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    Gaze Upon Me
    ~ Not Your Ordinary Love Game ~

    Hello there! Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through my introduction and express interest for my new game. Gaze Upon Me is a game that I created specifically for the Romance genre, however, certain elements of the story causes G.U.M. to fall under other genres such as Drama/Suspense, Modern Fantasy/Horror, and Mystery. Hopefully these aspects will not deter you, but if you just so happen to be currently on the fence please stay and try to give it a shot! Gaze Upon Me is an adept game, so it requires comprehensive reading abilities, and full commitment. This is due to the fact that the players are required to develop their own plot with out the aid of the Game Master. While I do have a general plot in mind, I will not be participating in the game as a whole. I will only create events and will control certain aspects of the game. Certain decisions and actions will effect what happens to your character in the game, much like how real life choices and actions effect a person in real life.
    The Game takes place in a fictional city called Biddeford that's located on the west coast of the United States. There, our characters will mysteriously come across an add of your design detailing a brand new dating service that will surely meet their needs. For whatever reason the character has, they follow the instructions on the advertisement and sign up for the site. Soon after, the mysterious Match Maker pairs them with other individuals that signed up for the service. Unfortunately, the Match Maker is far from a friend, and the yearning characters are unaware to his scheming nature. Unknown to those who sign up, the Match Maker has trapped everyone in what he considers personal entertainment, a love game like no other. Now the entrees must strategically win the hearts of their match in order to not only attain love, but keep their lives. They learn quickly that those who fail suffer dire consequences and that there is no way to escape the Match Maker's clutches. How far will these unfortunate souls fight for the affections of those they are matched with? Everything is permitted on this battlefield, and all is fair when love is war.
    [​IMG]How It's Played
    How this game will be played is different from other role-plays. In fact it's almost game like and because of this the game can be very interactive. Players who post often and interact around Biddeford might come across hidden items, random events, or occurrences that can change a character's course of action or possibly aid them in the game. Every other week I will start an event in the game. There are different types of events, and depending on the results people might be rewarded with things that can aid them in their quest for love. There is a special element in this game known as Love Gurus. Love Gurus can be asked advice in a situation that the characters find themselves in. Think of them as "Snake Eyes" in important situations. These are NPCs that are completely under my control, thus you are only allowed to us them twice a week. Anything regarding plot is up in the air right now, so I expect my lovely players to interact with each other to come up with ideas.

    More Information

    ! I am only accepting FOUR more players so join while you can !
    More information is provided here at the website:
    Have any questions please ask me in a pm or here.

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  2. Ya know, i'm not entirely big on the Romance genre, but this plot has me interested.
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  3. Well lets hope that the interests lasts. I will go into more details about the game as soon as I have ten players.
  4. I'm interested as well.
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  5. Going to express some tentative interest for now. I'm going to read further in a little bit.
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  6. I'm interested as well :)
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  7. Count me in, too. c:
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  8. I'm interested if there's still space
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  9. Yes there is ^^

    You are lucky. You are the last one I can take <3
  10. Yay!!!
  11. Damn I just missed out... Oh well ^^;;
  12. Nope! Someone dropped out, so you are a lucky gal <3
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  13. I'm very interested sign me up! :)
  14. darn..never mind just saw that all the spots are filled..oh well um..if a spot opens up would you mind letting me know? I'm really interested in this thanks! just pm me if it comes up
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  15. Six more people can be added, eh?

    Count me in!
  16. Sorry darlings. All filled up. Once all my current players finish their sheets I might open it up again due to popular demand.
  17. OMG YAY~!!!
  18. Should not had read the I'm totally interested. Too bad it's al full... Well anyway I'll follow and read what I can. >w< you're very good at awesome ideas Miss. -bows- can't wait to read what this has in store.
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