G'day to you all!

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Hello there! Don't exactly know if I should mention my name, but I'm new here. I used to roleplay with my friends XD and my friend, LadyHarpy, told me about this place. So I decided to mosey on over here to see what it was all about. Hope I can meet some new people, make some new friends, and get into some awesome new roleplays around here! I'm quite a funny person. Not usually serious if I say something mean. I joke... a lot. I'll refrain from it though :P. But yeah, anyways, where was I? Oh yes! I hope to get into some new roleplays! I don't exactly know if I'm that great at it or not (I will be taking a creative writing class next year XD) but at the moment, I'll try my best and hopefully learn alot as I go on! :) can't wait to begin! See you guys around!
Welcome to my domain lovely~ You are on my turf now. >83

I kid, I kid....I'm glad you could join sweets, with summer around the corner and more and more people becoming free there will beplenty of places for you to hop in and give RPing a try. Now the best place for you to start is to look for anything labled a jump-in, those will usually be pretty simple and won't require much of a character sheet, most of the time you can give just a short discription and then hop right in! You'll also want to fill out a resume to get yourself out there and known. Anyway, I talk about that later, for now just get used to the sit and check things out! 8D
YOUR turf?

Well I guess fancyfont can go to you with questions instead of the lurvly staff then!

*whispers to Kyo while harps isn't looking* Seriously if you need anything the fancycolourusernamedones can help you out.
*kicks Vay in the shin*

Shut Up Vay! This was the only time that I could feel special!! >8[

Anyway, Vay is right, people with his color username are staff and will gladly answer any questions that you may have about the site. Even though some can be jerks...

*glares at Vay*
*Shifty eyes glare back at both of you*
...I dun get it! 8D
I thought everyone was special and blah blah flower rainbows kittens.

*prances away in a pink frilly dress scattering flower petals*
I am ashamed of you, Father. o__o;

Welcome to theIwaku, Kyo! ^_^
Enjoy your stay and... YAY for Harpy bringing in new beings! <3
*Repels from a helicopter is a black suit and sunglasses and lands in front of daughter.*

This thread never happened.

*MiB style memory erase*
I'm Kitti, it's nice to meet you.
We'll thank Harpy for getting you here.
If you have any questions, please ask!
Kekekek, someone is using my original hipster avvie. <3

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay, don't eat the ice fish. Trust me on this.
I like that avvie XD Thanks for making it! It's funny!