G'day to all the Guys and Gals of Iwaku :)

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The Raven's Song

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Hi there im new to the site so thought i'd say G'day, im a fairly new RPer but im working on it :)
wow....WMD will be happy there's another Aussie on the forum. Now just to wait for the dutch people >.>

Anyway, welcome. I'm Myrn, I'm part of the mod team and in charge of the smutty parts of the forum, as well as responsible for some Areas of our mass roleplay, Iwaku World. If you need any help, feel free to ask me or anyone else from the staff, we are here to help.
Whos WMD? lol and thanks i will :)
Enjoy your stay here! n_n We have a lot of roleplays and fun chats to choose from around here.

Feel free to contact me if you need some help. I'm called Fluffy around here~
Oh and Warmaster Death's a member here, though you probably knew that... Here's his profile if you want to stalk him, hurr hurr: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/member.php?u=50

*Gives a hug and runs off*
Welcome to the site.
Why hello and welcome to the Iwaku I am Shadow Ike the leader of Silverwings pack and cult; if you have any questions just ask I would be glad to answer some

Seen you around a little, I'm Vay, another member of staff here. My role here is t help you with anything to do with roleplaying and to help form projects when needed.

Enjoy the sights.
Haha, we all assume you'll love WMD because he's Australian. Maybe they hate Australians and they moved there just to study their habits to better destr- oopsie, I'm supposed to be cute and in no way evilly inclined.

Hi, I'm Kitti! <3
Welcome to Iwaku and please feel free to ask me anything you might need to know! :3
Welcome to Iwaku, Raven! ^_^ My name's Miru, and I'm part of the staff, at your service.
It seems you're already getting acquainted to the site, but feel free to question me about anything that comes to mind. ^^
Have fun! ^^
Welcome to the site! I loved your post in my Jump In RP, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

If you need help with anything at all and don't know who to go to, you can contact me and I'll help you out, or point you towards who you should be looking for.

Hi, hello and welcome. I'm from the land up over, are you sure you want to proceed without giving us anymore info on you?.... so that we can get to know you better ^_^

zomg, female Aussie member! I gotta hear your voice sometime.

Welcome to Iwaku! GL & HF.
Thanks everybody this is the nicest site I've been to :)
@October Knight, Shadow Ike, Vay, Kitti and Miru: Thanks :)
@Fluffy: *returns hug*
@Autumn Fox: Thanks, im slowly improving
@Tortsy: Well what would you like to know? Im a pretty boring person :)
@Darth Seiji: Really? according to my Italian friend we Aussies have the worlds most annoying accent lol
And according to my English friend our countries share and accent >=(

Yes! This is all very true! Stick to cricket and don't qualify for the WC!

And you're only as boring as you think you are........my words of....encouragement.
I like Edgar Allan Poe obviously, i love animals and nature and would like to be a wildlife photographer. I love to laugh and can be a bit crazy :P
We meant something more along the lines of this.

*blinks innocently then wonders out*
Uh the link doesn't lead anywhere, but what your saying is I've made myself look like a fool? :(
Fixed, and Don't feel like a fool or we'll have to call Mr. T.
Hi. I am not a mod. I don't have a pretty~ name color. I'm...uh....Corvus Corax...Raven...Raben....ect.

Welcome O_o


-drag vay off-