outside even if the big glass window revealed no secrets. "Did you name her after this plant?"

    Skye looked up. Stranger had put a pot with a wilted flower in it on the table. "But that's dead." Skye muttered sadly.

    "I wanted to ask for your help with this, Skye." He said, sounding sorry. But of course he wasn't because Skye knew his curiosity. Even before he could make the request, while it was in the edge of his mind, Skye touched the flower and it rose in full bloom again.

    She got it now, what Father was saying. They want to know what you can do, Skye.

    "Oh," She gasped. But not in the surprise of how she made the violet bloom, but she really heard Father just now. Stranger was saying something and calling her as she looked out the window.

    She turned to Stranger and looked in his eyes. "Come now, be happy." She told him.

    He smiled. " I am happy. Wow."

    As Stranger stood up and began singing and dancing in a sudden burst of jubilation, Skye continued to draw her sister and outside, the superior of Father's organization tells him, "We must find the one she's talking about and have them both in custody."

    "They're just children-" Father began abut he was interrupted.

    "They have been alive longer that you and I combined." The superior said with a harsh tone. "They only look like children, but we must identify what they are before they become hostile or dangerous.

    Father nodded, but Skye knew he disagreed.
  13. Violette walked behind Mother, hiding between shadows. Dodging every person as possible. Her eyes darted this way and that, using her talents to sense, to hide, to cover, and to run. Violette was getting very tired.

    She isn't used to using her gifts all the time. She knows she is strong. She knows she will get stronger. She knows she is above them all. But she also knows now that using her gifts too much makes her too tired to speak to her sister.

    Not that she could dream. She didn't have time to dream and to sleep.

    Dreaming and Sleeping to her, were two different things. Dreaming was when she delves into her inner world, the world she used to live before the Village, the world where she can meet her sister.

    Sleeping was just resting her body, mind and gifts. Sometimes, when she sleeps, she doesn't Dream. But that's okay, because that means she can use her gifts to the utmost best.

    Violette turned her violet eyes to Mother who tiredly sat beside her and gave her a hug. She hugged back as best as she could. It has been 5 days since Mother's "husband"; Elder Tabithe, had died. Mother was still so sad.

    Violette didn't know what do, to make her happy again. Smiling. Laughing. She didn't---

    She looked to the path they took and tugged her tired Mother up. Violette heard them! They were near!

    It's been five days since they had been hunted, and they didn't know how to leave this strange town named Perth. Violette had not slept for 5days now, even when Mother did, because she needed to be Awake to protect them both.

    Standing up, they ran and Violette saw the strange weapon before Mother and SCREAMED.

    The Strangers and their strange weapons were flung back. The strange hard land under feet cracked and created a strange crater. The wind picked up and whirled between them. And her eyes---her eyes glowed red.

    Violette was getting Oh so tired. Her tears flowed from her eyes and fell.

    Why couldn't they just leave her alone? Why can't they just disappear? Look what they made her do, she's crying. She hasn't cried since the elders told her she wasn't to. She was the Star Child, she was above tears and other weak emotions. She wasn't to cry and poison the land with her tears. It wasn't right.

    Her strange red tears touched the ground and it sizzled like it was acid.

    She sobbed and Mother, dear sweet, sweet, Mother tried to calm her down.

    She was tired, and all she wanted to do was Dream, but she can't. Because to Dream meant not being Awake and using her gifts.

    She needed to be Awake and protect Mother.

    "I'm tired, Mother." she whispered. "I'm so tired."

    Mother said nothing as she held her close.

    "Surrender!" a Stranger yelled.

    Violette turned back at him with her strange red eyes and it glowed. The Stranger made gasping noises and clawed his throat. He should've backed away, now she was making him lose his breath.

    "Stop, Violette" Mother whispered. Violette turned to her, frowning when Mother flinched at her strange red eyes. "This is enough." Mother told her. "I'm tired too."

    Violette turned to the Stranger, who was slowly turning blue, and her eyes melted back to violet. "I want my Skye." she whispered as she leaned into Mother's arms. "I want my Skye back."

    Mother shushed her as the strangers surrounded them hesitantly, wary of what they might do. But they don't need to.

    She was just so tired.

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  14. Father marched past surprised scientists, ignoring some greetings with anger hurried strides. He was summoned to his office, just when they had brought Skye back. She was anxious and afraid, but smiled and wove flowers together in her room. It was a very different behavior and he knew it had everything to do with the sister she spoke of.

    "Her name is Violette." Sky had declared proudly while she wove. But that moment was interrupted by the news that they had found a child who matches the description of Skye's "sister". And that child, said the one who called for him, is very special indeed.

    Father knew how these people worked. They must have captured the girl. They must have hurt her, traumatized the name of science. Father was guilty of the same sins, but he cared a lot about Skye. He wanted to understand her to protect her. He believed that if he knew what needs to be known about her, then they won't have to touch her anymore.

    These thoughts ran in his mind as he roughly pushed his door open. His apprentice of sorts, winced in surprise as he snatched the phone on his desk.

    "This is Dr. Leibowitz." He spat. From here on, he knew he must be careful. He must negotiate to have Skye's sister.

    "Have you seen the news, Dr. Leibowitz?" There was something smug about the voice and Father immediately knew even without introductions that it was his superior, "We found something of interest to you."

    "Please bring her here." Father said with a carefully measured voice. "Our facility has all that is needed to examine her."

    "To tell you the truth, I'm happy to hand her over." The Superior said, matter-of-factly. "She is, in all senses, the mirror of your Homonculus."

    "Mirror? They have the same characteristics and... Abilities?"

    "We can say, they are alike in their differences. This one has the ability to destroy. And she's hostile too. She attempted to escape, but broke in one of the controlled enclosures, the Artic one. She's hiding away there, probably assuming she's outside."

    Alike in their difference. Skye tried to run away before as well, but she found herself in a controlled enclosure for the tropical birds in the Zoo. Her retrieval was a tricky one. Since then, however, they gave her more freedom so she wouldn't feel so trapped and have to run.

    "Let her be, just keep her in your sights." Father was already planning. "I have someone she'd like to meet."
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  15. Violette doesn't know where she is. When she woke up, she was in some sort of cool liquid and stripped off clothing. The liquid made her senses weird. And she couldn't hear Mother at all.

    All she could see were strangers in white coats and had strange, strange thoughts. She saw images and letters and numbers and weird symbols and it was making her head hurt. Even though she was in this weird liquid, submerged in a tube of some sort, she was still strong. She had been Asleep.

    It charged her gifts.

    How DARE these Strangers take away what was hers! How dare they take away Mother!

    Her violet eyes glazed over as she saw what happens next.

    Ice. Snow. No way out. Anger. Blood. Tears. Death.

    Violette could hear their thoughts, something about her was making a chart of some sort go up--but that didn't make sense to her. She wanted Mother! She wanted her Skye!

    She sent out a wave of energy, crashing into the strange glass room surrounding her and it exploded. The weird cold liquid gushing out, and she floated above the broken glass. She glared at each of them and promised to make them suffer!

    How DARE they try to contain The Star Child! They will suffer a thousand deaths by her hands to atone for this impudence!

    But first, she needed to find Mother. She looked around the room in haste, ignoring the cowering Strangers and the weird sound that was made after she destroyed her horrible room. She couldn't find her dress or her the pretty things on her head.

    She turned back to the door to see similar Strangers dressed in black with the same strange weapon that killed her favourite elder. She glared her violet eyes at them and noticed the Strangers in white coats run behind them and out the door.

    They were yelling out instructions to her, but she couldn't understand what they were saying. Violette knows that her speech is affected with who ever has a close link to her. Like the Villagers, Mother or Skye. But none of them were here, and what she spoke turned back to the language of the Stars.

    When she didn't respond to them, they raised their weapons and one man threw a black rock at her.

    A ROCK!

    Violette's eyes turned red and made the rock pause mid-air. HOW DARE THEY throw rocks at her! She noticed that the rock wasn't a rock, strange item and as she reached out to touch it in curiousity--it exploded in bright light, blinding her.

    She screeched a deep guttural sound and flung EVERYONE away from her. She could hear their thoughts, their strange, strange thoughts and it made her panic. Mother!

    She needed her Mother!

    She floated herself out the door and flung anyone who's thoughts were strange. Whose voice wasn't Mother's.

    As she flung back another stranger, she saw their thoughts on a room filled with snow. She aged the door that stood in her way and flung it away.

    The cold was she noticed first, but ignored it. She dropped to the field of snow and ran deeper into the cold.

    Violette opened her eyes, blinking back the pain from that weapon with a strange blinding effect. She looked around her. She couldn't see where she was. She was naked still, but that was okay.

    The cold didn't affect her as bad as her sister. In fact, Violette thrived in the cold. She smiled and began to burrow deep into the snow. She buried her entire form under the snow and Slept.

    Their strange water made her weak. She needed to be stronger. STRONGER to find Mother.

    To find her sister.

    Violette just wanted her Skye.
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