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  1. It's the year 2100 and humanity has divided once more after finally coming together in 2040. Before the year 2040, the world was divided due to different political affiliations, but they were able to come together after several hostile take overs of none democratic countries.

    Peace reigned all over the planet for a very long time.

    But during this time of peace, treason and treachery was brewing. A group of elitists had formed and they despised the widespread equality that had settled in the world. They demanded that social classes be brought back in to effect. And that some groups of people be treated better than the rest. Their demands were rejected and they should have been marked potential terrorists. However in this new society, giving seconds chances was common and so they gave the elitists a chance and that was what ruined them.

    The elitist began gathering followers until they amassed an army. They used banned weaponry to threaten and kidnap civilians.

    The democratic government refused to engage them as they feared for their people's safety. This allowed the elitist to gain more power and territory. They installed their members in Asia, Australia, Russia and Europe, and broke off all communication from the western side of the world from the eastern side. The elitist then initiated the second part of their plan, and the most unexpected.

    The elitist began to destroy technology. To them technology breeds hope and revolutions, and so they turned their territory into a medieval wasteland. They put all known engineers and scientists to death by guillotine, and destroyed all engineering schools.

    They then set up a monarchy. The highest and most important members lived in a castle-esque building, surrounded by rows upon rows of general population housing. Those living areas were soon known as the human shielding.

    Once again the democratic government was at a loss. They did not wish to attack the castle for fear of massacring the surrounding innocents. The elitist took advantage of their hesitation and attacked the remaining countries. They easily one the war and installed castles that housed members of their monarchy.

    With technology extinct, the elitist who began calling themselves The Reign, easily controlled the world. But they underestimated the will of the people who they oppressed, and a revolution was started.

    The revolution although small, manage to procure an island (Madagascar) where they began creating their own army so that they could take the world back from The Reign.


    The revolution members built a huge wall around the entire island and set to work bringing technology back bit by bit.

    The capital of Gear island, Gear City, is where you live. You are a young graduate of the Revolution Training Academy. All graduates are to form a team, build an airship and help out with preparing for the First Strike. When the preparations for the First Strike are ready, you and your team will board your airship and strike The Reign's most important city; Kathmandu that is where their main food stock is kept. If that's destroyed, The reign will be greatly weakened and easier to defeat.

    But for now, you must form your team. Choose wisely, these people will be the ones you trust your life with. After that, you must either acquire or build your own airship. It must be strong and able to move quickly from point A to point B. Fashion statements are irrelevant in war.

    • Rules
    • No Godmodding
    • No Special Snowflakes/Gary Stues/Mary Sues.
    • We are starting with the commander, trying to make a team.
    • All post should be third person, past tense, and at least ten sentences.
    • This is not a romance rp. No sex.
    • If you are reading this tell me something about chickens at the end of your post.
    • Good spelling and grammar is required. A few errors are fine, but a boat load is not acceptable.
    • I can't tell you what to do with your face claims but at least try to be diverse.
    • All the team members can fight, even the chef.
    • None of that; 'Oh he knows every fighting style. Or 'She knows how to use any weapon known to man'.
    • Team positions suggestions are welcome.

    The Commander
    Strategist [Battle plans] [Taken]
    Medic [Doctor. Max. 2]
    Engineer [Making sure the engine runs correctly. Max 2]
    [Taken 1]
    Airship defense master [They take care of and control the weapons on the ship. Max. 3]
    Chef [Food]

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: [Real only. Steampunk if you can, if not describe outfit.]
    Age: [17+]
    Bio: [Min. 10 sentences]
    Traits: [Out of 10]

    • Compassion:
    • Empathy:
    • Creativity:
    • Mental Flexibility:
    • Passion/Motivation:
    • Education:
    • Stamina:
    • Physical Strength:
    • Temperament:
    • Initiative:
    • Restraint:
    • Agility:
    • Strategy:
    • Teamwork:
    Fighting Style:
    Preferred weapon:

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Mukta Jani
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Position: Commander
    Personality: Headstrong and goofy, Mukta knows how to take charge but still be relaxed in most situations. She's the type of girl who doesn't let petty insults get to her, and it takes awhile for stress and pressure to take control of her actions. She is eager to become the highest ranking officer in the revolution.
    Bio: Mukta was born in Australia to parents who greatly supported The Reign and often volunteered to help out the cause. Being around such close minded and extremist people, Mukta began to mimic their actions and support their issues even though she had no idea what they were really about. Mukta's sister, Noor, a secret revolutionist tried to teach Mukta that the Reign followers were corrupt and wrong, but her words fell on deaf ears. When Mukta turned nine, her parents were nominated to become advisers to the monarchy in the country. Her parents wanted to Mukta along with them, but before they could, Mukta's older sister took Mukta away in a last ditch effort and brought her to Madagascar.
    There, Mukta underwent intense schooling and received constant guidance in order to crush all of the negative views that had warped her mind. It took three years, but finally Mukta realized that the Reign was wrong and they had to be stopped.
    She enrolled in the Revolution Training Academy and graduated top of her class. She was told that she was a natural leader and that she should organize a team immediately.
    • Compassion: 7/10
    • Empathy: 7/10
    • Creativity: 10/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 7/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    • Education: 9/10
    • Stamina: 8/10
    • Physical Strength: 8/10
    • Temperament: 9/10
    • Initiative: 10/10
    • Restraint: 9/10
    • Agility: 6/10
    • Strategy: 6/10
    • Teamwork: 10/10
    Fighting Style: Angampora, she also incorporates acrobatics into her fighting style.
    Preferred weapon: Desert Eagle.

    Chickens are related to the Jungle Fowl.
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  3. Dips on engineer. I wanted to say something earlier but was busy, I like your RPs I'm glad that your shedule is less busy now.
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  4. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Nikita Lakemore
    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Position: Engineer
    Personality: She has a short temper but is friendly as long as she isn't in the engine room, just don't insult her. When she is in the engine room then she will go off on anyone, especially the ones touching anything significant. She calls the engine her baby and despises people who touch it without permission. She also hates the other engineer for the simple reason that he is allowed to touch her baby. As all the other members she also can fight and should not be underestimated because of her length, despite knowing about machinery she knows nothing about guns or any other weapon like it. Be carefull she may accidentily shoot your head.

    Bio: Nikita has lived with her grandparents on madagascar her whole live, she doesn't remember any other family than them. Her Parents she never knew, they left her on the porch of her grandparents one day. According to her grandfather it was because they wanted to travel the world. She never heard from them again and she doesn't even know if they are still alive, not that she really cares anymore she had her own troubles. For instance: she wasn't even sure if she was really family of her grandparents. The only way she knew was by the stories told to her. Apparently she looked more like her father and she had the typical Lakemore character of being headstrong and having a bad temper. She learned to live with it and later joined the school with no troubles. Her grandfather had been obsessed with the revolution and the only thing holding him back was his age, Nikita took over his passion and tried her best for everything. Her grandmother had thaught her anything she knew about machinery before she even entered the school, it was so Nikita had a head start and it was so she could please her grandfather. In the end she discovered that she was particulary good with chains, mechanical or linked, Nikita could handle it's original use as well as the creative use. The teachers classified her as ninjutsu but she didn't really believe she could do ninjutsu, she could only use the chain particulary well. Now she has graduated and she is ready for action.
    • Compassion: 6
    • Empathy: 5
    • Creativity: 9
    • Mental Flexibility: 6
    • Passion/Motivation: 10
    • Education: 6-10 (depends on subject)
    • Stamina: 8
    • Physical Strength: 9
    • Temperament: 2
    • Initiative: 10
    • Restraint: 4
    • Agility: 8
    • Strategy: 3
    • Teamwork: 2
    Fighting Style: ninjutsu
    Preferred weapon: shoge

    random fact alert: Some chicken can and do fly.
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  5. @loviebeest

    Well I researched the shoge a bit, and you could say she uses ninjutsu as a fighting style.
  6. would it be impossible to be a saboteur and be a rocketeer who boards attacking zeps and places powerful demo charges?
  7. @WitchChild

    Sure! Wow that's actually a great idea! :D
  8. Yes I still am, just don't know what you mean with the traits. The one that is placed like a list. I was just waiting untill you edited yours so I have an example. I will edit my CS further later. ^^
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  10. Ooh. This looks interesting. Lemme give it a shot!

    Name: Alistair Ryley

    Due to a lack of a suitable image, I'll just describe him. Alistair is usually dressed unfathomably sloppily, and tends toward black clothing for "practical purposes". Said clothing consists usually a longcoat with exactly one button (with all that remains of the others being small tufts of thread), a... tweed... vest? It's difficult to tell. Uh, and a collar shirt. He insists on not wearing a tie, for a perfectly understandable reason: he dislikes being strangled. As for his features, he has long, tangled mess of black hair, and brown eyes with shadows underneath from where he hasn't slept, and is constantly hunching.




    Alistair is very probably autistic. He cannot work in a room that is tidy, because he finds order distracting, and he stays out of sunlight whenever he can. He takes most rhetorics literally, although he does seem to be able to pick up on sarcasm, probably because he will frequently use it. At first glance, he doesn't respect authority, disobeying orders or talking down to superiors, but this is actually because despite many attempts, he doesn't understand his spot in the hierarchy or why his behaviour should change because of it. He will barely ever sleep and has total disregard for everyone else's, or for that matter, what anyone else is doing at all. He's obsessed with being efficient, to the point where he crouches on chairs to conserve body heat and he learned to read upside-down because it was easier than turning the paper the right way up.
    Despite all this, he was chosen for the role of a strategist for a very particular reason: he knows what you're thinking. No, he isn't a telepath. He is inhumanly good at finding and analysing patterns, to the point where he can tell exactly what an enemy is going to do next, even among individuals, by simply examining the way they behave. This makes him both an utterly brilliant tactician, as well as him being able to figure out how to use most types of equipment and fill in the gaps of what he doesn't know. He's so intelligent, it's deadly, and if you cross him, he can and will carve 50mm deep hole through your thorax.

    Alistair lived in England for the beginning of his life, until he was 15. Until then, he spent his time shunning others and being shunned in return, mostly even refusing to talk to his family, on the basis that he found he knew exactly what they'd say next, making conversations no fun.
    His knowledge of politics was truly feeble, as he just wasn't interested, and he didn't appreciate the state of things at the time. Initially, Alistair saw the war as a load of people deciding "Hey, let's all join hands and smash each other's faces in, because that's just as productive as humanity can be". Then he decided that actually, that sounded like fun, and he began looking into it. During his studies, he found out exactly the core motivations for both sides, and while he isn't exactly a fanatic, he agreed most with the rebels, and so he left England, headed for Madagascar.
    During his time at the Revolution Training Academy, he wasn't exactly an excellent student. He turned up for all the examinations, naturally, and passed every one of them, but he only seemed to attend a handful of classes, mostly going off to do... whatever it was he did alone, which probably is best if we don't know. When he was grudgingly allowed to graduate, he did so nonchalantly, giving many the impression that he wasn't going to make enough of an effort in the field. But Alistair had no intention of being lethargic, which is best demonstrated when he was warned about this by on of the Academy's tutors.
    Tutor: "Listen to me. You're a soldier now. You can't be as lazy out there as you were in here."
    Alistair: "Of course not. Lazy soldiers end up lying around doing nothing, usually in coffins."


    • Compassion: 4
    • Empathy: 1
    • Creativity: 8
    • Mental Flexibility: 9
    • Passion/Motivation: 4
    • Education: 7
    • Stamina: 8
    • Physical Strength: 5
    • Temperament: 3
    • Initiative: 8
    • Restraint: 1
    • Agility: 6
    • Strategy: 10
    • Teamwork: 5

    Fighting Style:
    No respect for martial arts of any type, instead improvises using speed, precision and almost medical knowledge of human weak spots.

    Preferred Weapon:
    Sabre, but also sports a revolver, which he has used to shoot a chicken in the past. Don't ask.
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  11. Hello random, random name you have there. I can quite imagine Nikita not getting along with Alistair. Since he likes untidy places it seems likely he will go often to the engine room, it's never tidy there. And with that simple fact Nikita will be annoyed because he will be there uninvited. Just me making assumptions but it would be funny if it is really like that.
  12. Oh god, that'd be hilarious. Yeah, Alistair, due to his Asperger-y-ness, is a huge asshole anyway, so these two are probably going to be enemies, to say the least.
  13. I can already imagining a scene. He walks in, she notices. She starts throwing tools and swears. He casually avoids it and ignores her or makes a witty comment. (or imagine another reaction) More rage from her. And there is their daily training. Yeah XD
  14. Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking! These two are probably going to be the main source of comic relief for this entire RP.

    "Yes, let's all throw things at each other. How productive. For the record, a spanner would be more aerodynamic."
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  15. I had to hold in laughter for that last bit, the ironic bit would be that she does exactly as he says. Throw this, she trows it. That would work better, she struggles to get the heavy thing of the ground.
  16. Yes. Just yes. This is the funniest thing I've pictured all week.
  17. Character Sheet

    Face and Outfit (open)

    (Slightly more padded with body armor)

    Name: Killian Lawless
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Position: Saboteur (Calls himself a Buccaneer)
    Personality: Killian is a hotshot and a maverick. He is a ruthless soldier and isn't beyond straying away from direct orders if he sees them unfitting. He walks the line of insubortination. He has been described as the one who does the wet work and likes to go up and personal. He is then almost perfect as a saboteur.
    Bio: WIP [Min. 10 sentences]
    Traits: [Out of 10]
    • Compassion: 4
    • Empathy: 5
    • Creativity: 7
    • Mental Flexibility: 6
    • Passion/Motivation: 10 (when it comes to his job at least)
    • Education: 8
    • Stamina: 10
    • Physical Strength: 10
    • Temperament: 2
    • Initiative: 7
    • Restraint: 2
    • Agility: 8
    • Strategy: 6
    • Teamwork: 3
    Fighting Style: A mixture of boxing, jeet kun do and taekwando.
    Preferred weapon: As a melee weapon, Killian tends to use a pair of knuckledusters made out of solid steel and steel toed combat boots though does carry a dagger seemingly something out of medieval England. He is then usually seen carrying a Glock 41 as a side arm, an ultralight P90 and a stockless AK-74U.
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  18. @loviebeest

    The end of your bio doesn't seem to make much sense to me, but that could be because of a few missing words. When the role play actually starts I suggest you type your post into a word processor first and make use of spell check. Other than that, you are accepted.

    Could you explain the fighting style. Maybe give an example?
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