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  1. Hello everyone I am Advanced Human, I am a girl and I live in the world somewhere where no one shall ever know . OOOOOOOOO scary i know. Well I am looking for a roleplayer that doesn't mind doing gay plots and ideas. I am very open to all ideas and here is plot list of pairings I am able to do. Bolded means i wish to roleplay as that character, please PM me or talk to me on my profole and we can chat and understand each other.

    Boreing Part RULES!
    1, Please be friendly, i don't like people who get ontop of me if I do something wrong its annoying and scary actually. Some compassion people we are not all perfect !
    2, If we need a break and brainstorm ideas for the roleplay we can do that, I do not mind pausing the roleplay so we can talk about it and make it better.
    3. I don't give a shit worth if you like Gay people or against them please don't talk to me about your gay beliefs because most likely if your going to rant about how much you hate and don';t belive they should have equal rights then your more blind them a people who wrote every thing in the internet.
    4. I would like a partner who can give me around 2 to 3 good paraghraphs worth of writing, this doesn;t mean just blab on and on about the same thing. Make it ibteresting and throw curve balls in the roleplay I don't care.
    5. HAVE FUN

    Pairings/ Fandoms


    Angel knight x Demonic prince
    Lion Alpha x Wolf Alpha (werewolf and werecat)
    Demonic male x Vampire king
    Student x Archangel
    x Demonic shifter
    Demon Government agent x Human government agent
    Good cop x Bad cop
    Gang boss son x
    Rival gang bosses son



    Loki x Tony

    Loki x Barton

    Captain x Tony


    BXB and BXG

    Dean x Castiel

    Sam x Lucifer

    Gabriel x Lucifer

    Dean x Lucifer

    Ruby x Gabriel

    Lilith x Sam

    This hall be updated later on and if anyone wishes to RP please PM or message me on here. Have a wonderful day.

    READ !

  2. Captain x Tony could be fun :) I'm better at playing Tony though.

    Dean x Castiel is also great, though I've only watched about 12 episodes of Supernatural from the first series, I just wiki a lot.
  3. Witch ever one you like to do most i am open to roleplay
  4. I love to do the lion alpha x werewolf alpha!
  5. Awesome pm me
  6. Bump
  7. Bump
  8. People I need other people
  9. Tony x Captain would be my favourite xD Should I PM you?
  10. Yes pm me please
  11. The angel knight x demon prince and the gang boss' son rps both sound interesting. Would you wan me to pm you?
  12. awesome
  13. I would love to do Angel Knight x Demonic prince or Gang boss's son x Rival boss's son
  14. We can do gang ones
  15. Would you like me to PM you then? c:
  16. Yes please
  17. Would love to do any one of these.

    Demonic male x Vampire king
    Good cop x Bad cop
    Demon Government agent x Human government agent
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Not open for further replies.