Gear [Protagonist and Muirgen]

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  1. One night, In a giant apartment building, overlooking the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, there was one apartment with a black leather couch, and the man who sits on it is watching a giant TV. Lewis Gage is his name, a private investigator.

    The TV show was a Star Trek TNG episode called "The Inner Light". He was absorbed into the episode, when the doorbell rang, bringing him out of his trance.

    He went to open the door, when behold, he saw a robot resembling a small forklift. It was holding a crate.
    Lewis let the robot in, and it dropped its crate off inside, before scooting out the door. The forklift would then go down an elevator, get into the back of a self-driving semi-truck, and then continue its deliveries until it ran out of boxes to give away, and then the car would park at another K-Corp factory to get new boxes of goodies to give away.

    Lewis looked over the crate. He read what it said on it and said "Fraj-ee-lay. Hm, must be italian."
    He reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade, and carefully opened the box.
    Packaging peanuts spilled out of the crate, and inside was a remote, a charger, a user's manual, and a robot girl.

    He closed the switchblade, and then grabbed the remote. He pressed the "On" button.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.