Gehenna [Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Military] v1

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Most welcome,

Thank you for peeking in here, hope you like what you see, if you don't we can always negotiate. Nothing is set in stone, this is just a preliminary idea.

More than playing this specific plot with these specific characters in this specific setting I am looking for roleplay partners.

I will be updating this thread regularly as the idea becomes more polished over time.

The Player:

Paragraph Please? - In my post I try to acknowledge the actions directed/affecting my character, his/her thoughts, own actions dialogue and a bit of relevant fluff. I can usually do this in a paragraph or more. Sometimes even less. I strive for quality over quantity, I'd like for you to try and do the same.


The Setting:

(The background the story and the characters will be playing against, inquire for more details.)

A barely habitable planet was long ago colonized by a sleeper ship, the hardships of the first generation still haunt the descendants, this is called the First Time.

Religious schism led to a great civil war, that decimated the population, a war that still goes on today. This is called the Second Time.

Currently, the area's not controlled by religious Zealots are under control of a military dictatorship though oppressive as it might be it has brought development and the rediscovery of faster than light travel. Thus begins the Third Time.

The Plot:

(A basic plot that points us in a direction, bring your own suggestions.)

The planet of Gehenna is rich in heavy metals which are harmful to humans, despite centuries of adaptation and terraforming the planet is not kind to it's people.

Although always capable of space exploration it was not until recently that the planet's leaders decided to explore their galactic neighborhood in search of a more suitable world.

During these expeditions contact was made with humans from another planet. Thought peaceful at first the expedition was attacked by the newly discovered humans followed by a rise in military activity in the area of first contact.

Possible characters:

(A few suggestions, can be male or female, feel free to make up your own.)

Political Advisor: Having just overthrown the previous government, the 'Revolutionary Council' has taken the task of inspecting all officers for 'proper revolutionary thinking'. The role of the advisor is to ensure the orders of the captain are in accordance with the wishes of the revolutionary council.

Ship Captain: At the frontline of the armada are the support frigates, which are small tenders for up to eight fighters and/or bombers. These ships are small, fragile and prone to malfunction, yet are capable of FTL and are hard to detect. It is the duty of the captain of the ship to project the power of Gehenna's Armada in space far away from the home system.

Ace Pilot: The tip of the spear of the Armada are the pilots of the Lance Fighters. These light attack craft are made for long deployments, far from their mobile base. Compared to their counterparts they are poorly shielded, better armored, smaller and faster. The weapons and electronics lag behind considerably, yet the most important component, the pilots are skilled and resourceful.


This will most likely be something heavy on Drama, conflict between characters and characters dealing with stressful, dangerous situations.

There will be room for romance int his plot as it unfolds.

This will however not be an action flick, although there will be episodes of it 'combat' here and there these encounters will be mostly be filled with suspense and end in short and intense death. Very rarely will it play out into an epic dogfight or prolonged shootouts. It's not a Steven Segal flick, there is only so much action you can survive.


Reply to this thread or send a PM!

Once again all this is negotiable, you can pick any character, any gender or make one entirely. We can talk about a different plot, the only thing I would like to keep is the setting. I will be updating this as more details come to mind.

Thanks for reading!
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Hey - dropping interest here. Should I PM you so we can get some specifics down?
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