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    2015 | EARTH AU | York Municipal
    The separation of universes has long been considered as a relative theory of evolution. Scientist have come to accept the undisputable fact that within the same galaxy, Earth had been split into mirrored worlds, where fortunately and tragically, certain courses of history have been altered: Hitler succeeded in cleansing Germany of its inadequate genes, though his suicide resulted in the death of FDR and Truman; World War II—called the Eclipse of the Sun—was fought between Russia and States of Liberation over the control of neo-nuclear warheads; an outbreak of R-HIV erupted, killing 4% of African population.

    In our AU state, magic is King. Humans continue to comprise the majority of the population, although not without having to learn a begrudged acceptance of some superior species. Those capable of magic are divided within political courts, the turn of phrases and twist of words are endless, truces made and broken just as readily—but one thing remains true. Humans, once dragged into the conflicts, resolved to rebel unless they were given elective rights as their own class.

    The many courts shrugged the threats away, continuing to abuse power despite the rumors of humans discovering a weapon to change the tides. They called it Titan—and change the tides it did. New ruling castes were created, separated systems to deal with human and magical affairs: The Chamber and The High Caste. Our interest, however, lies in The High Caste, where Sorcerers were chosen to govern a municipal. Walls were built to divide the lands, serving to protect them from monsters—the stuff of legends—and their garnered power.

    Where do we come in?​

    You live in the New York City State, a massive allocation of land that consumes the majority of the Northeast US . The Sorcerer of New York is a middle-aged man by the name of Rulrindale Walker, mundane except his ability to wield space with an extraordinary capability. He has become one of the most feared sorcerers in all the world and ruler of one of the larger cities. So why is this important to you? Well Rulrindale has chosen you to perform a ‘Undertaking’ for him. Exceptionally skilled Sorcerers can bequeath a rare gift—usually of power—to a Called, those that have completed a Undertaking for a Sorcerer. This happens every twenty to fifty years, and the Sorcerer chooses one of the many that have submitted themselves for the opportunity.

    This time you have been chosen, but you aren’t the only one. Rulrindale Walker has assigned you a partner, an unheard of circumstance. Unfortunately for you, you’re stuck with Oliver Lincoln, an unreasonably difficult magic-user. Cities are being stalked by a murderer with little regard to the delicate balance set forth between warring courts—carving the bodies with strange runes and dumping them in very public places. We must retrieve a book and orb in the midst of chaos –and perhaps might even solve the mystery.

    ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾

    As played by Oillus:

    [​IMG]Age: Early twenties or so, depends on who ask
    Quirk: He's uncomfortably terrified of spiders.
    Silhouette: He comes from England with a rather nasty chip on his shoulder. Oliver wouldn't say he's prone to show his temper but his impatient tends to be an underlying pattern of behavior in all actions. He likes his women just like he likes his coffee -- dark with a kick of sweetness, and pack of Marlboro's to get his juices going. Does not play well with others, so he's less than enthused to make the journey with another individual. He'll ignore you unless necessary, gripe about when he does have to communicate, and will inevitably always poison the air with cigarettes. Frankly, he isn't a likeable person, considering his black humor and dry values, but he's perfectly comfortable with who he is.
    Motivation: He enjoys power and while he is suitable to dabble for those less magically inclined, the monotony irks him. He thrives on change - mostly chaos - and tends to reap such where he goes.


    Age: Appears to be mid-forties but is speculated to be much older.
    Quirk: Has a tendency to keep the company of young men in a manner considered inappropriate.
    Silhouette: As the sorcerer of York Municipal, he has is free to indulge in all manners of strange magic—and the responsibility to been seen as formidable. In truth, Rulrindale is much a mystery to even those of his position. He cringes at the thought of announcing a new Undertaking but cites it as perhaps the most important of those in past-times.


    Be literate. Quality over quantity progresses a RP but I will set a limit of 2,000 characters. If this is too much for you, I won't consider you.
    Consistent availability. A weekly post in the least. We all have lives, but I intend for this to move at a moderate pace. If this requirement is too much to meet, don't join. I don't enjoy ditchers.
    Try to choose a mostly original picture—I have to approve it.
    Third-person POV. Negotiable.
    You have to be willing to converse outside the thread. We'll chat on ideas and the assorted lot.
    PM if you're interested.
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