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  1. Hello, as I'm sure you are aware, I'm looking for RP partners. I'm pretty open both for plot/porn ratios and fetishes, to the point where it is easier to give a list of what I won't do than what I will. Aside from the (Un)Holy Trinity of Scat, Gore, and Vore, I'm only opposed to choking. That's it though, anything else is fair game, be it BDSM, mind break/control, incest, really anything you can imagine. Now, on to the main event, the Plots!

    Now, a brief guide:
    I'm generally quite dominant, but I can play submissives as well.
    A star in the title means that I'm willing to do multiple variations of it.
    Two stars in the title means I'm willing and excited to do it with multiple people, as in a group RP via a group message or a forum. I know that means it's not entirely 1x1 requests, but I'll do any of these RPs as a one on one deal, so call it what you will.
    "Character A" Refers to the character I would play.
    "Character B" Refers to your character.
    If the title is in blue, I'd prefer it to be MxF.
    If it's in red, I'd prefer it to be FxF
    If it's in yellow, I'd prefer it to be MxM.
    If it's in purple, I don't give a fuck, and it could be anything.
    Oh, also, I'm alright with subbing out a role with a futanari, if anyone else likes dicks on their girls as well as their guys. Traps and femboys are great too.

    Conspiracy in Carnal Coasts**
    50% Plot, 50% Porn
    In a world filled with superhumans possessing incredible powers, Carnal Coasts is a city filled with crime and corruption. The Justicar, an organization of heroes dedicated to fighting crime and protecting the world, has all but deemed the city a lost cause. But, there are a few young, enterprising heroes who have decided to transfer into Carnal Coasts, thinking that they can defeat the superpowered mafia that runs the city. Lead by Character B, When one of the new heroes manages to confront Character A the head of the local villain group, they learn just how wrong they are. Slowly, the heroes are one by one tracked down and, in keeping with the tradition in Carnal Coasts, made into sex slaves by the Character A, leader of the Carnal Coasts Mafia. Fetishes for this RP include: Rape, BDSM, mind control, and harem-stuff.

    Rivals in the Dark*
    40% Plot, 60% Porn


    In 2035, the world is openly ran by three various corporations, and humanity has spread across the solar system. These corporations use a combination of spies, thieves, and corporate assassins to battle one another. Corporate assassins like Character A and Character B, the two best in the business. When they both get hired for the same job, the sexual tension is immediately visible from space, and as soon as the job is done, the two rivals do what they can to relieve said tension. However, the future has all sorts of crazy devices to spice up sex between two expert mercenary killers. Fetishes for this RP may include: Body Modification, (Dick, Breast, butt, and/or thigh expansion) Transformation, hypnosis, and aphrodisiacs.

    Calling All Adventurers!**
    60% Plot, 40% Porn

    In a D&D inspired fantasy setting, king Valentine of Tilore calls for the lands bravest adventurers to recover the legendary "Scroll of Infinity" which is said to contain all knowledge in the universe. Character A is a world-renowned mageknight, skilled in the art of both physical and mystical combat. Character B is a prodigy in the art of healing and divine magics. The two of them set out, alongside a small crew of other adventurers. Fetishes for this RP include: I really want the healer to be a trap, but I don't really have any specific ones otherwise. Let's figure it out together.

    Help Wanted
    25% Plot, 75% Porn


    Character A is a young woman who wants to quit smoking, but has been unable to do so on her own. Sick of being controlled by tiny sticks of tobacco and nicotine, she turns to Character B, a skilled hypnotist. Character B is in the midst of a bit of a dry spell, and uses this chance to implant various hypnotic suggestions, which Character A is happy to follow. Fetishes for this RP include: Bondage, hypnosis, mind control, and fetish gain.

    Twin Sinning
    10% Plot, 90% Porn

    Character A and B are twins, and when Character A discovers Character B's stash of incest porn, a flurry of sex and sensation ensues. Fetishes for this RP include: Whatever you want, baby. Lets talk about it.

    To Produce an Heir
    50% Plot, 50% Porn

    When Character A, the hero-king of an immense fantasy empire, grows tired of his advisers demanding him to settle down and marry, goes out on one last adventure to search for a lover who can keep up with him, both in battle and in the bedroom. Character B is an new, upstarting monster hunter who has no idea of Character A's identity, and the two hit it off immediately. Fetishes for this RP include: Romance...and, uh...let's figure the rest out together, good lookin'.

    Best Friends.
    Character A and Character B don't really seem like they should be friends, with Character A being something of a nerdy shut-in, and Character B being one of the most popular girls at school. Nevertheless, they are incredibly close, as despite their differing personalities, they manage to have very similar interests. They're just different about what interests they are upfront with. While Character A pretends not to care much about fashion, sex, or drama, she does have a sort of guilty pleasure for them. And while Character B puts up a front during school, she's actually got a love of the less-than-cool hobbies of Character A. During a sleepover, Character B brings a bit of alcohol, and when Character A can't hold her booze, she winds up confessing her love for her best friend. In the morning, it all comes out when Character B admits to feeling the same. Fetishes for this RP include: sex toys, a lot of awkward flirting, and some other stuff. Let's figure it out.

    Learning a lesson
    Character's A and B are at a party, and everything's going well. That is, until Character B tries to bully Character A for being gay. What Character B is unaware of, is that Character A is a powerful spellcaster, and curses Character B into becoming a constantly horny femboy, who's body lusts for cock. Character A then takes Character B home with him, and proceeds to make the former bully into his personal slave. Fetishes for this RP include: transformation, domination, mind-break, body worship, others if you want.

    I'm also willing to do a whole host of fandom RPs for the following, in no particular order.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Blue Exorcist
    Marvel Comics
    DC comics
    DC Animated Universe (Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, Young Justice, etc.)
    Fairy Tail
    One Punch Man
    Elder Scrolls

    So, any takers?
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  2. I would do Twin Sinning
  3. Sure, shoot me a PM and we can figure out what kinda' fetishes you want to incorporate.
  4. Any other takers? I'm really excited for Conspiracy in Carnal Coasts and To Produce an Heir.
  5. Hey. I was wondering if you might want to do another RP? I know our last one kind of sputtered and died haha.
  6. Sure, what did you have in mind? A few of them are taken now, but most are still open.
  7. If you still have anything open and want another RP, go ahead and look at my Resume and, if you think we can work together, go ahead and shoot me a PM~ thanks in advance, whether you do or not ^_^~~
  8. Which ones are taken?
  9. The ones still open are Rivals in the Dark, Help Wanted, Best Friends, and all of the misc. fandom RPs.
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