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    "Im Yuhi, but you can call me Yu."
    Yuhi Shizuko


    "Old enough."
    Eighteen, born on October 31st, 1995


    "Im pretty sure that Im a guy."

    Sexual Orientation:

    "I like people."

    Yuhi was born in a small neighborhood in Osaka. At five, his father got a job opening in Tokyo and they moved there. Yuhi started school in the bigger city and met many friends. At ten, his family had to move to England after an emergency in Tokyo. He became depressed after moving and loosing his friends. It took him a year to learn good English. He is now in college and has a large dorm in a beautiful neighborhood. He is expecting a new roommate. He is an artist and spends his time painting, drawing, and taking pictures.

    Yuhi is quiet and an introvert. He took a turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with depression. But when he does talk to people, he is usually rude and sarcastic. It takes him a while to warm up to people, but when he does, he is very sweet and caring.

    Yuhi owns a small, fluffy, brown dog named Aki.
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    "My name, is Carmin, I don't have nicknames."
    Carmin Uterin

    "20 years young, and counting."
    20 Years old, December eighteenth, 1994.


    Sexual Orientation:
    "I'm more into guys to be honest."

    Carmin grew up on the street until the age of fourteen when he was taken in by his cousin. He had been involved in some questionable activities when he was around sixteen, before ridding himself of these habits in the next four months. He then attended college, after graduating from highschool and has been going there since. He is close to graduating currently, and is looking for a job.

    Carm can be described as somewhat as an introvert, and enjoys his own personal space. However, he occasionally gets lonely, and does enjoy intelligent conversation.
    He is strong-willed and mildly headstrong, although will give in to the ideas of other's on exception. Sarcasm is one of his most powerful traits and tends to overtake his personality at times.


  3. Yuhi sighed as he quickly rushed around his dorm. His new roommate would be moving in today. He had 3 roommates in the past, but they eventually left since he was in his room all the time. But hopefully this roommate has some common sense. "I still need to clean up my room..." Yuhi mumbled as he rushed up the spiral staircase. He practically broke down his door as he tried to get into his room with shaking hands. "Why am I so nervous..." He thought. He just sighed and started putting away his things.

    An hour later, his clothes have been packed back into his drawers and closet, his bed has been made, and his art supplies have been neatly put away. He remembered his dog, Aki and mentally facepalmed. His little dog has been outside for 30 minutes. Yuhi ran to the backdoor and let in the brown dog. Yuhi groaned and anxiously eaited for his roommate.
  4. [hey, I'm really sorry, I haven't had a lot of time lately to post an opening for my chara.]

    Carmin had just stepped out of the taxi, and deposited his bags on the doorstep of the dormitory, when he proceeded to knock on the door. This was his second time living with a roommate, and he was quite determined not to fatally mess it up. He would like to keep this arrangement, as it was not only on campus, but also because the man who he was to be living with seemed at least partially managable in the emotional sense.
  5. Yuhi gasped at the sound of the knocking and mentally fainted. He looked around to make sure that everything was in order. He walked towards the door and slowly grabbed the knob. He turned it and opened the door slowly. He looked up and saw his roommate. "Of course he's taller than me..." He thought. He quickly studied his roommate. "Uh...hey..."
  6. As the door to the flat opened, Carmin picked his two bags from the step, and reverted his eyes to the man standing in front of him. He was quite a bit shorter than Carmin himself, and his face was quite attractive. Carmin smiled charmingly, before speaking, taking a step forward. "Hello, my name is Carmin. I'll be your new roommate for the time being." he brushed some of his hair back by his ear by flipping his head a bit.
  7. Yuhi smiled back and stepped to the side so that Carmin could enter. "I-Im Yuhi." He said somewhat quietly. He looked over to the small dog resting on the couch. "And thats my dog, Aki." He said while looking at the dog. Aki ran over to Carmin and yipped quietly. Yuhi closed the door once Carmin entered and sighed.
  8. Carmin smiled upon seeing the small dog, and set down his bags so that he could scratch him. The first day or so was going to be a bit awkward, as the two men would have to figure out the personalities of each other, the mindsets, and even the small quirks and traits that tended to be inevitable. Carmin turned his head to look at Yuhi and smiled a bit. They were sure to become good friends.
  9. "Follow me, I will show you where your room is." He said as he walked towards the staircase. He waited for Carmin and started walking up. He walked down the hall and pointed to a door. "This is my room, and that one is the bathroom." He sad as he pointed to another door. He walked ahead a bit and stopped in front of another door. "This is your room." He said as he opened the door to a pretty basic room, but decorating is always an option.
  10. Carmin nodded and stood, grabbing his bags as he went. He followed the other up to where he said his room was, and glanced around the inside. It was a bit plain, but Carmin had multiple posters he could hang, and a bunch of accessories he could use to liven up the room.
  11. Yuhi smiled slightly and nodded. "Well, I will leave you to unpack your things. I will be downstairs." He said as he walked away and down the stairs. He walked into the kitchen and sat on one of the barstools by the kitchen island. "I might as well make lunch..." He said to himself as he got up. He had no idea what Carmin liked, so he just went for what everyone liked; mac & cheese.
  12. Carmin nodded and stepped into the room, beginning to unpack already. He hung two posters on the wall farthest from the bed, on by the window, and about three or four on the wall stationed directly next to the bed. He continued to unpack afterwards, pulling clithing out, and setting up a small radio on the table beside his bed.
  13. Yuhi finished preparing the mac & cheese and set it out on the table. He got two glasses out of the cabinet and filled them with lemonade. He put them on the table and sat down. Aki jumped into his lap and he started petting him. He sighed and waited for Carim to finish unpacking.
  14. Once Carmin had unloaded all of his things, the man made his way downstairs. He smelled cheese, which was okay, he like cheese pretty well.
  15. Yuhi saw Carmin coming down stairs. "I made lunch." He said quietly as Aki ran over to Carmin. "I think Aki likes you more then he likes me." He chuckled.
  16. He chuckled a bit at the comment. "I doubt it, honestly." and then proceeded to sit down at the table. "Thank you for making this." He smiled towards the other.
  17. Yuhi nodded and started to eat. He thought about his new roommate for a bit. "He is pretty attractive..." He thought. They could use this time to get to know each other. "So, tell me about yourself." He said.
  18. Carmin shoved his fork into the Mac-n Cheese and took a bite. It was quite possibly some of the best macaroni he had ever eaten, given that he hadn't really eaten much macaroni and cheese in his lifetime. Well, I'm 20 years old, I'm majoring in Arts and Literature, and my favorite color is blue. How about you?" That may have come out a bit teasingly, but Carmin was having fun.
  19. Yuhi chuckled and took a sip of the lemonade. "Im 18, Im majoring in arts and music, and my favorite colour is orange." He said. He thought he might as well crack a joke. "And Im a bottom." He said casually.
  20. "Good." He replied, raising a slender eyebrow. He had a sense of humor, that was interesting. "Cause I totally dominate." He grinned and licked his lips, tasting the lingering flavor of cheese. "So, you like art too?"
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