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  1. Welcome to the World of Imobius

    --> IC <--
    A world of adventure and excitement. Dangerous wildlife, merciless pirates and aboriginal cannibals will have it out for us on our quest to find a trinket that is worth a kingdom and a half...

    Gandara, the famed lost city, is a myth that has circulated in the five kingdoms for the past two centuries. Supposedly inhabited by a powerful race that came before the monarchies, the stories told on campfires speak of treasures and technology beyond imagining from before the fall. The times of old were supposed to be glorious. Times of peace, when all the kingdoms were one. United beneath the banner of the godking who bore the amulet of Mulatel, embedded in it the jewel that had breathed live into everything. Under his rule, life was supposedly everlasting.

    Then, the flood came. And with it the Fall.

    The world was split into pieces when a tidal wave of raw energy crashed upon the world and burst it into countless fractals. Now, the void fills the spaces between the fractals, the island floating in nothingness. The people clinging to their habitats have endured, and built a new civilization; The monarchies. Five kingdoms, on the five largest fractals, brought order to the chaos and reestablished civilization. The invention of airships united the monarchies yet again in trade and travel. Twenty years ago, the pact was made; An alliance between the five kingdoms to ensure peace and prosperity for all the races inhabiting the systems. Nonetheless, times are dangerous. There are countless fractals, many of which are lawless, unexplored places. Pirates loom in the void, ready to attack any stray ships, and the natives inhabiting many non-pact fractals are a ruthless, cannibalistic people, far from the civilization the five kingdom have brought.

    Yet, there is still talk. Gandara, the long lost city is still out there, on a fractal far beyond the reach of the five kingdoms. Containing treasures and riches beyond imagination, and supposedly bearing the Amulet of Mulatel itself, Gandara is a price anyone would claim in a heartbeat. And now, a feisty crew under a madman with half the kingdoms on his heels makes it's way into the outer systems, further then any man has gone before.

    What will await them on their journey?

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  2. This will be quite the adventure °.°
    Lets make it one of the best Jump In RPs ever!
  3. Hell. Oh. Bunnies.

    Fie just saw that this RP has an OOC and loving the RP so far.

    -Enigma- saw your OOC comment and shall remedy that right now. OOPs. Mis-read what you had typed about Bron. So just to clarify: Bron is older and huge, Shim is yuonger and scholarly:? Shall wait a bit for WesteriaVale or Jerem_co to post before fie posts. but urshums.

    And just to let erbody know, Ollie is a bitch and so is Fie, but do let Fie know about your character plots so that she may accomodate with her posts. Lovely. Ta, for now.
  4. Bron and Shim are about the same age, in their mid 30s. But yeah Bron is huge, muscly and handsome and Shim is small and scholarly. Let's wait with follow up posts until we have all the players
  5. I want to jump in. But Skraps isn't someone who would follow a flyer like that, so whenever you're done in the bar I'll post him onto the ship. Is that alright?
  6. Bron is waiting for 5 people to join him, so if you don't join in in the bar, that ship's gonna sail without you matey.

    Unless there's a stowaway on board..
  7. So at this point, how many people do we need? I know two of us aren't talking to Bron. (Me, because I'm eavesdropping from the bar. RayChel, because her characters are off running about.) Because I'm counting five people. Possibly...
  8. Fie counts 3 with Shim: Ollie, Merej and Zach. Brom is now with Maxine. And looks like Skraps is a stowaway? So five total for the RP.

    -Enigma- are we still waiting for more follow up posts or may we do a response to the situation
  9. Just to get this straight you're referring to yourself when you say Fie right? 3rd person?

    You can react to the situations if you want now, I think the RP has kicked off enough. And the problem is not that there aren't enough characters but that Bron only sees 3 or 4; he wants 5 people and he doesn't just magically know there's going to be a stowaway. But oh well I supposed I can arrange something to get them moving and set sail anyway^^
  10. What if he really only wants four people? And your first post just has a small typo? *wink wink*
  11. @WesteriaVale: There are 3 people at the table with Shim & Bron, the first one to enter was the "hobo" from Jeren_CO. Just to mention it^_^

    @RayChel: I don't know what you are talking about *whistles innocently* Five just sounded epic and I liked the number^^ I'm going to keep it that way, but I have an idea to move the plot along with only 4... *pew pew*

    Does anybody want to post something before I move the plot along? No hurries. I'll respond to Maxine's reaction first anyway before I do the plot post
  12. I know. I didn't forget anyone. In my first post, she saw Jerem_co's character and he hasn't done anything since. So I didn't mention him again, plus she's kind of freaking about about Ollie and Bron.
  13. -Enigma- Yes, Fie is inDefiance. This bunny does talk third person because this bunny thinks its fun. So please do call me Fie.

    And actually Fie would like to make a follow up post, if only to mess with poor Shim. But just checking Jerem_co is still on board?

    If not, then to round out the roster, Ollies little sister could join too if need be. Delaney is a tinkerer prodigy/mad mechanic genius type.

    -WesteriaVale- It seems everyone has a strong opinion about Ollie... 'someone who could be charitably described as a woman,' 'calling her a woman was a stretch.' 'If such a person could be called a woman.' Holy. Shit. Quite the impression... XD Urshums. So loves it, everyone.

    -Everyone- Again, if you need Fie to post something to push ideas along for your character do let me know. Flashback, past history together, that kind of thing. Most likely Ollie will not like the thief gutter rat types initially, maybe never, but just a head's up if Ollie comes off as really bitchy and aggressive. Ollie has dealt with the slimeballs of her former employer for too long.
  14. I like Ollie. As for Maxine, despite her belief that she's been on the "otherside" of the noble life, she really hasn't. This is a little bit of a culture shock to her. As such, she knows woman can be strong and less than proper, but she hasn't really seen it. Don't worry, after a while I'm sure she'll come to like Ollie, or at least respect her.
  15. Call me whatever you want. I'm partial to Wes myself, but I've been called Vale, West, Teri, so I'm pretty cool with anything.
  16. Wes, Fie, and Chel. Anyone else want to give us a nickname? Jer? Nig? Ces?
  17. Ces, Ceslas whatever you want.
  18. I don't mind nicknames.

    So just to round things up, we have 5 players and we can move the RP along! If no one at the table wants to post I'll move the plot along soon. Vale, want to let Maxine react one more time before that? Or anyone at the table?

    Everyone on board please give a quick wave, shout or other kind of life sign so I know if we still have all our players^^ I'm primarily looking at people who haven't been active for a while (Jerem?)
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