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  1. Since many years ago, the balance of power has not been upset between the Solus and the Arcanis. Struggling to take power over the other, neither has gained much ground despite the many battles that have been fought. Many lives have been lost to the constant warring between the seemingly inexhaustible forces of the Solus. With Svenriir's mighty angels in alliance with the witchers, the Arcanis witches have begun to decrease in numbers, hiding this from their enemy. But the balance has been upset, slowly but surely. A new religion has raised it's head to greet it's predecessors. Thankfully, the Order of Dreams is a peaceful group and fairly ignored by the covens of Arcanis. The Order had begun to gain good relations with the Arcanis when something changed everyone's point of view.

    One day, on the northern sky of Gedar, the clouds ran red, as if with blood. Blasts and flashes of light shooting into the atmosphere like bloody heralds of death. Every seer, prophet and oracle began to see the glimpses of what was happening. Humans were seeing the extremely rare birth of a deity. Something that only happens once in many generations. The light show had damaged a good part of the plains from the large amount of debris falling from the sky. When the earth stopped it's trembling and shaking, all that was left in the now barren area, was a single form. This form... was the birth of Athoos Insontis. Named so by the decree of Releo, though the child knows nothing but her name.

    The humans, in their thirst for power so that they might destroy their foes, have begun the race for Athoos Insontis. The moment they were informed of her birth by the proclamation of their seers, the search for the child ensued. What human will find her first? Or will it be human? If the Solus takes the child, and she allies with Svenriir, does anyone have a chance? Or the demons, if Periculum devours the soul of a deity, will he tear the world itself apart? The possibilities are endless, and only determined by the inhabitants of Gedar. The struggle for power may be decided.

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    Realm of the Dead, Releo's Courtroom

    Quiet filled the courtroom as the figure set foot before the throne. The beings of dead silenced their voices, even the shadows themselves seemed to move away from the figure who approached. Clad in shadowy cloth with a twisted scythe in hand the female bowed before the great deity before her. Eyes as hollow as the endless depths of obsidian, Lianna, the feared and greatly respected Soul Reaper spoke before her master.

    "My lord Releo. It is as you have spoken. The event approaches even as I speak."

    The woman straightened up and stared at the creature who was in the form of a man who gave her permission to leave with a simple tilt of his snowy head. As his general walked out, the being rose from his throne and stepped onto the floor. His inscrutable gaze seemed to stare into the endless depths of the world of which his brothers and sisters governed. He turned his eyes toward the floor, walking into the chambers of which only he and his general were permitted to enter. There in through the floor, Releo could see the lands of Gedar, the place of which these people dwelt. He could see the lights coming toward it and a small smile graced his lips as he stared at the waters that he could see the world with.

    "Indeed. Athoos Insontis has been born. What will you do now?" His quiet, breathless voice seemed to emanate into the room though none were there to hear it. He was speaking to himself, though the question seemed to be directed toward the people of Gedar itself. Now would be the time the balance of the world would be upset. Would this be the final straw to the people of the world destroying themselves? Or perhaps end the infernal wars that never stop?


    Gedar, Solus Kryp

    Charging forth from the large cathedral that sat in the center of the Kryp, the man in shining armor marked with the sign of the sun on his breastplate burst onto the balcony. He had a helmet on which hid the shine in his eyes of the order he had just received from the high priest.

    "Citizens of Svenriir!"

    His roar caught the attention of the bustling capitol, it had been enhanced with a quick spell to make sounds louder, so of course they could hear him over the noise. A smirk formed on his tanned face under the shadow of his helmet as he continued once he was assured of the people's attention by their silence.

    "The great Lord of Light has given his command! In the north, a child has been born! A child that our almighty master wishes to bring to him so that this child might be one of Svenriir's might! So gather up your things, knights of Svenriir! Prepare the horses! For we shall ride, tonight! We must find this child before our enemies taint the child's innocence!"

    A great cheer went up from the townsfolk as they began bustling to try and fulfill his order. The Paladins and knights would prepare their things quickly. The entire army would be devoted to this, excepting some of the Angels to stay behind and protect the Kryp from danger while the main military force was not present. This was a campaign of war. They must either achieve what Svenriir desired, or they would destroy it so that no one else can have it.


    Gedar, Takaar

    Sitting in his study, an aged, wrinkled old man sighed as he looked into the glass of wine in his hand, setting it to the side. He turned his olden blue eyes toward the wall as he spoke to an entity that was not there.

    "Oh Dia... How I wish you were here. I fear the worst for these people. With this... the demons will move."

    His voice was sad, like that of one who had seen too much in life. Tarzak groaned as he rose to his feet with the help of his white walking stick. He stroked his nearly white and gray beard thoughtfully. Shuffling as he moved toward the many bookshelves in his study he withdrew a select one. It's empty pages showed that it was made to be written in. He brought it back to his writing desk and withdrew the quill.

    "My dear Dia, I suppose I ought to record this time. For it will make history... either that or it'll burn in history."

    Tarzak let out a dry chuckle as he began to record a vision he had seen naught but the day before, prophesying this event that was happening. This was the day that the world had begun to change. But he didn't like it. This bode ill with him. Tarzak feared that a change in the world would cause the demons to grow worse in their aggression. Meaning more would die than they already were.


    Gedar, Barren Lands

    It was originally a quiet evening... but then it wasn't. It was within a blink of an eye that one could see the fiery lights in the sky. Burning as they entered the atmosphere of Gedar, falling toward the empty place. With each crash, the ground was scarred with the fire from the sky. Light and flame enveloped the area as the falling stars seemed to endlessly hit the barren earth.

    For several long minutes, the devastation continued. To anyone in the far distance, it would only seem like the dawn of the sun, coming several hours too early from the bright lights. For as the flame continued to pour out of the sky, something else was happening. Something... far more important than a simple meteor shower. This was the birth... of a deity. As the flames bore the child, she began to assume her form. Like a phoenix reborn in fire and ash, Athoos Insontis took her first breath of the world. In a place that was empty and void of life except for this one, she was alive.

    A new creature of a new birth, Athoos Isontis was a young new deity who's birth had been prophesied all across Gedar. She had attained a form of her choosing. Pale white skin stretching across a humanoid, childlike body. From her head seemed to be a headdress of feathers, yet it was no headdress. In the middle of these feathers was the ever glowing crimson center, where a small flame seemed to be burning, yet it wasn't hot at all. This was the new child.

    Now begins the adventure. For the fate of Gedar is in the hands of it's people. The world will change, but will it save, or destroy it?
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  2. Vrsuk sat crouched down, the skull-helmet he wears looking ominous in the flickering light of the fire. At his feet lay the corpse of a man he had tortured, and before him stood a lesser demon.

    "Word has come from the different realms.." Hissed the demon "A child has been born in the North... A child that holds unthinkable power. The Sun people and the Witches shall surely be preparing to make expeditions to the North. It is now that everyone is making their moves, to secure the child before the others."

    Vrsuk nodded, silently, and gestured that the demon was dismissed. The silent reptilian rose to his feet, and spoke a few words.
    "Gather them. We depart for Yehd immediately." With that, he and his small band of demons under his command rallied together and made way.
    ~~~~The Next Day~~~~
    Vrsuk stood before Peliculum, with the demon that had brought the news beside him. Vrsuk gestured for the demon to relay the news to Peliculum, and when it was finished, he dismissed it. Turning back to Peliculum, he began to open his mouth but Peliculum had already begun speaking.

    "I had heard of this child, but this brings new light; I had not anticipated that the Sven and the Dead would move so quickly. In that case, you must go now, on your own. If you wish you may bring a couple of the more powerful demons with you, but not too many, for you must move quickly. Your mission is to move north and retrieve the child, at all costs. We shall attempt to draw more attention from the child by attacking more frequently and with larger forces. The blood of those who oppose us shall flow like a river. It will be quite satisfactory. If any new developments arise, you know how to contact me. Now go!"

    Vrsuk nodded and quickly sprang to action, gathering up 3 of the more powerful demons among those gathered at Yehd. He procured supplies and sharpened his weapons, and lay down to rest. When nightfall came, he and his followers set out, this time headed north. The great race had begun, and the winner would surely be Periculum.
  3. Aeru had heard the prophecy just as clearly as everyone else. Of the four Acolytes, she was the one chosen to investigate the situation, and she had decided her objective was going to be to act as an independent bodyguard of the child. This was the reason she hadn't stopped off by a battlefield on her journey as she usually would - her goal required speed to attain. Fortunately, there was a major Leyline along most of the route, and she could travel quickly along it. The major Leyline ended a few hundred meters from where she could sense the presence of the newborn, branching off into tracks too narrow to travel down. She instead moved the rest of the way by foot, trudging slowly across the ground until she found herself standing on the burnt grass that indicated the recent event. Before her, she could see the creature. It was a fearsome entity indeed. It was young, but already she could feel a great power flowing from it. She stepped carefully, making sure to notify the creature of her presence but at the same time keep hostility to a minimum.
  4. Yodd the Hydra Eater

    Yodd sighed, a sigh of a being who had tracked over hundreds of miles of literal dirt just to come with the startling realisation that, regardless of how unlikely it was that a female Ssta'vi would be in this hilly region of dirt, no soul would ever be able to get any semblance of a living out of here. No plants. No animals. No water. Not even minerals on the surface of the ground! Literal, endless, monotonous dirt. He had hoped this would bear some fruits for his labour, maybe a fertile oasis, maybe some cave with actual life in it, something would be excellent!

    He should have known that story he overheard by some travelers were false. There was no great giant beast eating any living thing that grows here. It's bones weren't hard as mithril. It's eyes didn't hold a lake one could swim in, although he already knew it that one was false. If anything it was the fact that no creature would stand this singular shade of dirt, they'd darken it by water for sure. Maybe that's how it died? Literally plucking it's eyes out so it didn't go mad at the lack of change? He wouldn't blame the beast. He would've done it himself if he thought he could get out of here without eyes

    Then the boom came. The sound of ten thousand gongs of the gods. A sound that made Yodd realise something. He was so deep in thought arguing to himself about the legality of the legend, that he didn't realise there was two things. One was a burning ball of fire with several cousins and siblings heading straight for him, and two was that the tiniest one smashed into the earth and caused a shockwave strong enough to knock him out cold



    Yodd roared with sheer terror, waking up in the burning wasteland of a wasteland that was where the gods tossed pebbles to the earth. He stood up with a groan, more sound than most dangers ever got from him, and inspected himself. He was pretty sure his ribcage was crushed, he had some serious internal damage and he was missing a few toes and fingers. He immediately fell on his shattered kneecaps and offered a prayer to whoever or whatever spared him. He stood up, limping in both legs considerably. He was a Ss'tavi, but even Ss'tavi have limits. This was insane! He's surprised he could even stand on his shattered legs, the muscles forcing him upright alone by some miracle.

    He stumbled, and fell into the searing hot dirt, unknowingly standing between a powerful mage and an even more powerful god. Well, laying in a bloodied heap and hearing his own scales sizzle, but same thing.
  5. Gedar, Barren Lands
    (Athoos Insontis)

    The being shifted her body from it's sitting position. Slowly rising from the incredible heat of the melted dirt and stone around her. The craters surrounding her made the area very hot and rather close to magma, though it was rapidly cooling on the edges. The currently crimson ground was letting off steam and heat waves, still recovering from the brutal beating of the rocks that fell from the sky like a rain. Surrounding the newborn was the sound of the heat popping and steaming around her. The earth would not soon wipe this site away. For the ground on which Athoos Insontis stood was like a great pit compared to the walls of the crater rising up in a large roughly bowl shape, with massive dents in it. But there was the sound of movement from above, near the edge of the top of the bowl. Athoos looked up from where her bare feet stood on the liquefied rock without any reaction to the heat she had been born in. Her figure could barely be seen from the steam rising and the glowing, but slowly cooling rock underneath and around her. Red eyes like that of a demon were glowing from the eye sockets, with no distinction between iris, pupil or sclera. She was looking around at her surroundings with her red eyes that matched the endless crimson light from her head, complete with the smoke like light showing constant movement within the eyes.

    Outside of this particularly large crater the wastelands were littered with other, smaller craters much like this, still cooling from the impact, some of them still having liquefied rock and melted dirt that was cooling into a sort of glass and igneous rock. The sounds at the top of the bowl in which Athoos Insontis stood were drawing her attention. She could see one standing figure up at the top, not the Ss'tavi that was on the ground, but she sensed his life presence. So Athoos Insontis took another of her few breaths in this world and began to float up to the top of the crater. Yes... she was floating. Athoos Insontis placed her small, white feet against the dirt of the empty area and inspected the region that her birth had so devastated. She blinked slowly, letting the sight soak in before she turned her whispy looking eyes toward the two presences that were alive right near her. Not that Athoos Insontis could tell what the one on the ground was. He seemed very... roasted? She was also looked at the female there. She seemed to have an energy similar to that of the earth. Like perhaps her life force was tied to the energies of Gedar? Athoos Insontis said nothing, merely looking around and absorbing the knowledge of her surroundings. How very interesting.
  6. Aeru watched the creature move, and upon seeing it presenting no apparent threat, decided to cast a spell. A wall of mist expanded in every direction from herself, like a watery shockwave. As it passed over the molten rock, the surface of it cooled instantly, briefly creating an odd effect where the surface was a semitransparent glass and the core was still molten, before the cold penetrated further and solidified the center of the pool too. She walked over, but stopped once she was about 5 meters from the creature, and spoke in a clear voice that cut through the sound of burning that was affecting the few plants in the area. "Do you have any idea who, or indeed, what, you are?"
  7. Gedar, Barren Lands
    (Athoos Insontis)

    The being herself watched the creature rapidly cooling the area, causing steam to rise from the surface of the heated rock. It was quite the wondrous moment for the newborn deity. Her eyes widened slightly though the lack of distinction between parts of her eyes made it hard to discern. The other similarly short figure had addressed her, so Athoos Insontis turned her eyes toward her, studying and noting the appearance of the girl. Within one blink of her eyes, Athoos Insontis had altered her own eyes in a human like manner, so that the sclera, iris and pupil all shown, with the iris being red, like an albino. She looked back at the site of her birth, where it had been cooled. The slowly steaming bowl of now glass was turning a black color from not being refined like manufactured glass is. Still quite a wonder. Pits made of black glass. Athoos Insontis hadn't answered yet, looking to and fro before finally resting her gaze upon the girl again. "Athoos Insontis." She knew her name, and that was about it. Everything else was instinctual.

    Athoos Insontis did notice the burnt heap of a lizard and walked toward him curiously. Yet another thing she didn't know. But he seemed quite... odd. Unlike Aeru who stood on her feet, this Ss'tavi was laying on the ground, immobile. So the deity decided to slowly approach him. Walking toward him and pursing her small, grayish colored lips. It wasn't dead, she could tell that much. But... it wasn't moving either. Something must be amiss, but the newborn has no understanding of pain or injury since she didn't see it before it was damaged. So she just stared at him. Trying to understand his lack of movement, then looked at the girl, Aeru and asked in her odd voice, like a child's but there was something... majestic about it. It wasn't authoritative, simply... unearthly. "Why does it not move?" She asked Aeru innocently. At least she had knowledge of how to speak. Though she wasn't sure exactly how that happened.
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  8. "Well that's a long and stupid name. I'm going to call you Ath." Aeru showed no fear or intimidation in the presence of the newborn, despite her being able to detect a frightfully large magical trace from it. After all, it wasn't even aware of what magic was, let alone that it possessed it. "It doesn't move because it has been injured, probably due to the lava scattered around here. I don't recommend getting too close though, that species is known for being rather violent."
  9. Gear, Barren Lands
    (Yodd the Hydra Eater)

    Voices. All he heard was voices. Did he die? Was he going to go to whoever controls the dead of Ss'tavi? Was it going to be nice there? Was he going to be able to hunt the horrors of the world beyond?

    He wasn't going to find out today. He regained sensations in his burnt body, completely numb. Nerves must have burnt off. Three days at most to recover. He was going to have to eat, though.

    He peaked out of his crumpled body to see a being look at him. Completely unscathed and with eyes more curious than children learning candy magic. So it's like that? This being came out of this shower? Surely she was the reason why he lived, she had to be. He killed things in far more mundane ways than this, he wasn't supposed to be even a large form, probably a mound of ash and bloodied paste.

    Then another girl came into focus, telling this being, this goddess, that she was to be nicknamed!

    "Oh what the fuck!?" He yelled at the top of his lungs before vomiting his own blood. He was so outraged by such a thing that he couldn't sit still. He crawled towards the group with his good arm and what's left of his tail

    "You're looking at a being born from the fucking meteor shower!" He hissed, dragging his form into a prone position

    "And I'll have you know, we're not violent. We react violently! Such as this, where some idiot nicknames a goddess!"

    He took a deep breath, only to cough up more blood "Listen, if it's all well and good to you, Goddess, could you command my body to heal or something? "

    This was completely out of his element. He hasn't spoken to any living soul his entire life, and now he was yelling his heart out. Being crushed, cooked well done and witnessing the insane can do that to the most stout of heart.
  10. There was no monster to be slain here, only this fancy light show with falling rocks.

    Eva henceforth concluded that drunken travelers are full of shit.

    Not all was lost though, as the wandering Witcher had been rewarded for wandering in the wastes after all. Even if there wasn't a giant monster to kill, Eva got to bear witness to a much more spectacular event. She had a firsthand account of the birth of a goddess, something that doesn't happen for several lifetimes. She found it funny that she of all people would get to claim such a thing, with her life being as short as it will be. Eva approached the newborn deity with a hint of caution, avoiding the occasional patch of still scorching earth. Eva knew the Solus would be after the goddess, and the thought of Svenriir becoming even more powerful didn't sit well with her.

    As Eva inched closer, she detected two other figures that have reached the goddess first. One appeared to be a small child with immense magical power, and another was a charred Ss'tavi on the ground.

    A Ss'tavi that was currently screaming and cursing its scaly head off. It would be accurate to say Eva was fascinated.

    "They speak?" She asked herself, taking a knee in front of the creature and leaning forward, as if to inspect more closely. "I wouldn't be doing that," she warned him, "it would only make your condition worse."

    She stood back up and switched her attention to the childlike deity. "That was quite the lightshow you put on. Needless to say you command the attention of the entire world right now." Eva said, her thumb idly drifting to the crossguard of her sword out of habit. "Listen, everyone and their mother is making a beeline to this spot I imagine. Unless you want to deal with all of them, I suggest we get moving."
  11. Gedar, Barren Lands
    (Athoos Insontis)

    Well things kept getting more interesting. Or was it strange by now? Well since Athoos Insontis didn't really know what was normal, she couldn't say that it was otherwise. But if this was normal, it was very intriguing. She felt her childlike face scruff up into a disgusted look at Aeru. There's nothing stupid about her name. Athoos Insontis was for the first time, feeling offended. She may be new in this world, but really? She wasn't unintelligent. She could sense a lack of respect when one doesn't even bother to say her name... even if it is a long one. Not like Athoos Insontis knew what the difference between a long name and a short name was. Not that she cared in any particular manner. But before the deity could open her mouth to respond. A sound very surprisingly akin to a hissing sound made her blink and look down at the lizard creature that was yelling at the girl next to her. Thank you strange Ss'tavi. Athoos Insontis now knows what to call people who shorten her name. 'Idiots'. She nodded slightly to herself, as if adding that tidbit of knowledge to her quickly growing arsenal of vocabulary.

    Now what the male creature requested... was a little more complicated. Command him to be healed? Well- Another person? Athoos Insontis found herself frowning slightly. She didn't know what to make of these three different life forms in front of her. Um... What? Now she had to leave? Were they all to accompany her? Athoos Insontis was suddenly... very confused. She may be a higher being, but she certainly wasn't omnipresent or all knowing. She figured that she'd just try to heal the lizard for know. So she reached over to touch the bloodied heap and closed her crimson eyes, scrunching up her face like some kind of child concentrating. She would simply focus on what his essence was and letting his body do the rest to making him change back into his natural form. Which should put everything back together... Athoos Insontis was using her first form of magic. A simple manipulation of the energy essence inside of a person. Although it was mostly instinctual on her part, it was a very powerful ability to have, though unsurprising for a being such as this.

    She lifted her pale hand and opened her eyes to watch her handiwork, still ignoring the witcher and the acolyte for another long moment before she looked up at them. Then instead of addressing the problem at hand about people coming for her, Athoos Insontis reached over and grabbed the witcher's shirt like a child seeing something new. "What is this for?" She asked in a simple, innocent way as it probably dawned on the entire group. Though this little goddess was awe inspiring, majestic and outworldly... she was completely without any sort of garment.
  12. Vrsuk and the demons approached the scene. They had not paused for any breaks, and Vrsuk could go for a surprisingly long time without sleep. He had eaten while on the move, and they had wasted no time. Now, he surveyed the scene presented before him. Two women, a child, and another Ss'tavi that seemed to have gone insane.
    He did not rush in however; He and the demons were prepared to wait, for a short time. Vrsuk wanted to see if anything new developed, or if one of these people might say something that he could discern information from. However, Vrsuk did draw his blowgun and placed a dart inside, ready to shoot at any moment. He was confident that the toxin would immobilize, if not kill, any whom it pierced, with the exception of the thick-skinned Ss'tavi.
  13. The Plains (In between The barren lands and Firidain)
    Mary had been enjoying a very nice morning in one of the beautiful plains of Gadar. All have been calm and quite, Mary had been watching the sunset. And even after the sky had gone dark she stayed out and watched the stars. To her surprise something wonderful happened, what look like a meteor shower started throughout the sky. But, Mary knew that it wasn’t a meteor shower, she had seen one before and this wasn’t quite the same. She could feel the magic power pulsing thought out the air as the flaming rocks passed over head.
    The Afar watched until the flaming rocks landed in the horizon, in to the Barren lands. Mary was in awe of the site, knowing that only a few very hundred years would get to see something so amazing. Because of her studying these last few years Mary knew what it meant, a new Deity had been born. And she wanted to meet it.
    She didn’t want to go to use the Deity for power, no it was to talk to person to gain knowledge. This was a once in life time chance, to meet a Deity before they had their own religion. Mary was getting more and more excited as she thought about meeting such a power mage, may she could learn a thing or two.
    Despite how much she wanted to go, she know she needed to get a good night’s sleep before walking so far. She had no horse or any other means of traveling quickly so she would have to walk there. So she quickly went to sleep in her camp, though it was hard to sleep when she was so excited.
    First thing in the morning Mary was up, her camp was taken down, her fire was fully put out, and she was ready to hit the road. She even had breakfast in hand as she started her long walk towards the brand new Deity.
  14. Eva had never expected a goddess to act like a child. Just what on Gedar was running through this thing's head?

    She couldn't help but flinch instinctively when the young deity grabbed the front of her dress, but she refrained from making any other sudden moves. "This...?" Eva asked, puzzled at the child's behavior. "This is a dress- clothing. It's for..." Eva had to think for a moment. How do you explain concepts like clothing and modesty to a being that is completely ignorant of those things? It was at this moment that the witcher realized that Athoos Insontis was completely naked. This whole encounter just keeps getting weirder. "Um... here, this might explain it better," Eva attempted to explain, reaching into a small pouch hanging on her lower back. It must have been enchanted to be "larger on the inside," since she was able to pull out an oversized shirt from within it. It was one of Eva's backups, but she was willing to lend one out in a situation like this.

    "Hold your arms up," Eva told the girl calmly, then guided the soft white fabric onto the goddess's body. It covered the essentials, and that's all that mattered for now. "Not sure if that explains it completely," the witcher admitted, "but it's better than nothing." Eva shrugged, and then stole a glance to everyone else present, gauging their reactions to this predicament.
  15. Yodd the Hydra Eater
    Gedar, Badlands

    Yodd tensed up like a spring when the Goddess did her work. Regardless of anything anyone will ever tell him, Magic still scared him, maybe because he can't use it, maybe because it alters reality itself, maybe because blue bunnies could be formed by it, he really didn't know. When he opened his eyes, he was perfectly normal, better yet he feel fed! Praise Athoos this is amazing!

    He stood up like lightning and started to stretch like a cat, his giant mouth making it impossible for someone to see how much he's grinning, considering he looks like he's smiling all the time.

    He gave the girl who dared nickname a Goddess a look that could burn through steel before before Athoos pointed out the absolute obvious

    she was naked as a newborn.

    He widened his eyes, instantly averting his gaze. He really didn't expect that. He didn't even consider it during all this time. that was an oversight that could be forgiven, but he should be on his guard even more so. His decision reinforced by the new girl. Everyone will be coming to this place.

    He dove to his backpack, rummaging through some things to pull out some rawhide clothing he looted from a bandit that was either stupid, drunk, crazy or high. Had to be if a human decided to attack a Ss'tavi the offchance he ran into one in the woods, and proudly presented it to her just to notice the other girl was already busy.

    he gave a non committed shrug before putting it back. He could barter the clothes for some bread, he was sure of it. It's the only reason he'd keep such things. Oh how he missed the lovely, spongy t-

    What's this smell? Sulphur? Out here? Maybe deeper in the ground that a certain amount of rocks flying out of the sky kicked up, but he made it a rule to be paranoid. To be paranoid is to be prepared for everything. He clapped his hands very loudly to get everyone's attention, then pointed to his nose and took a deep breath from it. He's not going to waste more energy speaking, at least not to the mortals. A goddess deserves to be spoken to, unless incurring the wrath of her.

    Zri'darro the Demon Eater

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gedar, Takaar[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Zri'darro collapsed on a heap, breathing heavily and sweat dripping from his form, but he laughed, raising his twin swords in the sky, his familiars mentally cheering victory. All around him a crowd had formed around him, cheering at his victory against twenty creations made by a some of the elite nightmares. Damn this felt good. He really wouldn't have minded if he had ended up in an arena.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]some dreg picked him up and helped him stand up, giving him a heavy clap on the back that made the half demon assume it was male, visual evidence proved false, but that women's voice could've been a masculine male just as easy. Gods what did they feed this women? Drums for tone and trumpets for volume? With so much meet he's pretty sure she could win a wrestling match against a giant.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]He felt a stab of pain, something in his side has popped loose[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Scratch that, this beast could take on three giants and probably outdrink six if he took her breath as any evidence.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]He very stealthily moved away before she got any bright ideas, walking casually to the big fucking castle in the middle. His holy Traitornous has requested an audience with the renowned Demon Eater. Despite the popular belief that the demon hated Tarzak Phant, he had a very healthy respect for the man somewhere in his rebellious resentment. He was born Solus like Zri'darro was born a Tiefling, predistined to be something they'd probably enjoy. Then life came along and fucked that course up so royally, they're actually enjoying the lives they got.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]His daughter though....[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Tiefling felt a shiver go up his spine by just thinking about her. Very few people know true fear, not some quick terror terror or fright or even hopelessness. This was something else entirely. It was a gnawing ball of anxiety that intensified at the slight action that would give her a chance to notice you. He thankfully avoided her all this time, but Gods, that bitch is the scariest fucking thing he's ever seen in his life.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]He walked up to the leader of this Order of dreams, always playing the cocky ass regardless of how he felt or thought, the Tiefling simply enjoyed it[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"alright old man, you got three minutes, so make this quick or I'm going to hold you personally responsible for all my bar tabs across Gedar itself, and the whores, and the damages."[/BCOLOR]
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  16. Gedar, Barren Lands
    (Athoos Insontis)

    Well in Athoos Insontis' defense, she didn't know any better. She might be regal and all, but she was still as much a child as her age... which was not much at all. She tilted her feathered head, the whitish hair and feathers moving to compensate the shift in position. What was she to think now? But since the witcher had pulled out a shirt, Athoos Insontis obeyed and lifted her hands to allow it to cover her. So it was a sheath of some kind. She didn't sense any sort of magical presence from the cloth, so it must simply be a cultural thing, considering that everyone here was wearing some sort of the same thing to cover their bodies. Suddenly it made sense. Ah, so clothing was to prevent anything important from being seen until... Actually she had no idea. Until they need to clean themselves or something? Hmm, that was a matter to think on. It was definitely a new sensation on her skin. She found herself idly picking at it with her hands then nodded with a satisfied expression on her face. She had decided, that it was harmless.

    But she did observe something else. The witcher was right. MORE people were arriving. So she started to walk. Athoos Insontis completely disregarded all the people around her and began to move forward. Stepping in the barren dirt and wiggling her toes at the sensation. She only had eight toes to wiggle, but she enjoyed it. Once she memorized the feeling, she began to move forward again. The different presence of the demons hiding gave her a suddenly odd feeling. As a deity, she was keen to instinct, and since the beginning, there has been no deity that was friend to the demons. If anything, they would be considered the ultimate prey to a demon since a deity's soul is the highest prize and value. Which would explain why Periculum wanted her. If he could consume her soul, he'd get such a vast power boost that facing a more experienced deity was not so far fetched. When the Ss'tavi clapped was the moment the small goddess moved. She suddenly made a break for it. Dashing faster than a grown man might expect to run thanks to her supernatural aspect. She was outta here! Athoos Insontis didn't like the feeling she was getting, so she was getting away from it. If people wanted to keep up, they better start running.


    Gedar, Takaar
    (Tarzak Phant)

    The old man was waiting in the study for the boy to come. He'd been waiting for some time. His aged blue eyes were staring at the door, as if seeing past it, into another world when Zri'darro came barging in. Tarzak raised his gaze to study the Tiefling's facial features with a tired gaze. He had news for him, and anyone of influence needed to know, especially before people like the one who sired this boy find out. "Boy. This is far more than something so trifle as a few 'outings'." He began in a gruff tone, stroking the long white beard on his chest. He may be 71, but he looked to be 100 from the amount of aging done to him. Tarzak leaned forward slightly and spoke in a dead serious tone of voice. "The whole of Gedar is changing. The world as we know it is about to shift. And I fear the worst." Rising from his seat, the old man began to pace.

    "Today has been a fateful day, I can still see it now. The magnificence... splendor itself. We're talking gods here!" He stopped his pacing and placed his old hands on the Tiefling's shoulders. "Listen, and listen well. Today, another deity has been born. For even now the demons make their move. If they utilize her power, nothing will stop Gedar's destruction!" Tarzak was desperate for Zri'darro's help. Not even the Nightmares will be able to stop something like that! It was beyond even Tiera's control. "No matter who gets this child, Gedar could very well meet it's end. You are to find a way to bring her to Hludana's Sacred Fountain, or lead her to The Fen. It matters not which, so long as she is safe from those who use her." Tarzak was practically begging. He was no longer able to do such a thing himself. Even though he was asking Zri'darro to manage to bring the child to Yehd and safely find a way to travel the Abyss into the Sacred Pool or to the Fen. Though he'd probably have a better chance at the Sacred Pool considering that he's half demon and all. He was asking Zri'darro to handle an issue that would be more than frought with danger, he was going to have practically the whole world against him if he accepted.
  17. As the child broke into a run, so did Vrsuk. He immediately blew his blowgun at the witcher, attempting to at least disable one of his competitors, then he full on sprinted after the deity. His small, lithe body was a streak, as his feet padded along the ground, the demons close on his tail.
    As he ran he reached into a pouch and retrieved another dart, this one slathered with a toxin was that would slow down and eventually paralyze the target.
    He slammed it into the the blowgun and puffed his cheeks around the other end. It shot out, and it sailed towards it's mark. Grinning, Vrsuk stashed the blowgun and grabbed at his mace. He would fight for this child.
  18. "Oh, demons huh. Fun!" Aeru smiled, genuinely excited for what was to come. She created her wings and levitated to around 10 meters above the ground, giving her quite a clear view of the field. "Yep. Definitely demons!" she shouted to the people below her, while simultaneously hoping that some of that Light God's crew would show up soon to add even more entertainment to the conflict. In the few seconds it took to look around, she assessed the strength of the leylines in the immediate area. The ones here were annoyingly weak, but they would have been enough to deal with humans. Unfortunately, these creatures weren't humans. She began to move, flying behind the goddess and easily keeping pace, though she could have gone much faster if she needed to. It was around this time she began to sense an overwhelmingly strong presence, and she noticed a large river descending from the mountains in the distance. "If we can get to the river, we'll be fine. It's one of the five World Rivers. Thanks for picking such a convenient birth place, Ath!"
  19. Eva heard the distinctive puff of a blowgun before she saw the glint of the speeding metal dart. Wailing Dark was free from its scabbard instantly as the witcher brought it up to defend herself. She was able to parry the dart mid-flight and swat it away with a tiny spark. From that mere moment of contact, Wailing Dark was able to absorb the poison that coated the dart, making the blade itself toxic for a limited time. Without another thought Eva took off after the fleeing goddess and the demons pursuing her.

    With speed being the witcher's specialty, she had no problem catching up and keeping pace with the other running girls. She deflected another shot from the demon leader's blowgun. She needed to slow down the demons; Eva wasn't sure how long the others could keep up this race.

    Holy magic wasn't a specialty of hers, but she could make it work for the time being. Eva concentrated, muttering an incantation under her breath, "Svenriir... terra... sancta!" Wailing Dark ironically glowed a splendid white as she channeled the spell. Eva did not house any warm feelings for the Lord of the Sun, but she was not afraid to invoke his power when it suited her. It was probably the only positive she gained during her time with the Solus.

    Eva swiped her empowered blade horizontally, creating, for lack of a better description, a wall of Sun between her party and their demonic hunters. It wouldn't completely stop them, but it would slow them down considerably. In order to keep up the chase, the demons must either go around the wall or simply power through it. Neither one was particularly pleasant.
  20. Vrsuk screeched at his cronies. "Break it!" He ordered. The demons obeyed, and slammed into the wall at full speed, shattering it. Vrsuk kept running, still ahead of all the others pursuing the child.
    The smallish Ss'tavi pulled out another dart slathered with toxin, but instead of sliding it inside the blow gun, he stabbed himself with it as it pierced through his scales. Adrenaline coursed through him, and the revitalized lizard put on another burst of speed, closing the distance between himself and his target, while widening the gap between himself and the others.
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