Gay RP with bears!

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  1. I've got ideas, but I just want to get someone before spilling all the ideas out for everyone to see and no one liking them. It just sorts of ... depresses me. In any case I accept actual furry bears, both feral and anthro (Unless there is a rule against feral on this site, which I don't seem to find one unless I am not looking at the right places) along with people who will be willing to play bear men. I just have a soft spot for you guys. ^.^
  2. I might help you with that :) mind if I join?
  3. Awesome! Do you have a picture of your bear?
  4. What would you prefer? A picture of human form and bear form?
  5. Moved this to Roleplay Talk.

    Only In Character posts in the Roleplaying forums please guys.
  6. @Minibit

    Didn't know x.x Sorry. Ill not do it again.
  7. No worries; you don't know til someone tells you, so now you know 8D
  8. Well I learned my new thing for the day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.