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  1. ✴Gedar✴
    A mystical land interlocked in struggles of it's inhabitants


    1. No disrespect in the OOC please.
    2. No perfect characters and god modding etc. No metagaming either.
    3. No ultimate abilities such as: Ultimate defense or impenetrable etc, everything has to have it's pros and cons.
    4. If three or more characters are interacting, a posting order may become necessary, otherwise there will not be one.
    5. If you have a suggested addition to any of the Gedar lore, please contact me.
    6. Please keep the characters as one of the races that will be listed as Gedar inhabitants.
    If you have questions, feel free to ask me.

    So, this is my second attempt at my first group roleplay. I decided to try it again since I put so much work into it, even if it died the first time.

    Regarding the storyline, it will be entirely interactive with a lot of sub plots. As the roleplay game 'master' so to speak, I will work to make the plot continue, but your characters are what will make the wheels keep turning. Your character will only be as important as you make them. The NPCs can and will interact with your characters, it's up to you how you respond. Any questions regarding the storyline can be asked. If you wish to be a prominent member of a particular group or faction, feel free to ask me so I can list you as such.
    Since many years ago, the balance of power has not been upset between the Solus and the Arcanis. Struggling to take power over the other, neither has gained much ground despite the many battles that have been fought. Many lives have been lost to the constant warring between the seemingly inexhaustible forces of the Solus. With Svenriir's mighty angels in alliance with the witchers, the Arcanis witches have begun to decrease in numbers, hiding this from their enemy. But the balance has been upset, slowly but surely. A new religion has raised it's head to greet it's predecessors. Thankfully, the Order of Dreams is a peaceful group and fairly ignored by the covens of Arcanis. The Order had begun to gain good relations with the Arcanis when something changed everyone's point of view.

    One day, on the eastern sky of Gedar, the clouds ran red, as if with blood. Blasts and flashes of light shooting into the atmosphere like bloody heralds of death. Every seer, prophet and oracle began to see the glimpses of what was happening. Humans were seeing the extremely rare birth of a deity. Something that only happens once in many generations. The light show had damaged a good part of the plains from the large amount of debris falling from the sky. When the earth stopped it's trembling and shaking, all that was left in the now barren area, was a single form. This form... was the birth of Athoos Insontis. Named so by the decree of Releo, though the child knows nothing but her name.

    The humans, in their thirst for power so that they might destroy their foes, have begun the race for Athoos Insontis. The moment they were informed of her birth by the proclamation of their seers, the search for the child ensued. What human will find her first? Or will it be human? If the Solus takes the child, and she allies with Svenriir, does anyone have a chance? Or the demons, if Periculum devours the soul of a deity, will he tear the world itself apart? The possibilities are endless, and only determined by the inhabitants of Gedar. The struggle for power may be decided.

    The search had begun, for though the deity had been born... she has vanished from the barren lands that provided her birthplace. It is up to the people of Gedar to seek her out. Athoos Insontis could very well be what tips the fragile balance of existence in this world.

    Also, special thanks to Karakui and Lurcolm for their contributions to the information below.

    ✴Races✴ (open)

    Species: Alfe | Life Expectancy: 300-400 years | Alignment: Varies
    Alfar are beautiful people, considered to be the 'Fair Folk' because of that. These are commonly called 'Elves' by those who simplify their racial name. Not that they mind it. Alfar are very unpredictable people. Depending on the Alfe, you may get a generous one and be given a gift, like a golden hammer, or an apron full of diamonds. But many of them are mischief makers and will tell lies just to cause grief and troubles. The Alfar are great warriors, strong with the bow whilst being quick and nimble. These creatures follow no particular deity and are thus held by no particular morals. Making them hard to discern their intentions despite their gracefulness and beautiful appearance. Rarely do they seriously involve themselves into human matters.
    Species: Abyssal | Life Expectancy: Unknown | Alignment: Evil
    Creatures of the Abyss that feed on many things. The flesh of others, dreams and above all, souls. Demons are the greatest threat to Gossamers and Huldrefolk. Known to prey upon the helpless young souls that the Huldrefolk protect, they often clash. Demons are the reason one might experience nightmares, for they either kill the Gossamer assigned to a human or they eat the dream directed for that human. These creatures are not rare, but there are many types and power levels. The average demon can usually be warded off by a few little around the house concoctions, usually those are imps. A full fledged demon takes more than a couple wards to keep them away. An arch demon can only be killed or sent away by someone with enough combat experience to fight them. The highest level of demon is the demon pilo, underneath the demon lord of course. The demons do not have a civilized government, the strongest is ruler, that's the simple culture.

    Dream Weavers
    Species: Gossamer | Life Expectancy: Unknown | Alignment: True Good
    The Dream Weavers are the servants of Jeralu, helping to make dreams to the desires of the dreamers. Weaving the delicate strings of reality to ensure every soul has a well night's rest. They reflect very well their queen's temperament, being kind and caring for all the souls who receives their dreams, and always trying to ensure that a nightmare may never reach them. Their greatest enemies are the Demons, for they feed of the dreams and Gossamer that are assigned to each soul, humans tending to have the best of both. The Dream weavers have countless ways to protect themselves from an assaulting demon, able to weave the reality around, they can easily conjure up defenses to protect the delicate beings that wove them. Or even from the dreamer himself, who a very few can sometimes see the battle near him, and rush to their aid. Though not physically strong, their magic is only limited by their huge imagination Those who gain awareness of their dreams can communicate with the Dream Weavers, offering aid or simply talking to them when they sleep soundly. Such people are hunted by the Solus if they are within their lands, and even the Frekke Arcanis are suspicious of their members who claim to be one of them, the witches named them "Sleepwalkers" and the name quickly stuck, everywhere except the Solus, who name them Daydreamers. Sleepwalkers are said to wield the Dream Weaver's power by their connection with them. Able to configure weapons, supplies, even creatures into the real world simply by imagining it existed. They are rumored to have started banding together in their own crusade to rid the world of demons, to finally let all of humanity rest at peace. They are incredibly formidable, capable of destroying entire dens, or witch covens who have fallen under the sway of demons. often named summoners or conjurers as well as Sleepwalkers or Daydreamers, they are hunted by the Solus as well, though they are silently thankful for the chaos that is their rivalry with the Frekke Arcanis. Dream Weavers are very protective of the human assigned to them, usually assigned at the human's birth and serves them till death, usually by the hands of a demon. Many Dream Weavers are old, since they do not propagate often. A breed that is slowly lessening thanks to the increase of Demons, half blooded demons, and the persecution of the Solus. Dream Weavers are strong with illusions when fighting, able to cause the mind to believe it to be reality, but weak physically, very frail.
    Species: Dwarf | Life Expectancy: 120-130 years | Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    These people are the crusty, mining dwarves. Well known for their blacksmithing abilities and mining skill, short tempered and usually rotund. Dwarves prefer to live underground rather than on the surface, those who do live above ground tend to hang around mountain ranges where they can be left to their solitude. Due to their short tempers, Dwarves are quick to take offense and start a war. Rivals to the Alfar because of the mischievous nature, they often compete with Dwarves on matters of artisan. Dwarves are brutal despite their short stature. Quick and to the point they are known for being blunt. Dwarves are well known for fighting most famously with axes or hammers. Their strength is usually their strongest point, most Dwarves cannot use magic beyond runic weaving. Typically the women are more adept to magic than men, this is unknown why.
    Species: Hulder | Life Expectancy: Unknown | Alignment: Varies
    The souls of children abandoned that died before their time that Hludana has raised as her own. These children serve as ferries for the lost souls and complete missions for Hludana. Oftentimes they will be seen as fair guardian spirits since they are not quite living and not quite dead. Due to their ability to travel through the Sacred Pool of Souls on either side, they are inhuman and no longer completely mortal. The Huldrefolk are described as similar to the Alfars, more commonly known as Elves. Sharing many characteristics to Alfars, and the undead, creating a strange hybrid appearance. The children of Hludana, Huldre are often guardians like their mother, but occasionally they are sent to eradicate threats to the souls of the stillborn, miscarried and the babes who die before baptism. They are often seen as a lost child carrying a lantern, when not protecting a charge. These children tend to be gentle and kind, often even assisting the living with phantom whisperings and quiet guidance, especially for lost travelers.
    Species: Kobalos | Life Expectancy: Unknown | Alignment: Neutral (?)
    A mischievous people, the Kobaloi are considered racial cousins to the Alfar, they are about the size of a Dwarf but slightly smaller. The Kobaloi look to be about the size of children to humans and will often disguise themselves as such to get away with the mischief that they plan. Kobaloi are often known as "The Children of the Forest". They tend to rob travelers who ignore them or play a prank upon some hapless man who doesn't give them a small trinket of some kind. The Kobaloi are merciful to the lost, and oftentimes lead them back to the road whence they came. Kobaloi are small, they cannot use magic to the extent the Alfar can, nor do they have the physical fighting abilities of the Dwarves. The greatest asset Kobaloi have, is their speed, their cunning and stealth. Kobaloi can sneak up on almost any creature well, except for perhaps a well trained Alfar. Kobaloi are an increasingly rare race, often subject to slavers and thus their numbers are diminishing. They also hold a strange bond with the Ss'tavi, able to tame even the wildest of the scaly beasts.
    Solus Priests and Paladins
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: 50-60 years | Alignment: Varies
    The priest hierarchy is rather complicated, many comparing it to the political struggles of the noble houses, and only males could enter it. Every soul desiring to be a pries must endure seven years of intense training and studying to become a simple acolyte. From there, it is completely up to the priests two ranks higher than the acolytes to promote them. The Solus claim it's a practice to increase the bond between the priests, for only friends who supposedly respect another's virtue and honor would allow someone to rise another rank. The system only works as such for the first three ranks. Resulting in a massive war of favor among the lower ranked acolytes, feuding for attention of the higher ups in many a way. As one can think it is often exploited by corrupted priests, and give many unlawful progression within the ranks.When an Acolyte starts, he is known as a lesser acolyte, then he can advance to a normal title of "acolyte" then finally to "Pure Acolyte" the "Pure" in his title speaking of the purity of his heart, to have gone up twice already, supposedly for the purity of his heart. When a priest wanted to rise higher among the ranks, a council of twelve individuals ranked higher than the candidate must all agree that he may raise higher in their ranks. This system stops when the candidate had reached the second highest rank, having passed through the three stages of Pastor, Priest and Bishop, he would be known as an Archbishop. From there a council is held every time a Pope has passed on to vote for his successor. Magic within The Priesthood are only taught a very narrow school of magic that focused on the Priesthood sun's rays to heal and strengthen,thus making them powerless at night or underground It is forbidden for a priest to wield his power to harm in any form, though that law is only pursued when he harmed one of the followers of Solus. Otherwise it is only considered "Unavoidable" due to the tension between the Solus and any other Religion that could ever exist, and it is blatantly encouraged to harm a follower of Hludana. For pure combat, the usually weak priests depend fully on the warrior sect of the Solus, called the Paladins.

    The Paladins are, to be blunt, the killing machine of the Solus. They are selected by holy beings called "Sun Angels" disciples so devoted to Svenriir that he let them serve him eternally as his personal army and task force. It is said that a single one could destroy an entire city. After selection at a Ceremony every boy aged six attend. Every child selected were to be taken away from their families, and were only taught of the Solus, of combat and of strategies.They were taught of how to use Svenriir's light to aid them in battle. They were manipulated like clay until they were the perfect soldier to fight against the supposed evils that strive for the destruction of the Solus. Such masters at arms usually wear weapons and armor blessed by the Sun Angel that selected them, the angels themselves becoming mentors for the paladins. They also taught their combat skills, choosing to master every weapon the Solus could possibly offer these dangerous warriors. Their zeal to their god bordering on fanaticism. It is said their great victories are thanks to their indomitable will. The highest ranked paladins able to withstand countless fatal wounds, and still be able to stand and fight on, their will indomitable, their strength legendary. Paladins are also known as protectors, their armor able to withstand countless Guardians attacks from any who dare fight them. They're known for eagerly sacrificing their lives for the sake of the villages they protect, but they only protect villages who are under the sway of the Solus, any other villages are completely left at the mercy of the world and the gods they took above Svenriir himself. The all too present xenophobia easily showing through to even the protectors of the weak. And as usual, their hate for Hludana shine easily red with her follower's blood. any who would dare to even whisper her name in the presence of a paladin would quickly be struck down, the paladin roaring holy phrases from the archives they had to memorize in their training, each word giving them power through their holy sun.
    Soul Gatherers
    Species: Endors | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Alignment: True Neutral
    The servants of Releo and Lianna, these creatures are spirits that were once human souls that have been changed and given power to gather the souls of deceased humans, excepting unbaptized children who are gathered by the Huldrefolk. These creatures might be considered similar to demons from their strange appearances, but they are very different creatures. Like human souls, once they die or desire it, the Soul Gatherers will be taken to Hludana to be weaved into new souls, for new life. These creatures do not age, thanks to the power granted to them by Releo or Lianna. Soul Gatherers are not exactly aggressive, but they will attack without mercy if a demon tries to interfere and take one of the souls they might be trying to bring to the Kingdom of the dead. Soul Gatherers will have varying levels of strength, based upon the resolve, the motive and how much power was granted to them. There are a couple rogue Soul Gatherers, but they are slain upon discovery by other Soul Gatherers or the Soul Reaper. Such creatures are usually inhuman in appearance but have intelligence and sentiments, shards of their once human soul. Often their powers are magical in form or destructively savage shape-shifting.

    The group of people who dedicate themselves to destroying witches. The Witchers have studied both arcane magic and holy magic from the Solus to destroy their enemy, the witches. However, because of the nature of the holy magic and arcane magic clashing once their bodies are tattooed and trained, their bodies break down and they die sooner than most humans. Witchers rarely care who is involved in their hunt. They do not show mercy to any witch or mortal who stands in their way. Witchers are not above torture to get the answers they want regarding their eternal enemy. It is unknown exactly WHY they hunt witches, all that is known is they hate them with a passion and will not rest until they are all dead. Most Witchers have a personal vendetta or a hatred for Hludana and the covens that serve her.
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: 60-70 years | Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Humans who have studied the Frekke Arcanis and followed it's laws, learned it's magics and gone past the stage of acolyte. Witches are extremely skilled with magic and sorcery. Occasionally there will be fortune tellers and seers among their ranks but there are not many. Witches have many forms of magic, but most notably, they all use some form of magic circle. The types of magic circle may vary depending upon the witch. It is said that they gain their power through the Sacred Pool of Souls but there is no confirmation of that. Witches are formidable opponents, cruel and cunning. Merciless to their enemies, they are ruthless to whomever they face and especially against members of the Solus or Witchers. Most commonly known to wear black in mourning for Hludana's grief in her barrenness and wearing pointed hats with a small bell at the end. The pointed hats in representation of a church steeple, for a funeral. And the bell to ring for each soul that Hludana comforts when it has died before it's time. This group includes both men and women, both are called by 'Witch'.
    Species: Reptillian | Life Expectancy: About 500 years | Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    The Ss'tavi are, by a fault, freaks. No god could ever claim to have created this predator species, yet they are here. The only certainty is their clear fascination with the Kobaloi. Many scholars theorised that they are, in some way, stemmed from the mischievous little creatures. All that is known are the stories of soldiers and hunters alike that have faced them, and those are only the ones who managed to come back alive.
    These reptilian beasts are humanoid, bipedal creatures stand shy over eight foot tall on average. They are notoriously powerful in both the body and the mind, and many hunters consider them the ultimate prey. These creatures are anything but prey, however. Capable of outsmarting the most cunning hunter, and overpowering the most powerful brawler. These creatures have one jarring weakness, however. They cannot use magic. For whatever reason
    that scholars theorize, it is simply impossible for these beasts to wield magic.
    These Lizardman, as they are commonly known, value prey just as much as those who hunt them. They wear the bones of their trophies as armor, and make elaborate weapons out of their bones. They are even known for not eating some of the things they hunt because it was too good a hunt to do only once. Some brazen hunters even claim to have a sort of bond with these creatures through that sense, neither one wanting the hunt to end, so they play what basically comes to an elaborate game of cat and mouse.
    Yet, for some reason or another, they do not bother the Kobaloi. Ever. These giant, ruthless predators become gentle giants in the presence of such tiny things. No scholar has ever been able to give a solid theory about the apparently instinctual bond between those two races, but pity any soul who dares harm a kobaloi in a Lizardman's Territory, for they are not known to be merciful when enraged. Horror stories are abundant of the numerous horrific ways a Lizardman can kill, apparently tapping in to an instinctual knowledge of torture, interrogation, and execution.
    These creatures are incredibly solitary, however, and many are known to simply die alone without ever having the urge to seek a mate and have offspring, yet there numbers never dwindle, but never rise. It is as if nature itself has ensured that these apex predators cannot create an empire great enough to have an organised military, for then the world shall fall.
    The scales of a Ss'tavi are generally used as a magic suppressant, and armor made of the iron hard scales of a Ss'tavi are known to absorb magic within itself, which is the leading theory on their longevity. A single Ss'tavi ages on average of over 500 years, and those who come into daily contact with magic take even longer to finally die of old age.
    Ss'tavi are infamous for their hidden intelligence. They neither act nor look like creatures that can hold much intelligence, which is in a sense true. Ss'tavi have adapted to have incredibly sharp minds, but for whatever reason, they struggle with academic pursuits, yet suddenly flourish when that mind needs to be used for some sort of physical activity. It is theorized that their brains are so deeply integrated into their instincts, that it's only true power is when doing things a predator would normally do. As such, they are famous for being mute. They literally do not make a sound for most of their lifetime, and only ever does when addressing a mate or someone equally as close. To the people they speak to, they are unflinchingly loyal, and will die on a whim if it saved those important to them.
    Because of this loyalty, Ss'tavi eggs are incredibly valuable in the slave trade, for if one raised the creature in it's ten year maturity right, then it would never disobey you, never doubt you, and most importantly, never defy you. Scholars propose, that is the reason why they are so attached to the Kobaloi.
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: 60-70 years | Alignment: Good
    These are the people with high amount of contact with their Gossamer. Every human that has seen their own Gossamer is capable of magic, even if it is weak. Once their Gossamer bestows them the gift of dreams, a Sleepwalker is well on their way to learning the strengths of magic and soul weaving. It is not unheard for for a Sleepwalker to fall in love with their Gossamer. Usually they are only interested in peace and the pursuit of knowledge. Not many are given the strength to smite down any enemy, but the relationship between Sleepwalker and Gossamer can drastically affect the power of magic, as a human without a Gossamer makes dream magic practically impossible to cast unless a Gossamer has bestowed a piece of their essence on the human before death.
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: Varies | Alignment: Neutral
    The Kaien bound are a remnant of a major religion that was before the Solus, said to have been formed over the great war. These are the mages of nature, so to speak. Powerful in earth magic in all it's forms, the Geomancers are a worthy opponant for any enemy to face. Though reduced to simple cults now, the Geomancers thrive wherever there is life, the very nature of their power is dependent upon the cycle of natural life and death. Bound by an ancient pact to the deity Kaien, the followers are ruled by the four Acolytes of the mighty snake. Charged with the care of the leylines, which could be considered the veins of the earth, the followers of Kaien constantly seek to eradicate those that would tip the balance of life, namely the demons and any other who would upset equilibrium where it should not be.

    Note: Races/Faction alignments do not mean that your character must be of that alignment! It is just the predominate alignment of the faction. Hybrids are also allowed, but please ask me what hybrid you might be wanting to do before you do it, as a couple of them wouldn't really fit.

    ✴Doctrines✴ (open)

    Frekke Arcanis
    Form: Religion | Years of Existence: 400+ | Alignment: Neutral
    The Frekke Arcanis is, without a doubt, the embodiment of the worshipers of Hludana, and as such, the greatest target the Solus want destroyed. The common man would only know of the struggle between the two factions, not of the true reasons. The Frekke Arcanis contains the true retelling of the story, which damns the Solus as common criminals alongside themselves. The Solus wants it destroyed because of it, but the sacred volumes are kept hidden, only copies of it are ever seen by any eye other than themselves, even able to spot spies. The Frekke Arcanis is a collection massive set of tomes, containing the manuscripts of the genius mage Frekke Jorson, the face of the worshipers of Hludana even far after his death. In his writings, he spoke of his beloved goddess Hludana in such depth and detail no other book can ever dream of matching. Some even say the books were his embodiment of love for her. That is the Reason the Solus wants it destroyed. Those who worship Hludana are one of the most resistant religious sects, mainly witch covens spread far and wide, and hidden extremely well. The largest physical threat these tombs present to the Solus, is the magic circles and spells within. Making the entirety of Hludana's worshiper's vast magical arsenal. Each and every spell used to devastate the Solus comes from these books. It is also why they still live to this day even after being made the primary target of the Witchers, the paladins, and the priesthood all together. An amazing feat by far It is said that the Frekke Arcanis speaks of a ritual that a coven must do once a year on the new moon of the mid season. They must sacrifice twelve unbaptized babies, supposedly sending their incomplete souls to Hludana to comfort her in her barrenness. The tomes warn that if she does not receive her twelve incomplete children each year, that she would wail and grieve for a fortnight before cursing the entirety of womankind to have countless barren wombs so they would feel her barrenness, her loneliness. Orphaned children that were born outside of the Solus are eagerly taken in by the loving people. What happens to these children are to be debated for anyone other than the worshipers themselves who treat the orphans like their own, showering them with love and kindness, unlike the Xenophobic Solus.
    The Solus
    Form: Religion | Years of Existence: 500+ | Alignment: Neutral Evil
    The Solus are Xenophobic of other religions at best, never accepting anything else but their almighty Svenriir, Lord of the Warm Light and Keeper of his People's souls. Their xenophobia is completely supported by the fact that it's the greatest current belief. Supressing any other attempt at beliefs without puting a law on it. Many say it is why they are so powerful, their complicated heirarchy a kingdom of itself within the countless actual ones Xenophobia A curious case arose on their xenophobia of a specific religion. The worship of a diety called Hludana. Lore states that Svenriir made Hludana infertile before she could bare a single child, resulting in all the chaos within her followers, reportedly. The religious sect conflict violently with the Solus, the resulting choas both fantastic and terrible as the renowned Paladins clash with the the choatic energy that comes from the Frekke Arcanis. It is also rumoured that people who are known contacts with her worshippers often disapear and never return. Along with the even more dangerous rumors that Her followers are tortured to death in the inquisition chambers, though no solid evidence were ever reported Light-loving As expected, daytime is rather holy to these people. They do all their activities during the day, claiming that evil beings awaken in the night. believing that only Svenriir's light can protect them of such evils.(another deity?) and only Svenriircan chase them away with his light. The result is that anyone that has no choice but to work in the night, must first be blessed by one of their priests, which isn't for it is mandatory for every village to have one among them. Even blessed, those commonly nicknamed "nightwalkers" are usually avoided when daybreak comes, the people getting up the moment the sun's rays meet the world, and only leave when the sun finally sets.
    Order of Dreams
    Form: Religion | Years of Existence: | Alignment: Neutral Good
    The Order of Dreams are, strictly speaking, very young compared to the other doctrines, only arising from obscurity some twenty five years ago. As such, relatively few people actually know of a rumor of them, let alone that they exist. The order of dreams consists of those who worship the Queen of dreams, Jeralu, representing what she stands for. Peace, Serenity, Joy. Obviously enough, it is said that those who accepts Jeralu as their goddess, experience the sweetest, most sound dreams one could ever have. Those who wish to join the Order have to go through an intense initiation ritual. They must embrace Jeralu, taking a special potion called Eversleep. As the name states, they fall into a coma, staying so for three days and three nights, within this time their soul's Gossamer inspect their minds, determining where they will be within the order itself, or if they even are capable of being within it. It is said that those born into the order must do this at the age of twelve.

    Their relationship with the other Doctrines are precarious at best. The Solus outright hate them, but that is not uncommon of Xenophobic empire. The Witches and the Frekke Arcanis seem to tolerate them, though undoubtedly will never trust them, whether it envy of their unique magic, or distrust of the extent the Gossamer's have access to their minds. It is known, however, that they work with each other rather occasionally, be it to fight back the Solus as they start in a crusade of their own, or to retaliate against demons for one thing or another. It is said that food had no scarcity within the lands controlled by the Order, as it is a simple matter of bringing the food of their fantasies to the reality. As such, Gold or any other precious metal is practically useless to them. They seem to have built a caste system within their society. Even so, there is a social order among each caste, based on the power the Dreamwalker wields.

    Of course, Sleepwalkers are within this Order. The order's founder, Tarzak Phant, a noble lord within the Solus until he fell in love with his Gosamer, had made sure to welcome any outsiders that are sleepwalkers, taking their bond with their gossamer as proof enough to avoid the initiation. They are then split into several groups depending on their state of mind assigned to roles their Gossamers believe would be best to them And of course, the Order shares the goals of the individual sleepwalker. To destroy the demons, and rid the world of the greatest of evils. It is said that every ten years, they send a war party of their most elite into the Abyss for three months, set to wreaking as much destruction as possible, and cleanse the lands they take from their foul taint. The demons in turn traditionally meet this crusade head on. Resulting in a magnificent battle for both life and soul.

    After their Gossamer determines where they shall fit into the order, they start training for the various roles. Unlike the Solus, the Gossamer allow family contact within the training, which consinsts of physical when they are awake, and spiritual and mental when they sleep. The training time and intensity varies from each role, some taking up to a decade to finish, others not even needing to have to train at all. It all is determined by their Goassamer. As one can think, there are several castes for the Order, the most common is the Sleepwalker caste. They can specialise in any aspect of their creation magic, be it conjuring weapons, living creatures, armour, or medical supplies. They are by far the most versatile caste as well due to this. They outnumber all but the Weaver Caste, and are generally what outsiders call all of the Order, regardless of class. They tend to be determined, and ingenious, and although not intended, the majority of the Sleepwalker class tend to be adventurers, supposedly due to the personality of trying to solve problems regardless of type.

    Along with the Sleepwalkers, the Dreamers are far different from their resourceful brothers. It was determined by the members of the Dreamer caste that they were incapable of killing, even demons need not fear these people, that coupled with the will to aid led them to become the Order's healers, Conjuring medicinal brews and wound dressing out of thing air. As small as the Caste is, it is one of the most depended upon, for they could even heal the soul with their creatures, capable of even pulling them back from a demon's maw if the Dreamer were skilled enough. They also have the highest amount of those who fall in love with their Gassemar.

    The third caste is the Weaver caste, consisting mostly of builders or inventors, they see to the construction of the Order's infrastructure, aiding many in the building of their homes or a city's defenses. The most powerful of them can even conjure a small town of structures with ease. This of course leads to their near unstoppable defense in sieges, for all it takes is a single Weaver to repair destroyed walls and ramparts, conjuring up heavy weaponry to aid the defense. The Weavers are also responsible for the food of the Order, massive farms growing fruits and vegetables out of one's imagination, ranging from pink carrots to wine flavored apples. The flesh of their livestock are equally as colorful and unique, and many claim they never eat truly the same meal twice for the entirety of their lives.

    The Fourth and final caste is undoubtedly the most feared. They are the Nightmare cast. Consisting mostly of those who worship Jeralu, but have evil within their hearts. The Order's armies consist mostly of these horrible beings. Their specialty conjuring beasts of horror and death to aid in their battles against their many enemies. They never keep prisoners, they never show mercy, and an army of Nightmares have never lost a single battle. Their blood lust reflecting easily into the eyes of the horrors they make. They never harm those who don't attack them, however, seeing them only as new members for their ranks. Contrary to popular belief, they function surprisingly well with the other castes, though not surprisingly, the Nightmares are the second smallest caste. But they're by far the strongest, and complete the tasks given to them at any cost. Many outside the order outright refuse or even run if they see a nightmare, for it is said that the evil presence could be felt for miles, and the only reason they help Jeralu is because their Gossamers direct their fury.
    Kaien Pact
    Form: Religion | Years of Existence: 600+ | Alignment: Neutral
    Long ago, the Kaien Pact was founded after a great war threatened to destroy much of what Kaien had worked on. Out of desperation, she appeared to them in her full might, and warned them that if they continued, she would obliterate all the sides involved in the conflict. As such, the Kaien Pact was founded - an alliance between every nation in honour of the force that threatened to destroy them. For many decades, the Kaien Pact was the ruling force of the world, and everyone from peasant to king paid her their respects. However, people did not like being forced to worship a god out of the threat of destruction, and when they heard about the new gods, they were quite ready to split off, and so the Kaien Pact fell into obscurity, leaving only a legacy and a legend. Nowadays, few even know of the name "Kaien" let alone what it means.

    In the current age, the Kaien Pact is very different to what it once was. It is more a group of pagan cults who gather to worship their deity. They have one major festival per year - the Reiji Festival - which lasts for 3 nights and is like a giant communal gathering of Kaien followers in a huge cavern network that serves as the Pact's main cathedral. It is said that during this festival, Kaien shows herself to her followers, taking the form of a beautiful young woman, and joins in their festivities. The Kaien is easily the most merry bunch of people, since their religion is very simple - take care of the land and the land will take care of you.

    The structure of the group is very simple too. Each local coven is run by a single elder, while the entire religion is run by 4 so called Acolytes of Kaien - powerful mages raised from birth in the ways of Kaien's magic, who are rumoured to have direct contact capabilities with the god whenever they please. It is thought that even the youngest of the current Acolytes is a good 200 years old. The Acolytes have a rather simple task - maintain order in the world. Maintain the balance between life and death. While usually rather passive, simply wandering earth making sure that none of the leylines get out of order, occasionally they will show up on a battlefield too. You must only hope they're on your side. Acolytes are seen as both symbols of good luck and symbols of misfortune, as their appearance in a conflict means that a certain outcome is desired and the Acolytes will expend their full energy to ensure that outcome is the one that occurs.

    Kaien mages, often called Geomancers, focus on use of magical leylines made by Kaien which are the channelling canals of all the magical energy naturally produced by plants, animals and stone. Though Kaien mages can gain power anywhere on earth, they gain significantly more when close to a leyline, and can also use leylines for other purposes. Leylines change based on the local geomorphology, so with shifts in the earth such as forest fires, leylines can be altered and even broken, meaning that repair needs to be done by an Acolyte or Kaien. Normal Geomancers cannot repair leylines, as even the most powerful of them lack the power necessary. Acolytes are Geomancers of considerable power, and each of the 4 contains a fragment of Kaien's power.

    Leylines cannot be seen by normal people, and even with advanced training, mages of other disciplines will have a hard time detecting them, making it very difficult for them to choose a battlefield based on an Acolyte's ability to interfere with it. To put leylines in proportion, the 4 Acolytes could slaughter the entire Solus empire if they were fighting in the Grand Cavern where the leylines gather. If however, the Acolytes were caught in an environment sufficiently far from any leylines, they would each be little more powerful than a human with a butter knife, and their abilities would be limited only to the very slow growth of terrain.

    ✴Deities✴ (open)

    Athoos Insontis, New Child
    Species: Deity | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Gender: Female | Alignment: (Unknown)
    A new deity, recently born in a meteor shower, this child is searching to understand her surroundings. Currently the only deity to dwell openly in the human world, thus vulnerable to it's dangers. However, not an enemy to any deity, Athoos is a subject innocent to evils and easily manipulated. Her purpose has not been decided yet, but she is the only deity currently unknown. It is not known if the deities are aware of her existence yet, excepting Releo, who has made no move thus far. The only mortals with any knowledge of her existence are the seers who can see into the unknown and those who they have informed of the new deity's birth.

    Dea Hludana, Protectress of the Unborn
    Species: Deity | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Gender: Female | Alignment: Neutral Good
    A Deity and known as the mother of the Huldrefolk. Dea Hludana dwells in the cave where the Sacred Pool of Souls is. However, this cave itself is between the realms as Hludana is the guardian of the Abyss. Known also to be the watcher over women's works, specifically the loom as weaving is symbolic of how she was born into existence. Many witches worship Hludana as their goddess, thus considered pagan by the Solus. Hludana, as the ruler over the Sacred Pool of Souls, is the weaver of newborn's souls and the guide to children who are miscarried or die before baptism. Considered to be a ferry and caretaker for those children who die, since Hludana is cursed to be forever barren. A kind woman, as the Huldrefolk seem to adore her as their mother, regardless of whether they are of her blood or not. Hludana must constantly be on guard at the Sacred Pool, for Svenriir has made it his mission to destroy her. But she has not given up, she loves her spiritual children, the Huldrefolk, as well as every soul she weaves. She chooses the best time for a woman to have her womb stir, offering them comfort through the form of a child. Some deserving, some undeserving. But regardless, she is the creator of souls, this duty bestowed upon her by Releo, the Lord of the Dead and Ageless God.
    Jeralu, Queen of Dreams
    Species: Gossamer | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Gender: Female | Alignment: True Good
    For a goddess every soul experienced at least once, the Queen of Dreams is a very secretive goddess Very little is known about her to the outside world, only her followers know her to any extent. Though the rumors the Solus relentlessly suppress is that she is one of the kindest beings in existence, caring for all those who enter her world, the Fen. The Solus, knowing that extends to their own followers, have been hunting to either destroy her, or her presence in their people. Even the Frekke Arcanis dislike her, but seem to be growing fond of her due to her help in countless situations where she had warned their people. She is said to be kind to all things, and even tries to reason with her enemies before attacking, weeping as she fights. Her followers, the Dream Weavers, claim that she only desires to fulfill the happiness of everyone in the world, but that does not stop her from fighting those who would reject her and try to kill her, though only out of self defense. She has no qualms to attack demons who threaten her people, however, the two factions being at war for the minds of the people for eons. Her magic is both amazing and terrible.
    Releo, Lord of the Dead
    Species: Deity | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Gender: Male | Alignment: True Neutral
    The first of the deities to have ever existed, Releo is known by other deities as the Ageless God. His birth is unknown by man or deity. The most mysterious of all deities, he is said to be the only one who understands the fullest mysteries of the universe. Releo is a deity who has seen many of his brethren rise and fall. He bestows a purpose to anyone who comes to him desiring one. He rules within the Kingdom of The Dead. A realm of his own making for the souls of the dead to safely dwell from the demons who would gladly devour them. Releo is a quiet man, he does not find himself rivaling his fellow brethren, even if they seek him out, Releo is considered the most powerful god of all. Known by humans as the "Absolute Lord" Because of the fact that death is inevitable and he is lord over death. Used to be, the lord over the new souls as well, having given that duty to Svenriir long ago. However, he passed that duty on to Hludana when she came to him, heartbroken over her barren womb. As punishment to Svenriir for the curse to his younger sister, Releo gave him the daily duty of rising the sun and bringing it down to set, forever to run circles around the world on the fiery chariot so it would not go astray. Thus earning him Svenriir's eternal hatred and Hludana's gratefulness. But because Svenriir had been the Lord of the Sacred Pool, the curse for Hludana could not be undone. If Releo had been able to change it... he did not. Why this is, remains forever unknown. Releo takes every new deity under his wing, allows them to wander the world so they might explore to find their purpose, and if they still seek him out for a duty, Releo bestows them something suiting to each one. Releo is suspected to be the supreme deity, since he held every duty that the deities currently have, but he will deny being supreme anything. This deity is a quiet one, he neither avoids conflict nor seeks it out. Possibly the most lenient of his siblings, but also the most fair, he will not spare the guilty. He judges the dead from their time in life, his general often handles that for him since he is a busy man.
    Svenriir, God of Light
    Species: Deity | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Gender: Male | Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    There is virtually no soul in the known world that isn't aware of Svenriir. He is the lord of the sun, and godly king over all the lands the Solus control He holds sway of over half the known world simply because he exists, he is supposedly the most powerful god of them all, and it is the reason why none would overthrow him. What's even more well known, is his rivalry with the Frekke Arcanis. It is said that Svenriir cursed Hludana with infertility, aiming to demoralise her and break her will. He was only half succesful. He did demoralise the goddes, but she became the beacons of lost children, spirtual mother of the Huldrefolk, and his greatest rival to date. It is said conflict between these two factions are the stuff of legends, lasting days, even weeks. All gaining heavy losses at the relentless zeal of either side. He is also a jealous god, forbidding any and all worship other than himself in his lands. This of course brought him countless enemies, everything from demonic monstrosities to the gentle Gossemar fighting for their very survival, Hludana being his most hardy of foes, many beliefs died by his hand, but since the beginning, Hludana has survived ever on. His jealousy results in a deep love for those who follow them, it is said that he'd even lesson the sun's rays on a blistering day to those who fully and wholeheartedly believe in his power, while his foes all receive the full searing heat when they enter his desert lands. His undying servants, the Sun Angels, are responsible for his mortal army in the material world, paladins and priests proudly holding up a sun to symbolize his power. Those he favors, he grants a portion of his own essence, enabling them to fight with searing or cleansing light, it all depends if it were friend or foe they were shining upon. With his power, his interest has mainly shifted to enjoy said power, alongside with destroying all who worship Hludana, in hopes of weakening her enough for him to kill her and send her to oblivion. Though the course of the current is at a snail's pace. It's more likely that both gods will die of old age than actually die from being killed by another, and as such, the war shall continue ever on.
    The Kaien
    Species: Deity | Life Expectancy: Ageless | Gender: Female | Alignment: True Neutral
    Kaien is unusual in that she is the only god whose default form is not humanoid. She instead takes the shape of a colossal serpent (though she scales herself down to the size of a normal snake when she visits the mortal world). Her role as a deity is to rule over the realm of the physical and maintain the balance of the universe. She is responsible for nurturing life on Earth and steering it along a path of growth. Without her existence, the planet would likely still be a ball of superheated rock surrounded by a layer of toxic gas. Legend has it that Kaien built the world up from nothing, sowing the seeds of life. She has the ability to create or destroy any physical matter and has a particular eye for beauty. According to the old stories, Kaien slithered across every corner of the planet, shaping the land and assigning it life, and that the leylines used by Kaien magicians today are the ancient paths left by her travels. She is likely almost as old as Releo, though some insist that she is older. Kaien is typically on good terms with the other gods, especially Releo and Hludana, who she cooperates with to ensure there is always enough spare material for Releo to birth new souls into. Kaien acts very much as the wise elder of the deities, and often gives advice to the newly created ones. She doesn't even dislike Svenriir that much, and still maintains the land under his control despite him being somewhat outcast in the pantheon.

    ✴IMPORTANT NPCS✴ (open)

    Ivan Lerison, Descendant of Frekke
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: 60-70 years (26) | Gender: Male | Alignment: Neutral Evil
    As the descendant of Frekke, Ivan is hunted by The Solus, regardless of his intentions, simply because he might be considered a great figure in the world of the Arcanis. Ivan is a descendant of Frekke's human wife. Joan. As such, though some say he is a descendant of Hludana herself, he is quite mortal. Ivan is a young man with a cold attitude. He grew up running for his life, thus molding him into a man of darker nature. Ivan is ruthless, he rejects the teachings of the Arcanis, his heritage and anything else he disagrees with. Often told he is the reincarnation of Frekke's soul, remade out of Frekke's desire to return to his beloved. Ivan does not agree. This young man is cruel, cold and hates most things in life. He has his own band, the Red Raiders. Though a minor group, these people consist of his personally picked men, they live on an island, Ivan's personal little kingdom. Son of Leri the Kind, Ivan is known as Ivan the Cruel, exactly opposite to his father. Though his reputation is more well known than the man himself. Ivan is reclusive and brooding, mostly his general, Bloody Talon brings about such dark tales of the man. Little is known about the leader of the Red Raiders, except that he does not like guests on his island at all. Severed heads adorn the beachs on pikes for those unlucky enough, or foolish enough to land there.
    Lianna, Soul Reaper
    Species: Endor | Life Expectency: Ageless | Gender: Female | Alignment: True Neutral
    The high general in Releo's services, Lianna is considered often by humans as the God of Death, and Releo her Lord. Lianna was once human, born in ancient times and died as a maiden. Once she dwelt inside the Kingdom of the Dead for a long period of time, basking in the glory of what she had earned in her mortal life, she grew thirsty for a purpose. Lianna had approached Releo's throne room with a request for something she could do. So Releo tested her. Lianna passed each test, wrestling with Lord of Death himself. She lost of course, but he granted her wish for her tenacity. Lianna was given the power to serve her purpose, and the position of Releo's general and Soul Reaper, the head over the Soul Gatherers. Now Lianna wields incredible power, and judges the souls of the dead as she deems fit when her Lord Releo is not there to do it himself. She is considered to be about the same strength as the deities from the power Releo has granted her. Lianna is incredibly loyal, she minds her own business and only interferes with demons who try to eat the souls she gathers.
    Periculum, Demon Lord
    Species: Abyssal (Pilo class) | Life Expectancy: Unknown | Gender: Male | Alignment: True Evil
    An ancient beast known as Periculum was born into the world of the Abyssals. By tooth and claw, the warrior fought each and every beast who stood in his way to the rule over the rest of the Abyssals. During his rise to power, the demons had fallen quiet, giving peace to the Gossamers of whom they often preyed. But when the Abyssal known as Periculum had seized control over his kind, the assaults became far worse and more coordinated against the Gossamers and their dream delivering. This demon is not one to be crossed. Periculum is cold hearted, greedy and ruthless in his mission to rise above the deities in power, namely the ones in the human world. It is rumored that Lianna, the Soul Reaper might be of interest to him, but that has never been confirmed. Periculum can not be trusted, except to be a bloodthirsty conqueror.
    Seid Kabator, Supreme High Angel of Svenriir
    Species: Sun Angel | Life Expectancy: Assumed Ageless | Gender: Male | Alignment: Selectively Good
    Seid is the highest ranking official of the Solus excepting Svenriir himself. Father of seven children and leader of the Sun Angels, Seid is the most loyal and dedicated follower of the Sun deity. He is extremely hostile toward infidels who refuse to accept the faith of the Solus. Dishonor among the ranks of his men is punishable by death. He will lead the frontal assault without fear of death because of his utter belief in Svenriir to protect him. He is a proud man, known for his wit and courage. He is beloved by all of those in the Solus and known as benevolent and fair. To serve under him is an honor, to be his enemy is misfortune.
    Frekke Jorson, Founder of Arcanis
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: 47 (Deceased) | Gender: Male | Alignment: Neutral Evil
    A man who always knew what he wanted. Someone who will not soon be forgotten by history. For he left such a legacy as it is near impossible to wipe the memory of him from the minds of his followers. Frekke was barely even a man when he first met Hludana. A young deity who had no purpose in life. Frekke tried to assist her in teaching her the ways of the world. For a young nobleman, he treated the stranger as if she had been a god. Little did he know at the time that it was really a deity. He fell in love with the fair stranger, but kept it to himself. He'd write a love letter and hide it away in his library. As he inherited his father's fortune and estate, he had to take a wife, a fellow nobleman's daughter. Frekke's heart was never with her, he forever yearned after the fair Hludana. When he finally confessed his love to her, he was nearing his mid twenties. She had accepted his feelings for her, she was going to return with him and be wed as his second and most prized wife. But the jealousy of Svenriir reached it's greatest heights when he found out Hludana was to be wed to a mortal. He cursed Frekke's beloved to be forever barren and began his hunt for Frekke. Frekke found out what happened to Hludana through Lianna, the Soul Reaper. Heartbroken the man tried any of the magics he had learned to try and find her. But Hludana would not return to Frekke for she did not wish to lead him to his doom by the hands of Svenriir who had sword vengeance. Frekke wrote the Arcanis in his travels, a journal one might say. Filled with poems of his longing, wrenched with grief at his never to be bride. He recorded every spell in his arsenal, everything he knew or could find out about Hludana. But he never found her, until Svenriir struck him down when one of the Sun Angels failed to kill him. And so, Frekke Jorson, died in the arms of his beloved, the woman he had chased for, for so many years. But he left behind such a legacy that shall never be forgotten, an entire religious sect having formed from those many books he wrote in his search.
    Tarzak Phant, Founder of the Order
    Species: Human | Life Expectancy: 60-70 (Alive, age: 71) |Gender: Male | Alignment: Neutral Good
    Tarzak is one of the few humans to ever be let into the Fen, and one of the select who can claim to have met Jeralu herself. He is a quiet man, founder of the Order of Dreams and father of Teira Phant. He is one of the greatest Dreamers, allegedly having had a child with his Gossamer, though it is not confirmed. Tarzak has a touch outside of reality, being able to reach into dream world more than even the ordinary Sleepwalker can. Though he grows old, Tarzak has a legacy that is already apparent in his followers. He is a dangerous man when angered, though a skilled diplomat.
    Teira Phant, Nightmare of Dia
    Species: Gossamer/Human hybrid | Life Expectancy: Unknown (52) | Gender: Female | Alignment: Evil
    Teira is the only well known existing hybrid between a Gossamer and a human. She was born of her father's Gossamer, Dia. However, while her mother was with child, a demon attacked her, killing Dia and taking part of Teira's soul in the process. Teira has grown up a bitter girl, incapable of sight and unable to experience the wonder of her heritage as the child of a Gossamer. Due to her father's duties as a noble, the child was left to nursemaids to raise. Resulting in a bitter, cold hearted rogue, Teira has no interest but her own. She lives with an incomplete soul and a heart of stone. Only a few other Nightmares travel with her. Like Ivan, she is a wildcard, but far more aggressive and ruthless than even his reputation describes him to be. She is known for the destruction of the city Yehd. Leaving not even one survivor. Teira is not to be trusted. She is a skilled manipulator and a ruthless woman. Tread ground she has claimed with care.

    ✴Locations✴ (open)

    Solus Kryp
    The center of the Solus empire and it's capital. Everyone here is strictly of the Solus doctrine. Here is where the Solus High Priest dwells. Just within the shadow of the great Mount Lesera where the center of this faith dwells. These worshipers of Svenriir dwell on the edge of the desert, just near the rim of the barren mountains in which Lesera is seated. Solus Kryp is always well provided for by the benevolence of their god. Any strangers here... are usually killed before they even get close. This city is fairly well sealed off from the outside world but well informed through the massive information network of the Solus emissaries. It would be ill advised to approach without being in a higher rank of the Solus Order... elsewise you'll probably die as Solus Kryp is the most secure city under Solus rule, complete with divine protection from Svenriir to prevent impostors.
    The Castle of Light is home to the deity Svenriir, Lord of the sun. This palace is in the realm of the living, but it is not easily accessible. Only the most trusted of the Solus are welcome on this lonely mountain to the lair of light. Svenriir keeps his mighty angels with him here, unless they are sent out upon missions. This grand fortress stands atop the mount Lesera, that looks down upon the great capital called Solus Kryp in the distance.
    The heart of the Frekke Arcanis, Firidian is a port city. It is a rich city, though not strictly loyal to the Arcanis, it's cathedral is here. Far from Solus Kryp and a place of commerce, Firidian is a place of peace. Nearly any racial member might be found here, looking over the merchandise of various vendors. The only ones who would not be found in such a city are the followers of Solus. It would be blasphemy for them to interact with such heathens. Slave trade is large in the dark side of the city, though disapproved by the Arcanis sect.
    The current home of the Order of Dreams, it is mainly where lord Tarzak Phant has converted his castle into a place for his followers to gather and find dwelling. Takaar remains on the edge of a large mountain range, and therefore may practice their religion in seclusion, away from any who might persecute them. However, due to their close proximity to the forested area, people here may often meet the Alfar, or sometimes rarely, a Kobaloi if they are lucky.

    Ruins of Yehd
    Where once a fair and prospering town stood, only remains aged ruins crumbling into the depths of history. Destroyed thirty years ago by an unaging beauty of the darkness, Yehd has become nothing more than a pile of rocks for vines to grow upon and Kobaloi to play in it's fallen homes. This place is shrouded in the darkness of the forest and considered the closest place to the Abyss itself. It is the only known entrance for mortals to enter the Abyss and the realms within. To enter the ruins of Yehd is to court death, for here, there are always fiends of some manner or the playful but mischievous Kobaloi to wrangle with.
    Island Jetto
    The lair upon which Ivan Lerison has made for himself, a personal safe haven from all who would have his head. This fortress is well guarded and not to be trifled with. Often known for pillaging any ships that dare to lay anchor on the dark island, it is not recommended to come for a stay. Ivan is a ruthless man and not very hospitable to his visitors, more likely to kill than to listen to arguments since no one must know of his only safe place to return to.
    Barren Lands
    This place is considered as dead as dead can get. Not even plants grow here. It is empty, rocky and unused. Not even the desert people find any interest in this location and it is the hardest to traverse due to it's lack of life and water. It is also the place in which the meteor shower happened that bore forth Athoos Insontis and is therefore the place that is the center of hustle and bustle for her.
    The Grand Cavern
    Deep within the southern mountains, one can find the Grand Cavern of Kaien. There are almost 300km of walkways within the network in total, though only the main chamber is used for the festival. The rest is used only by Kaien and her 4 Acolytes. It is said that these caves are a focal point where every leyline in the world leads, and so access is strictly forbidden to anyone who isn't a member of the Pact. Fortunately, the leyline focus points here provide such an abundance of power that even a single Kaien mage can easily maintain the illusory barriers that hide the entrance from the view of anyone who isn't also a manipulator of leylines.
    The Fen
    The place in which the Gossamers and their queen dwell, a place safe from the Abyssals being able to breach. The interior of the Fen can only be described as covered in rainbow. The buildings themselves are made of such vibrant and colorful shades that there is no need for sources of light. The entire place might be considered a paradise. Here, the gossamers will weave their dreams that they are to deliver to their assigned humans. The thrum of the weaving looms may be heard whenever one walks by the workhouses. One might say that the dreams are woven from the fabric of color itself.
    The Sacred Pool
    This is the place where one will find Hludana. Only those who she deems to have no ill will toward the Huldrefolk or to the children that she protects will she allow entrance. Huldrefolk are welcome into the Sacred Pool freely, this place is also free from the demons who seek to defile and eat the souls that Hludana will soon gift to live after their time in Releo's kingdom. It is in the form of a large fountain in which can be seen the lights of the newly born souls and the Huldrefolk who deliver them to the mother blessed to bear that child.
    Realm of the Dead
    A place often called paradise, but also called hell. It is deep into the Abyss that surrounds Gedar in the ethereal plane. The place where souls are taken to when their Gatherer brings them to be judged by either Releo, Lord of the Dead, or Lianna, his Soul Reaper. It's appearance is like that of a city, stretching out as far as the eye can see. There is only peace within this place, for no Abyssals can enter thanks to Releo's barrier protecting them. Souls that have been found guilty are subjected to punishment as is their due, deep in the caverns below the city.

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