Gemina, the New Earth

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  1. This has been a very annoying plot bunny, bothering me non-stop since it suddenly hit me in the head and wouldn't shut up until it was written down and could gain some followers in the idea. This is, by the way, my first idea for a group RP, it will be classified as sci-fi, and you can read about it below. =^.^=

    I will later submit the requirements for your character in another post.


    In the year of 2012, earthquakes struck in different parts of the world constantly and alarming hundreds of people around the globe, because for some it meant a sign that the world was surely going to end and that they had to prepare for it, not like others who only thought of it as a constant movement of the Earth because it had to adjust itself to the how humans have treated it. And in fact, it was a combination of both ideas.

    It would be remembered for years, the day the Earth had a twin, and a real one that is. On December 21st, 2012, Earth shook so violently that suddenly it cracked itself in two, but it wasn't because it was falling apart, no. It seemed to crack in two but it was actually reproducing itself, the way Leonard thought Sheldon would if he ate too much Thai food one of these days, and the Earth surelt had too much of that itself, in a metaphorical way of speaking.

    This 'twin' of Earth moved through Earth's orbit, placing itself just almost shoulder to shoulder to its creator. Or it seemed to be like that, though in reality, if you looked to the sky, this new planet looked like the moon but multiplied by 10. It was a magnificent show after the violent shaking stopped, no one could deny it. But was this planet deserted...or did it showed signs of life?

    While every city recovered from the horrible final earthquake, scientists got to work immediately. They sent satellites to orbit around this new planet, receiving photos that had them shocked and amazed. The shape of the continents was almost the same as the original Earth, making them guess it was probably a clone of Earth and that they could send their astronauts there. But still, there were doubts floating around the scientists' minds.

    A year passed for the original Earth to recover itself and for the world's governments to finally talk about what they could do. And then the idea popped out of nowhere. What if they sent living people, normal random citizens from all over the world, to investigate this new world? It was a complete chaos when the proposal was said. Presidents yelling, papers flying, profanities screamed towards each other. But it was accepted.

    And so it was said that a group of people chosen randomly from different countries was to be sent on a spaceship, with scientists to help, so they would be the first humans to touch ground on the new planet named Gemina.


    You are one of the selected people who boarded the spaceship Pegasus and just woke up from a cryogenic suspension that lasted 9 years. The reason for it being that long? Gemina started to move when the spaceship was done constructing and the names of the passengers had been chosen. The Pegasus took off, with you inside, and had to go after Gemina, finally landing on her when it was parallel with Earth, at exactly the other side of the sun.

  2. Sounds interesting. ^_^ I was wondering though, is the planet geographically identical to earth, and are the life forms the same or different?
  3. Yes, the planet has the same geography as Earth, so as not to get confused in what part the characters might be. And the life forms...we'll see that later as the story takes progress!
  4. that... sounds interesting I'd join something like that ^_^
  5. Ruikio: Sorry for not answering, it has been a busy week since classes started. I am glad people are interested in this idea for a roleplay.^^

    For anybody interested in entering, here is the information you must fill for your character to be approved. Remember, your character can be from any nationality and can speak any language.

    Complete Name:
    Age: [You must put the age when your character was chosen for the group of people that were to go in the Pegasus and the years it had when they finally landed in Gemina; meaning ou must add 9 years to the age]
    Appearance: [Picture from internet, drawing or clear description, please]
    Biography:[Can be as long or short you want to; I want to know what's the past of your character]
    Abilities: [What is your character good at that can help him/her in his/her stay in Gemina?]

    NOTE: Whenever the IC is up, your first post must be of your character's reaction when s/he was chosen as one of the passengers of the Pegasus, what s/he was doing when they got the news and what they felt when getting the news (from either a FBI cop to a scientist that is in the project). Your second post (after my saying) will be of what was it like when waking up from the cryogenic suspension.
  6. I really like this idea! The storyline could progress in many different paths. I'd be willing to join ^_^
  7. The idea is interesting. I think I might want to join in on this and see how things turn out.
  8. I feel so embarrassed. OTL I haven't been keeping a watch over this. Anyone that is still interested in this please leave a comment. OOC will be up when we get an specific number of players. Of course, anyone else can join anytime. ^^
  9. IN
  10. =claps hands awkwardly= Good, good. Who is still up for this?