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  1. There was a boy and a girl, that have been friends for almost their entire lives….

    She was a nervous young lady, wore glasses, wasn't as endowed as some girls, had the cutest little blush, and was into video games, comics, and that sort of thing. Ever since the beginning, she wanted to live the rest of her life with him. But she's always been scared he'd reject her...

    And what happens when he says yes to her?...

    The relationship would have to also be kept secret from some people, like the populars, unless they want to be harassed endlessly. And both their parents might not approve of it...


    I don't mind if it's a regular 1x1 or a mature 1x1. Just help me out. x.x
  2. I am curious as to why they have to keep it a secret?

    I'm also new to RP so if you don't mind RPing with a newbie, I wouldn't mind a 1v1 ^^'

    Also, on a side note: Geek Love is the name of a book, so at first I thought the role play was going to be about creating our own freak show (in case you haven't read the book: it is about a family of traveling circus, and the parents mutated their kids DNA so they became freaks that were put on display) xD
  3. They'd get incredibly bullied for being a 'nerd couple,' parents may not approve (especially if we make it a mature RP, and their relationship goes…far O_O), etc

    Huh. Interesting book. XD
  4. XDD How old are you imagining them to be? Middle school? High school?
  5. I'd say late high school.
  6. I just read some mature role plays, and they are waaaay out of my league xD I'm up for a normal role play, but not sure if that's what you are looking for ^^' Sorry~
  7. Ahhh. :O It could work either way.
  8. Well, if you are fine with non-mature I'd like to give it a try :D I am new to role playing, as well... So... What now? Do we figure out settings/plots/specifics? ^^'
  9. It shall take place in….a city. :D…That is if you're cool with that.

    What will your character be like?
  10. Hmm~ One reason the parents might not approve... I can say that my character only lives with his dad who was once a cocaine addict, and that your character's parents don't approve of that? XD

    But I think I want my character for sure to only have one parent, the overbearing father, who doesn't let her go out often, which is why she resorts to studying a lot and being a homebody all the time.

    Thus, the students make fun of her, and spread rumors that her dad abuses her and rapes her (although it's not true), because she's not allowed to pick out her own clothes and her dad won't let her wear anything revealing (and the students mistake that for her trying to cover up bruises).

    BTW, in the story, are we starting with them already having fallen for each other, or not yet, or have they even met yet XD?
  11. That's a good idea. :O

    Oh, they know eachother, and they like eachother, the story begins on the day they decide to admit their feelings, and coming off very awkward instead, but in the end, getting the message out. :D
  12. Can you tell me a bit about your character ^^'?
  13. He's a pretty normal guy, never had a girlfriend, and has similar interests to the girl.

    but at the point people find out about his relationship, he gets a little angry at the people messing with them, and has even gotten into fights in the past with people bullying him, or the girl.
  14. Do you basically have your character in mind? ^^' I have mine more or less so we can start the RP? Or would you like me to recruit some actual bullies XDDD
  15. Yeah, I guess we can start.

    But it'll have to wait till tomorrow. XD

    And no need to recruit. :O
  16. Well, this is my first time in a 1x1 RP ^^' You let me know if we need anything else XD; <3

    Sure sure, just link me to the RP when it's up~ ^^'
  17. Alright. :P

    Sure! I just hope I remember to. DX
  18. Oh, I don't mind a leisure RP ^^' I am not pressed for time or anything. No pressures at all :D

    Unless you don't reply in a week, then I will have to hunt you down and raid your kitchen (make sure there's cheesecake in there) and then force you to post <3
  19. :O

    okay, okay! I'll make the RP, just stay away from my snacks. D: I could never forgive you if you ate my potato chips.

    I'll try to do it tomorrow. DX