Gemini: A Psychological-Drama

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  1. So I had this idea in mind of creating a really intricate rp that would involve a lot of plot weaving and mystery. This won't be so much a Thriller/Suspense/Horror at all, but really a Drama in base with some aspects of a psychologically pressing approach. So basically a Modern Slice of Life with a really dark feel and undertone.

    The reason for the Rp being called Gemini is because it will be focused around a young lady 18 years old who's been away from her hometown for sometime. The reason for her absence is because she has MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder, where the real persona that everyone knows her as her entire life is so sweet and quiet, and rather reserved, but another side of her was very dark and brooding, not necessarily maniacal, but indeed passive-aggressive and nefarious. My character or course would be the young lady, returning to her hometown after being released of about a year and a half of being institutionalized, and must begin to grasp her life once more coping with the surreality of her disorder.

    I want this to be a group rp for extremes of major character development for my character as well as anyone wanting to join, obviously having been affected in some way by my character's past condition. Best friends, ex boyfriends, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, teachers, what have you. You may choose your character and their history accordingly, I just want a group to be involved with this rp to add more story and interaction, and potentially create their own drama and plot to further add and advance the story.

    If anyone is interested, please respond or PM me, whichever you're comfortable with.
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  4. Who would you want to play?
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