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  1. I've been reading quite a bit of DC stuff the past month or so. This really been exciting me to do some romance with some DC/Marvel/OC stuff. I do establish characters and originals. My knowledge of the DCU is VERY limited especially how long the comics have run and even more so with Marvel. I've got a preferred list from shows and books, but I do ask you tread lightly if your knowledgeable in the fandoms. I promise the more money I get the more I will read. Keep in mind just because a pairing you may want to do is not in my list it's possible you can suggest it and we discuss the possibility of said pairing. Final note of importance. The pairings will show up in an order of dominate/top first that is who I'd like you to be and the submissive/bottom is who my character will be. Let's get into the fun now!

    DC Comics list

    Batman: The Animated Series

    Batman x Robin (Dick Grayson)
    Batman x Robin (Tim Drake)
    Batman x Superman


    Vigilante/Green Arrow x OC

    Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

    Batman x Superman
    Batman x Flash
    Martian Manhunter x Flash
    Green Lantern x Flash
    Aquaman x Flash
    Green Arrow x Flash

    Static Shock

    Static x Gear

    Teen Titans TV Series

    Robin x Kid Flash
    Beast Boy x Robin
    Cyborg x Beast Boy
    Aqualad x Beast Boy
    Slade x Robin

    Young Justice

    Superboy x Robin (Tim Drake)
    Aqualad x Robin (Tim Drake)
    Red Arrow x Robin (Tim Drake)
    Aqualad x Kid Flash

    Teen Titans 2003 comic run

    Superboy x Robin (Tim Drake)
    Beast boy x Robin (Tim Drake)
    Cyborg x Beast Boy
    Superboy x Kid Flash
    Kid Flash x Robin (Tim Drake)

    DC Comics characters I want to play with despite pairing.


    Beast Boy
    Damian Wayne
    Green Lantern (Hal Jordon)
    Green Lantern (John Stewart)
    Green Arrow
    Gorilla Grodd (Don't judge)
    Lucius Fox

    Marval Comics list

    Marval characters I like to play with no matter the pairing.


    Beast/Hank McCoy
    Captain America
    Ultimate Spiderman (Forget his name now but the new one.)
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  2. Also I can create original shit too.
  3. The Superboy x Robin (Tim Drake) sounds fun :D And for some reason, I want to ship Nightwing and Nightcrawler... o3o
  4. Both ideas sound lovely! Message me and we can talk more details!
  5. hello there I heard something about super heroes yes? if you are interested in doing an OC superhero thing im up for that im not big on rpin as canon characters but im all about superheros!!!
  6. Sure thing! Message me and we can see what we can come up with together!
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