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  1. So, do you watch YouTube movie/television critics?

    Personally, I love watching them. Nostalgia Critic is my favourite to watch because:

    A) He brings up valid points and does not just ramble on to why he hates/loves it for no reason
    B) He's hilarious. I can't hold a straight face watching his videos.

    But everyone loves giving feedback to the movies that come out, and what their favourites (or most hated) are. I've wanted to get into that but I really do not have the time to do it. So besides NC, who do you enjoy (unless he's the only one you enjoy watching) and what was your favourite video?

  2. I watch video game reviews done by MWN. Those are very good and very funny. I like his bigger then life attitude, You forget he's 5'4
  3. Now, I really like the Nostalgia Critic, and he's funny and all, but I find it hard to argue that even a majority of his points are "good." Same goes for Cinema Sins on YouTube: funny and some good points, but mostly for the laughs. If I really want a solid critique, I go for people like Nostalgia Chick or Film Brain, just to keep on that site.
  4. I like NC, CinemaSins, and WatchMojo.

    Someone once told me I should do movie reviews after I ranted about Armageddon at them, but I think I'll stick to blogging ^^
  5. Brad Jones as the Cinema Snob all the way.
  6. Huge NC fan, but I prefer Jeremy Jahn's reviewing style. It's short, to the point, while still being quite hilarious at times.

    Do MLP: FiM reviewers count? They should. Anyway, Bronycurious and Anthony C are some of the best. I also enjoy Voice of Reason.

    Hot Pepper Gaming, while not being the most informative review series, is always entertaining~
  7. I thought this was going to be a discussion on how everybody thinks they know everything when they get on the internet and how they would react to every thinkable situation they might end up in.


    I'm a casual gamer, I usually check IGN/Gamespot whenever I decide to check out new game releases.
  8. I actually don't like looking up reviews before I watch something. O___O They tend to color my options or give me preconceived notions about it, and then I end up disappointed (cause it was hyped up so much) or unable to enjoy something that I otherwise would have loved cause I get stuck on a flaw that someone pointed out.

    All I need to know is if you liked it or not, I dun wanna know the whys so I can decide for myself. @.@

    AFTER that, I dun mind reviews. I dun have any fav people I watch though. XD
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  9. My favorite is Red Letter Media, particularly Plinkett's videos. :)
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  10. I avoid critics and usually only read reviews after watching something. If the plot sounds interesting I will watch the movie/show and form my own opinion.
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  11. Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw. He's hardly informative, and he's more than a little biased, but he's entertaining enough on most of his reviews.
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  12. Uh... I watch MovieBob's movie reviews when the movie involved is something that triggers my interest. I like to watch SF Debris' Star Trek and other movie reviews. And that's kind of it.
  13. Retsupurae is my favorite YouTube channel for parodying and mocking stupid people playing video games on YouTube.

    It also helps that I like Goons.
  14. Once upon a time, G4 was worth watching.

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